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Publishers can turn their site visitors into curators. Create mini-social digests on-the-fly and Share them with contacts and on Twitter - from FlashIssue

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FlashIssue Publisher's Social Digest Builder

  1. 1. Digest Creator: by phil@flashissue.com @philhill
  2. 2. Digest Creator Visitors rapidly create mini-social digests of their favorite <<articles or videos>> on your site (think "curated play-list"). Then they Email and Share their digest with the people they know. It’s a new form of user-generated marketing. Extend the reach of your content and create new promotional & branding opportunities. Leverage something you already have (loyal viewers). byphil@flashissue.com @philhill
  3. 3. As users visit your site... phil@flashissue.com @philhill
  4. 4. As users visit your site... ...they can create a digest of their favorite articles... phil@flashissue.com @philhill
  5. 5. As users visit your ...they can create a digest of their favorite articles... ...they send the digest to their contacts & share it onlinephil@flashissue.com @philhill
  6. 6. As someone is reading an article ... phil@flashissue.com @philhill
  7. 7. They “Clip It” ...phil@flashissue.com @philhill
  8. 8. Create a digest of your favorite articles. Then share through Email, Twitter & Facebook. Use the “Clip It” button to save this article. Preview Digestphil@flashissue.com @philhill
  9. 9. There it is Preview Digestphil@flashissue.com @philhill
  10. 10. ...and a second article phil@flashissue.com @philhill
  11. 11. phil@flashissue.com @philhill
  12. 12. Preview Digestphil@flashissue.com @philhill
  13. 13. There it is again Preview Digestphil@flashissue.com @philhill
  14. 14. Preview Digest Now they’ve clipped their articles...phil@flashissue.com @philhill
  15. 15. Preview Digest They can Preview their digestphil@flashissue.com @philhill
  16. 16. Close Share Digestphil@flashissue.com @philhill
  17. 17. Advertorial content that you include Close Share Digestphil@flashissue.com @philhill
  18. 18. Close Share Digestphil@flashissue.com @philhill
  19. 19. Users add their contacts Sendphil@flashissue.com @philhill
  20. 20. Sendphil@flashissue.com @philhill
  21. 21. They also get prompted to Share their digestphil@flashissue.com @philhill
  22. 22. phil@flashissue.com @philhill
  23. 23. Here’s the emailed digestphil@flashissue.com @philhill
  24. 24. And a landing-pagecreated for Twitter shares phil@flashissue.com @philhill
  25. 25. Installing Simple installation:Just add a small piece of Javascript to your website (we provide it to you). Get in contact phil@flashissue.com @philhill