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Observatory for the trends of the Habitat-Valencia


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Published in: Education, Technology, Travel
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Observatory for the trends of the Habitat-Valencia

  1. 1. Observatory for the trends of the Habitat-Valencia (Spain) Arantza Vilas
  2. 2. 2008/09 Journal 2009 Monographic
  3. 3. 2010/11 Journal
  4. 4. •The longevity of the product •Transparency towards the end user •Products that give autonomy to the consumer •Products that are a good investment • Distinctiveness & exclusivity has to be justified Key values:
  5. 5. New Cl assi cs Subl i me by hand The Essent i al s Basi k & Raw *A new way of understanding exclusivity, combining the know how of the artisan and the creative re-interpretation of the designer. Products have a personality, a history and an ancient wisdom. *The importance of “good design”: objects and products are here to last, improve our lives and “be useful”. *Proposes simple and austere aesthetics with but functional and creative solutions to consumerism. *Luxury is less about showing off and more about quality and excellence. The consumers look for value that can be justified.
  6. 6. ConventionCentreofOran(Algeria)byCerámicaArtísticaSan Ginés(TalaveradelaReina, Spain)
  7. 7. Based Upon
  8. 8. Soojin Kang Katherine May
  9. 9. Sehnsucht, Echos de Pour les Alpes with artisans Greta Valer Jenez and Elisabeth Davatz Fanas
  10. 10. Meridienne, Iris, Ibiscus by Dominique Petot for Moroso
  11. 11. OTH’s blog Thank you!