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Android Curriculums

  1. 1. Kurikulum Android 1. Android Fundamental NO BAB SUB BAB Sejarah Android Perkembangan Android Arsitektur Android 1 Pengenalan Android Fitur – fitur Android Keunggulan Android Android dan perangkatnya Activities Services Content Providers 2 Android Terminology Intents Resources Events Instalasi Java JDK, Eclipse IDE dan Android SDK Membuat AVD (Android Virtual Device) Membuat project sederhana 3 Layout Resource ( Hello World) Manifest File Running project di Emulator View 4 User Interface (UI) Layout 5 Change Checkbox Background Change Checkbox Background Linear Layout Container Relative Layout Container 6 Containers Table Layout Container Scroll View Container Arrays String Resource 7 Resource Layout Resource Color Resource Image Resource
  2. 2. Checkbox Preference EditText Preference 8 Preference Organizing Preference Ringtone Preference Date Time Picker 9 Date and Time Analog Clock Digital Clock List Box Page List 10 Android List Table List List View Spinner View Progress Bar 11 Android Bar Seek Bar Rating Bar 12 Make a Tab - Menu Alert Dialog 13 Menu and Dialog Prompt Dialog Dialog with CheckBox Grid View 14 Display Image Image Switcher 15 Change Android Emulator - 16 Handling Telephone Call - Background Color 17 Android Background Background Image Browser Web View 18 Android Browser Browser Visible URL Browser Navigation 19 Auto Link Auto Link 20 Font Style Font Style 21 Form Login Form Login 22 Hide Status Bar Hide Status Bar 23 Compass - 24 SQLite Database Pengenalan SQLite Database
  3. 3. Membuat database sederhana 2. Android Advance NO BAB SUB BAB 1 Make a NotePad NotePad SMS 2 Messaging EMAIL 3 Chatting Chatting MP3 4 Android Multimedia Video Recorder 5 Android Map Map API 6 Translate API Android Translate Multi Language Translate 7 Twitter API Twitter API 8 Facebook API Facebook API 9 Camera Camera Activated Android SD Card via Eclipse 10 Activated SD Card Activated Android SD Card via Terminal 11 Insert file APK into Emulator Dowload dan Install aplikasi dari Android Market 12 SQLite Database Make CRUD (create, read, update, delete) 13 Make an Aplication Make OpenSource Application
  4. 4. 3. Android Game NO BAB SUB BAB 1 Menu Game Menu Game 2 Timer Game Timer 3 Thread Thread Sound 4 Sound Sound Efect Make a Canvas 5 Canvas Make a picture on Canvas 6 Sprite Sprite 7 OpenGL 2D OpenGL 3D OpenGL 8 Layer Manager Game Layout Tiled Layer 9 Simple Game Make a Game Open Source Game