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Flat6Labs Jeddah Investor brief Spring 2015

Flat6Labs Jeddah announced that it held its third Demo Day event in Jeddah in collaboration with Qotuf AlRiyadah. The Demo Day showcased an impressive line-up of nine Saudi technology-enabled start-ups. The Demo Day provided the startups hosted by Flat6Labs Jeddah with the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a number of potential investors and business leaders.

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Flat6Labs Jeddah Investor brief Spring 2015

  2. 2. FLAT6LABS JEDDAH Flat6Labs Jeddah is the first Startup Accelerator founded by Qotuf in Saudi Arabia. It fosters and invests in bright and passionate Saudi entrepreneurs with cutting-edge ideas. Every cycle, it funds and mentors a number of carefully selected start-ups from Saudi Arabia, providing them with seed-funding, strategic mentorship, office-space, a multitude of perks, entrepreneurship-focused business training and workshops, and supports its start-ups through a vast network of entities, educational institutions, advisors, coaches and investors.   FALL 2014 - SPRING 2015 CYCLE The third and fourth cycle of Flat6Labs Jeddah, which started on February 23rd, were unique and exciting as we welcomed 9 very exciting new startups to join our 4- month accelerator program. The startup businesses were exceptionally diverse with businesses that offer products and services in fields such as educational, career guidance programs, weddings planning platforms, design and transportation solutions, localized gaming platforms, mobile labour platforms, B2B services and finally, health care solutions. Edume is an Educational Technology (EdTech) web and mobile start-up that targets pre-school children with a focus on building value-driven, entertaining, and informative interactive applications. Estickery is an online store that sell customized wall stickers that are produced through design input from graphic designers, calligraphers, painters and photographers. Polisher is a web and mobile-based mobile car wash service that not only brings convenience to car cleaning, it also looks after the wellbeing of the vehicle’s owner and his family. OFFWAYS, a B2B corporate retention services provider platform, helps motivate and reward employees in order to increase performance and retention. Vanoman is an online booking platform for household transportation service providers in Saudi Arabia. iRehab is a platform that helps parents and therapists to support children who suffer from deficient motor skills. Mahara is an online and mobile platform that enables individuals to find and hire skilled Blue Collar Labor for various home maintenance services. TeamReem is a gaming studio that provides Arabic content games created to be culturally relevant to the Saudi market. Selsal is an e-wedding service provider that seamlessly integrates wedding services by connecting the groom and bride with the different vendors. The companies in this cycle cover a broad range of industries and are spread among varied uses of technology. It has been both invigorating and exciting to see the start-ups build their products, enter the market, gain customers, and pivot accordingly in order to scale. It is this distinct spirit of start-ups, dreams, and flexibility that makes us firmly believe in the bright future of entrepreneurship and its contribution to the economic progression of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  3. 3. Edume are focusing on developing innovative educational solutions that ignites Imagination, Creative thinking and Interpersonal Skills for Children while maintaining our Cultural uniqueness and values. Their products combine education and entertainment through proven cognitive methodologies and cutting edge-technologies. Edume’s first product is an Interactive Educational Game built for IOS devices and focusing on teaching science, technology and math using mind-gaming approach in an entertaining and engaging theme. The game is designed for preschool children to guide them through a space adventure, where each aspect of the game can stimulate the child's problem solving, memory, motor and conceptual learning skills. The game app offers another feature for parents and educators, where an analytical dashboard measure the child progress and identify the development areas. FALL 2014 WWW.FLAT6LABSJEDDAH.COM Turki Fageera CEO & Co-founder Turki is passionate about innovation, creativity and design thinking. With over 6 years experience in leading and managing innovative IT projects, he obtained an extensive background in Product management, Marketing, Innovation M a n a g e m e n t w h i l e c r a f t i n g h i s entrepreneurial skills by attempting to build several aspiring startups in the last 5 years. Email Address tfageera@edume-sa Mobile Number +966509007888 TEAM Sami Alsaif Co-Founder and executive producer Edume are focusing on developing innovative educational solutions that ignites Imagination, creative thinking and Interpersonal skills for children while maintaining our cultural uniqueness and values. WWW.EDUME-SA.COM
