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buy a computer online


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Are you looking for a cheap desktop computer with best configuration? Then buy a computer online from Flatrox Techno solution. Buy hard disk drive, buy external hard disk and buy laptop graphics card at low price.

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buy a computer online

  1. 1. If you are looking for highly configured computer then FlatroxTechnologies is for you. We have various categories like laptop,Antivirus Software, Barcode Scanner, keyboard, mouse, memorycards, monitors, modem, motherboards etc. Flatrox coverswhole range of products available in IT industry. It provideswide range of products to the customer in each category so hecan choose right product fitting into his budget. Customer canalso built a PC with his choice of components and order it.
  2. 2. • If you are looking for highly configured computer then FlatroxTechnologies.• buy Computer Accessories and various Computer Componentsfrom our website directly.• Flatrox provides best computer parts at competitiveprice
  3. 3. • Genuine Products Guaranteed• Special Schemes and Pricing• Cheapest/Lowest rates in India• Quick Warranty Support• Comprehensive Technical Support• Credit Card Payments Accepted• Best Price / Low Cost / Cheap Assembled Computer Parts
  4. 4. Flatrox Technologies for Computer Accessories and Computer Components info f Address: Head Office : UG-4, Hindola Complex Lad Society Road, Nehru Park, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad Tel. +91-79-40038441