Responsive Design is it for you ?


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So embrace responsive web designing today, even if you had not planned updating your website…

And let the magic called responsive web designing begin!

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Responsive Design is it for you ?

  1. 1. Every Website needs to be designed Responsively …. Even the ones that don’t need an update.
  2. 2.  If you already have a mobile-friendly site, BINGO! You’re on the right track…  If not, then you MUST update to a responsive design.
  3. 3. Responsive web design is a paradigm shift in the industry it’s the switch where the user matters MOST.
  4. 4. User is KING Over the years, web designing has evolved to focus more on user experience and ensuring that the best is offered to the user…
  5. 5. Percentage of Mobile Users on Popular Social Networking Sites
  6. 6. So what is Responsive Web Designing…?
  7. 7. Responsive Design is the Approach that puts the User FIRST In responsive designing, the website must adapt and respond to the user’s environment and behavior… …thus, screen size adaptability, special features – such as tap and pinch-zoom – are important for users browsing websites on their mobile phones
  8. 8. Advantages of Responsive Web Design It’s not just the user that benefits from responsive designing; it’s a win-win situation for all!  A single URL ensures that your website ranks high on SEO results  You do not have to create separate content for a mobile site – Create it once, and the content will adapt to all screen sizes, thanks to responsive designing!  Only 1 HTML and with the help of CSS media queries, you are ready with a website that works across multiple devices!
  9. 9. And yet, 75% of small businesses have yet to design mobile optimized versions of their websites… it’s time to act FAST.
  10. 10. RWD for a MULTI-DEVICE WORLD There is the desktop, then the laptop, then the tablet, then the mobile device… …and then there are new and updated versions of those WE LIVE IN A MULTI-DEVICE WORLD With responsive designing, a single website can adapt to all screen sizes, meaning you don’t need to worry if your website will work on all screen sizes
  11. 11. What’s so Special about Responsive Web Designing – the FEATURES!  Flexible Grid  Fluid grids flow naturally with the dimensions of the container. Percentage-based layouts help the number of columns adapt to the size of the screen  Flexible Images  Flexible images are designed with proportional width and height so that the image adjusts to the size of the screen and the layout of the website
  12. 12. Switching to Responsive Web Design is the Ideal Strategy Having a responsive web design is not a choice but a need today.  The number of mobile internet users is expected to increase by 1.1 million by 2015  By the end of this year, mobile internet users will exceed desktop internet users
  13. 13. Huge Proliferation of Mobile Browsers The number of mobile browsers in use is increasing with the popularity of responsive websites. Some prominent Ones include:      Safari Opera Mini Android Symbian Blackberry
  14. 14. A large number of mobile browsers means more support for your responsive website
  15. 15. The Benefits don’t just end there…  It saves money, time and resources in updating and maintaining a single website  Your website performs better across multiple devices  It leads to significantly improved SEO performance  The site development cycle is shorter
  16. 16. GOOGLE endorses Responsive Design Google’s stamped its seal of approval on responsive websites – it’s considered the BEST practice in the industry.
  17. 17. Google recommends webmasters to…   serve the same HTML for all devices use CSS media queries to decide the rendering on all devices
  18. 18. So embrace responsive web designing today, even if you had not planned updating your website… And let the magic called responsive web designing begin! By