  4. 4. Estickery is an online store that sells customized wall stickers. Estickery started in 2013 by selling stickers through it's early website as well as social media. Now Estickery is ready to move to the next stage to produce customized removable wall paper. Estickery's website is going to be developed to allow graphic designers, calligraphers, painters and photographers to submit their designs and pictures to be produced and shipped directly from the website. We believe that Estickery will re-introduce a new, fun and unique dimension to wallpapers and the sticker market in Saudi Arabia. FALL 2014 WWW.FLAT6LABSJEDDAH.COM Nadia Alsalhi CEO & Co-founder Nadia Alsalhi received her bachelor degree in Information Technology and has a diploma in computer programing. as well as Computer Networking. Her professional experience saw a career as a computer teacher and application developer. Email Address TEAM Abdulrahman Abojunbara Operations Director Estickery is an online store that sells customized wall stickers. Estickery started in 2013 by selling stickers through it’s early website as well as social media. WWW.ESTICKERY.COM Mobile Number 0591166016
  5. 5. Polisher provides a mobile car wash service that will allow its customers to get their cars exteriors and interiors washed anywhere they might be. Customers will be able to utilize the service through a mobile and web application to request a car wash. Polisher is also proud to utilize water vapor cleaning technologies in order to be more environmentally aware and that allows us to consume a considerably less amount of water than traditional car washes giving our client the best results with the peace of mind they deserve. Through the mobile and web applications clients will be able to order a car wash on the spot, not only that but the mobile and web applications will allow a multitude of services to be utilized.Such as reports about corporate vehicle fleets is one example to ensure that corporate vehicles are kept consistently clean! Polisher offers cleaning services for customers' vehicles exteriors and interiors. Exterior polishing and waxing is offered as well as interior dry cleaning. FALL 2014 WWW.FLAT6LABSJEDDAH.COM Marawan Mahsoon CEO Marawan started off his career at an early age where he acquired different sets of skills in developmental, administrative and managerial skills. He worked in the retail sector managing and overseeing warehouses and is now an HR manager in the private sector. Email Address Mobile Number 0569793794 TEAM Hanaa Hussein Co-founder - Sales & Marketing Manager Polisher is a mobile and web application that allows users to request a car wash wherever they might be.
  6. 6. O f f w a y s o f f e r s i t s customers a platform that is installed easily which is then white labeled for the company. This platform can be used by HR teams to send coupons to e m p l o y e e s . A l s o , employees can check their rewards and know the perks their companies h a v e t h r o u g h t h i s platform. The company helps employees feel c o n t e n t a b o u t t h e i r companies because of the rewards they get result of their hard work which helps companies get better work result and h a v e l o n g t e r m employees. They will get a full incentive which they c a n ' t fi n d i n m o s t companies while being accessed through an easy to use platform. SPRING 2015 WWW.FLAT6LABSJEDDAH.COM Nayef Bukhari CEO Nayef Bukhari has 15 years of experience working in companies like Aiwa Gulf, Mobily, Samsung and Youtube. He is a serial entrepreneurship as he founded and this is his second company in addition to being a senior advisor to many telecommunication companies . Email Address Mobile Number +966565691616 TEAM Anas Abdullah Sales & Marketing Officer OFFWAYS is a B2B platform that motivates and rewards employees in order to increase performance and retention. WWW.OFFWAYS.COM
  7. 7. Selsal is an easy online solution to plan Saudi weddings. WWW.SELSAL.CO Selsal is an online-based company which provides all the details about Saudi weddings requirements and assists you to take care of every detail in the lead-up to your big day, ensuring a gorgeous, memorable wedding without any fuss. Selsal gives grooms the advantage of making sure every small detail for their wedding is planned in an easy, accessible way through the internet. Selsal is different from the normal wedding planner as everything will be processed through our online service as customers will be booking online, planning online and eventually paying online. Abdulellah Albukhari CEO Abdulellah has a diploma in accounting and finance from AlHussam Institution , he is currently a student in administrative & financial Sc e-commerce at Saudi Electronic University. Abdulellah works as a supply planner in the supply chain department at a health care Email Address Mobile Number +966504313696 TEAM Sumayah AbuAlkhair IT Specialist Abdulmohsen Albukhari Quality Control Coordinator Ahmed Khan Lab Specialist
