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If You Want to Find the Best Vacuum, Read this Guide!


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If You Want to Find the Best Vacuum, Read this Guide!

  1. 1. Vacuum Cleaner Comparison The Key to Finding the Right Vacuum Cleaner Brought to you by
  2. 2. Are you planning to invest on a vacuum? Thenyou need view this presentation because I willshow you how to find the right vacuum cleaner.
  3. 3. Before you do a comparison between someproducts, the first thing to do is to find out whattype of vacuum you need. Here are the types ofvacuum cleaners:Types of Vacuum Cleaners• Upright• Canister• Stick• Robotic
  4. 4. There are many vacuum cleaners on themarket, and comparing them can only be donewhen products are of the same category.
  5. 5. You cannot compare an upright vacuum andstick vacuum because upright cleaners have avery powerful suction. However, differentconsumers may have different needs from eachtype.
  6. 6. This type is perfect for cleaning upholstery anddraperies, and even wood floors. Canistervacuums are powerful and offer innovativefunctionalities.
  7. 7. Many models have bagless feature that usescontainers that can easily be detached todispose the dirt collected.
  8. 8. There are also some models that feature bagsthat are hypo -allergenic.
  9. 9. If you have a family member who suffers fromasthma or allergy, then you need a powerfulvacuum to clean dust mites from the carpetsand furniture.
  10. 10. Upright cleaners are very easy to use. If youwant to clean your carpets in a nick oftime, then this type can do it in a few minutes.There are some models that can be folded forconvenience and easy storage.
  11. 11. Upright vacuum cleaners are very powerful.They are perfect for deep cleaning, and offernumerous attachments for cleaning differentkinds of surfaces - carpets, wood floors, nooksand crannies, and upholstery and draperies.
  12. 12. Upright cleaners are more convenient becauseall you have to do is to push the machine backand forth. You do not have to carry the machineas opposed to the canister cleaner.
  13. 13. One tip for making it more convenient is to usean extension cord so that you do not have toreplug the machine to another location.
  14. 14. If you are fond of doing quick cleaning, thenchoose the stick vacuum cleaner.
  15. 15. This is also known as electric brooms as it offersresults just like a broom but faster. This kind ofcleaner is perfect for cleaning the kitchen andbathroom floors.
  16. 16. Stick vacuum does not have bristles, whichmeans it will not scratch the surface. This makesit perfect for hardwood floors.
  17. 17. Additionally, this vacuum is perfect if you wantto clean dry spill quickly. Many consumers havethis cleaner along with their heavy duty cleaner.Note that you cannot replace your heavy dutyvacuum with a stick vacuum cleaner.
  18. 18. To do the best comparison, you should comparemodels that provide the samepower, feature, size, and etc. You shoulddetermine what vacuum cleaner is best for youbefore you consider different brands.
  19. 19. Vacuum cleaner manufacturers produce manykinds of vacuum cleaners. Your needs is thedriving factor for making the best vacuumcleaner comparison.
  20. 20. END OF PRESENTATION! Thanks for viewing! Brought to you by: VacuumCleanerReviewsTeam.Com