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Claire Harris


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Published in: Education, Business
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Claire Harris

  1. 1. Claire Harris Interdisciplinary Practitioner (Fashion and Textiles) University Lecturer
  2. 2. Process:
  3. 3. ‘Do it wrong and make a bomb’ -Andy Warhol
  4. 4. Interdisciplinary process: Merging of fashion/textiles with other disciplines including: Sustainability Graphics Multi-sensory Work Curation Graphics Moving Image Online Media Art Therapy Fashion Promotion
  5. 5. Interdisciplinary teaching: (Conventional environment) Nottingham Trent University: BA(Hons) Fashion Communication and Promotion BA(Hons) Fashion Marketing and Branding Coventry University: Combined teaching cohort: BA(Hons) Fashion Design BDes Industrial Design
  6. 6. Lottery funding and meeting the NEETS!
  7. 7. Activities: Gallery Visits Creative workshops: • Mark-making • Screen printing • Hand-weaving • Mask-making • Garment customisation • Hand and machine sewing •3D figure sculpture • Styling
  8. 8. Reclaimed Garments Fabric Accessories Retail & Gallery Space Training Workshop Careers Advice Up-skilling Therapeutic Commercial All types of charity (e.g. Homeless NEETS etc.) Graduates Young designer- makers Dynamic Creative space Raise local profile of art and design The new project!
  9. 9. Contact details: