What It Takes to Become an Amateur Wrestler


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Talent alone can make a wrestler good, but persistent practice of wrestling techniques with a good drill partner is essential in becoming a great amateur wrestler.

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What It Takes to Become an Amateur Wrestler

  1. 1. What it Takes to Become an Amateur Wrestler
  2. 2. HISTORY OFWRESTLING  Wrestling has a long history. It is the world’s oldest sport. Different works of antiquity such as Frescoes and statuary from India, Egypt, Greek and Babylon depict various wrestling holds, stances and maneuvers.They used the same holds that are used by amateur wrestlers today and it was one of the brutal sport which was featured in a number of literature in Greek. It was also a number one sport in the Olympic Games. Europe and Brittany modified these early forms of wrestling to suit their own preferences of the day and Medieval knights even added wrestling to their fighting repertoire.
  3. 3. The Romans also continued to tame the brutality out of the sport and bringing it closer to the sport as it is today. It also continues to be popular throughout the middle ages with many Royal families having at least one amateur wrestler.  If you are committed to become an amateur wrestler, learning it can be very easy.
  4. 4. DEVOTION AND TRAINING  Every sport takes devotion in training and desire to participation in it.  In wrestling, one must fist learn wrestling terminology and moves by being committed to learn about the sport.After learning, it will much more enjoyable. But for an overall development and appreciation of wrestling, a child must be exposed to a wide variety of athletic endeavors as he/she grows because it takes good competitive nature and natural athletic ability to be successful in wrestling.
  5. 5. Unlike professional wrestling, amateur wrestling does not contain the bone-crushing excitement, but those who are familiar with its challenges can appreciate the sport. It is the most widespread form of sport. One can start at a very young age just like in martial art training. One must learn how to take the opponent down without placing himself in jeopardy, he must learn how to turn the opponent’s shoulders to the mat when the opponent has no intention of allowing that to happen.
  6. 6. PATIENCE  It takes years of training to become a successful amateur wrestler and one must be patient with the challenges to succeed in directing the laws of physics against the opponent quickly before the opponent can employ them against you, your success or failure depends only on how well you can combat your opponent.  An amateur wrestlers must also compete the pre- specified body-weight classes.  They must carefully regulate their dietary intake of energy, carbohydrate, fat, and protein. • It takes time to train your mind to win and your body to be in good shape.
  7. 7.  It takes a lot to learn to be an amateur wrestler than just learning the different moves such as take downs, holds and escapes wrestler must know to be successful.  It takes time to build the kind of stamina required to survive in competition. Most wrestlers prefer lifting weights and running to build muscle and stamina than practicing the gym, moves and competing with each other.There are several local gyms that provide classes that range from beginner amateur wrestlers, up to the full competition.  This is a good supplement to courses offered in school and for many this may be the only way they can participate in the sport if their school does not offer it.
  8. 8. We all have fears and perfect excuses why we cannot do something, but regardless of what stage of life you’re in, you can become an amateur wrestler. It is a fun, competitive sport that also has many physical benefits. It provides good cardiovascular workout and it is a good way to strengthen your balance.
  9. 9. If you are interested in excelling in the sport, Visit wrestling in DC to get amateur wrestling supporters for support in becoming an amateur wrestler. By maintaining a strength training program with proper techniques that maximize flexibility, you can succeed in amateur wrestling. You will need to practice and rehearse all your techniques until they are automatic. You will also need to consume a balanced diet on a daily basis during your exercise to regulate your dietary intake.