  8. 8. iRehab is a website and application for parents and therapists dealing with children suffering from motor delay. The website combines many different tools to assist the parents in applying the exercises like online consultation face to face or by emails, 3D visual exercises, weekly lessons and home exercise program. In addition to that, the ability to ask questions and share experiences with other therapists and parents through the support group. Reem Alsoweigh CEO Reem received Bachelor of Science degree in physical therapy from king Saud University in Riyadh. Reem is a Licensed Physiotherapist with more than 15 years experience in treating physically disabled children suffering from Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, brain injury and various metabolic and genetic disorders. Email Address TEAM Faisal Alsoweigh Marketing Director Mobile Number +966503005912 A website and a mobile application to help parents and therapists deal with children suffering from motor delay.
  9. 9. An iPhone application that enables customers to search for skilled labor to get quick home maintenance Mahara is an iOS mobile application that enables individuals to get quick home maintenance services with high quality and comparative price by skilled labor. Mahara is aiming to make the whole process of hiring skilled labor easier and gives customers the advantages to choose the labor they think is better in quality and price. Mahara gives you the option to hire workers to finish any home maintenance you need using your iPhone. The mobile application helps you choose the workers you think will give you a better quality and you can easily choose the price you want to pay. The application also helps providing work for the skilled labor. Mujahed Marghlani CEO Mujahed Marghlani has a BSc in Production and Mechanical Engineering, KAU and a MSc in Engineering Project Management, The University of Manchester, UK. He is a visionary project and program professional with extensive experience acquired across a number of sectors and a wealth of knowledge in leading high profile projects. Salem Barnawi Marketing Officer Ahmed Meryani Operations Officer Mobile Number + 966540402884 TEAM Email Address
  10. 10. TeamReem focuses on game genres that have language and cultural content at their core so that our games will deliver meaningful local experiences to the Arabic gamer. Producing games tailored for the language and culture of the region, we will feed the unaddressed Arabic market. The company is targeting two segments: Arabic mobile game users (which include teens "including pre- teens" and young adults) and organizations that want to reach them. In both of these segments, customers are computer and mobile phone savvy and enjoy creative experiences. TeamReem serves the Arabic market through creating culturally relevant games for smartphones. WWW.TEAM-REEM.COM TEAMSami Khanfour CEO Sami Khanfour is a games developer and programmer with more than 10 years of experience in the gaming industry. Since he started programing in 2004, Sami has created dozens of video games. Khaled Alesa CTO Email Address Mobile Number +966540756910
  11. 11. Email Address Mobile Number +966503639933 Fadi Almaghrbi CEO Fadi joined the program of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Scholarship in its first phase in 2006 and was delegated to America and Britain, where he got a bachelor's degree in electrical and electronic Engineering from Brunel University in London and then he followed and studied the master's degree in the University of Manchester and graduated in engineering project management. TEAM Sohaib Albarade CTO Banan Alhajaji Social Media Director VANOMAN helps customers find a transport service provider to transport their furniture anywhere in KSA through an online portal It is an online platform to book furniture transport service providers in KSA. Simply, customers create an order (free of charge) to get quotes from a large number of verified furniture transport service providers all over KSA. The customer receives multiple quotes from hundreds of feedback-rated furniture transport service providers through a bidding system. Customers get to check the profile of each bidder and see previous customers reviews and feedback before accepting any quotes. VANOMAN aims to increase the profitability of furniture transport service providers in addition to saving customers up to 50% as service providers compete against each other to be the winning bidder and do the job.

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  • KhaledAlghanim1

    Apr. 17, 2016

Flat6Labs Jeddah announced that it held its third Demo Day event in Jeddah in collaboration with Qotuf AlRiyadah. The Demo Day showcased an impressive line-up of nine Saudi technology-enabled start-ups. The Demo Day provided the startups hosted by Flat6Labs Jeddah with the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a number of potential investors and business leaders.


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