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  • It's mot too late to join Eracism 13-1 - All details on the website:
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  • Julie: Our aim is to create projects and opportunities across all levels of education. Right now we have FCP and NetGenEd for high school, Digiteen for upper ES, MS and HS, AWL for upper ES, Eracism for MS HS and our new pilot this semester is Building Bridges to Tomorrow for K-2 level – over 40 classrooms from about more than 10 countries
  • Eracism Project 13-1 - Kickoff

    1. 1. The Eracism Project “We are eracism” Kickoff Meeting Feb 12/13 2013
    2. 2. Introducing the Flat Classroom® Who is the Flat Classroom®? • Where can you find us?  Directors and co-founders Julie Lindsay @julielindsay Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher @flatclassroom #flatclass  Coordinator: Lisa Durff @durff
    3. 3. What do we do? Flat Classroom® Projects LLC  Flat Classroom® Project and all other projects  Certified Teacher program Flat Classroom® Conference and live Events Inc. a 501(c) 3 Non profit  Conference  to help scholarship students from areas of the world in need.  Digiteen Project
    4. 4. Flat Classroom® Global Projects @flatclassroom @digiteen @flatclassroom @netgened @eracismproject @flatclassroom @flatclasskids
    5. 5. Published by PEARSON January 2012 Your step-by-step guide to creating a global classroom.Join the Flat Classrooms communityon Facebook to learn more, share Read the book and joinideas and be the community!
    6. 6. Flat Classr oom ® Conference a 501(c)3 nonpr ofit Japan 2013 Japan – March 8-10,
    7. 7. What is the Eracism Project?• A global student debate• Asynchronous debating style• A global community – classrooms, students and teachers connecting and communicating• Best-practice debating format• Topics that help to build understanding of global and cultural issues
    8. 8. Eracism 2013-1 Debate Question: ”The use of Facebook by students around the worldto communicate with one another does more harm than good.”
    9. 9. OBA World• Dane and Ruth from OBA World
    10. 10. Building the Eracism Project and Community
    11. 11. Eracism Wiki –
    12. 12. Debating Protocols are the steps for you to follow to stay on the debate timeline:Communicate with your opponents – teachers, please contact eachother regarding timeline and when you will be ready to record inVoicethread.Begin your research on the debate topic, teach, discuss, hold mockdebates within your class. Divide your class into the affirmative andopposition teams regardless of your position in the Eracism project.
    13. 13. Debating protocolsDebate Flow: 1st Proposition glance… Opposition Speaker -> 2nd Proposition Speaker ->2nd Opposition Speaker -> 3rd Opposition Debating roles at a Speaker -> 1stRebuttal -> 3rd Proposition Rebuttal Affirmative / Proposition Negative / Opposition 1.First Proposition speaker 1.First Opposition speaker Defines the topic Defines the topic 2.Allocates topics to speakers. 2.Allocates topics to speakers 3.Introduces main points of the arguments 3.Introduces the main points of the arguments 4.Rebuttal 1.Second Proposition speaker 1.Second Opposition speaker Rebuttal Rebuttal 2.Arguments and examples 2.Arguments and examples 1.Third Proposition Rebuttal speaker 1.Third Opposition Rebuttal speaker Rebuttal Rebuttal 2.Summary 2.Summary 3.Conclusion 3.Conclusion How to structure a rebuttal point in 4 steps: 1) What did they say? – State the point you want to argue [Signalling] 2) Why is it wrong? – Say why your team disputes the point, make your counter claim. [State] 3) Evidence or justification – Use example(s) or justification to support your counter claim [Support] 4) Contrast / Summarize – Explain the importance of your argument [Summarize]
    14. 14. Brackets• Bracket A – 11-12 year olds• Bracket B – 13-14 year olds• Bracket C – 15/16 and 17/18 year olds
    15. 15. Every school debates twice• If you are eliminated in the first round you move into “persuade me again playoffs” for a chance at a win in another bracket.
    16. 16. Judging Committee• Marcia Alessi• Julie Lindsay• Eva Brown• Volunteers from around the world.
    17. 17. Voicethread Leadership• Eva Brown• Steve Muth, Voicethread• Vicki Davis• VoiceThread+Info
    18. 18. VT in Eracism Project• Create an account at• Go to the Eracism wiki• Locate your Bracket – A, B or C• Go to the appropriate slide for your task, i.e., student stating case, student rebuttal, judges, comments• Platforms – Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone - apps
    19. 19. Procedure to Record in Voicethread• Debate Flow: 1st Proposition Speaker -> 1st Opposition Speaker -> 2nd Proposition Speaker ->2nd Opposition Speaker -> 3rd Opposition Rebuttal -> 3rd Proposition RebuttalTherefore,• On Slide 2 - "Stating the Case" slide -• The Affirmative--1st Proposition Speaker--records then the Negative--1st Opposition Speaker--has 24 hours to respond and record or sooner.• Still on Slide 2 - "Stating the Case" slide• 2nd Proposition Speaker records then waits for the 2nd Opposition Speaker to record.• Slide 3 - "Rebuttals and Closing Statement" Slide –• 3rd Opposition Rebuttal records on the Rebuttal slide followed by the 3rd Proposition Rebuttal.• It is important, very important, that the debating teams communicate with each other as to when they will be recording. No emails or notifications are sent to either team to indicate when one team has recorded - YOU must do that communication. Please be considerate of the breaks that each school takes and work with your schedules.
    20. 20. Social Media• Twitter - @eracismproject• Hashtag - #eracism, #flatclass
    21. 21. What is next?• Teachers please join the wiki – – Bring your students in ObaWorldFollow instructions on this page:• Be ready to debate March 1!• Start teaching! -
    22. 22. Sharing Resources• On the Eracism wiki: – opic+13-1• In ObaWorld – create a page – start a forum
    23. 23. Please Stay Connected!• Join ObaWorld!• Teacher meetings will be held after Round 1 and after Round 2 (semi-finals)• Voicethread Bootcamp – Monday, February 18th, 2013 – 8:00 p.m. EST• Judges Training – the week of February 25th, 2013
    24. 24. Questions?