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Mary Schwarz & Karen Yair


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Mary Schwarz & Karen Yair

  1. 1. Making Value Mary Schwarz and Dr Karen Yair June 2010
  2. 2. 65 - 70% of makers have a portfolio practice…. working ‘beyond the making, exhibition and sale of a craft object’ and contributing to a range of industry sectors & community and education settings.
  3. 3. Ptolemy Mann
  4. 4. Barley Massey
  5. 5. Sheila Teague
  6. 6. Making Value in Industry Sectors
  7. 7. Bringing human qualities to design and and material qualities to creative media…. And creating new materials and processes: Makers make more of the material world.
  8. 8. Making Value in Education and Community Settings
  9. 9. Making objects with meaning and permanence… and engaging in conversations that build individual worth and community value: Makers give material voice to those who are often ‘hard to hear’.
  10. 10. The value of craft is not only found in objects, but also in consultancy services offered by makers. Craft operates as a distinctive set of knowledges, skills and aptitudes, centred round reflective engagement with the material and digital worlds and makers’ particular understanding of the ‘human starting point.’ Makers act as ‘sociable experts’ in collaborating with others.
  11. 11.