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Marmalade: Cross Platform: Portability and Performance without compromise


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This masterclass will dive deep into the Marmalade SDK, and provide a live demonstration of how to create a “Hello World” application. We’ll show how to create a project file, write plain C++, test x86 and ARM builds on the desktop, and then deploy simultaneously to iOS and Android. We’ll then progress to developing a simple 2D game, illustrating issues such as screen-size independence and support for multiple control schemes, and tracking performance metrics within the desktop Simulator.

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Marmalade: Cross Platform: Portability and Performance without compromise

  1. 1. Cross Platform Portability and Performance Without Compromise© Ideaworks3D Limited | Business Confidential Page 1
  2. 2. Paul GregoryChief Software Page
  3. 3. More platformsMore possibilities Page
  4. 4. Page
  5. 5. Marmalade Provides the SolutionMobile Game Development Complexities UNIFIED device SDKs • Single codebase No Takes away the FRAGMENTED pain of for all TOOLS • platforms OS Use your favourite IDE… device and • Common favourite …on yourLanguage fragmentation • Update simulator platformonce deploy Desktop UNIFIED CODE DEVICES immediately • Binary compatibility UNIFIED FRAGMENTED FRAGMENTED UNIFIED DEVICES CODE© Ideaworks3D Limited | Business Confidential Page 5
  6. 6. Marmalade 2D Graphics Text Networking Etc. 3D Graphics UI Resources Your Application “Marmalade Studio” “Marmalade System” Graphics Operating Device OpenGL ES System Drivers© Ideaworks3D Limited | Business Confidential Page 6
  7. 7. Marmalade Extensions Development Kit Standard iOS XCode iOS Platform SDK and Tools Config Project Library Extension Builder Marmalade Marmalade Single MKB Extension ExtensionS4E File Library Standard Android Eclipse Android Config Project Library© Ideaworks3D Limited | Business Confidential Page 7
  8. 8. Marmalade PartnerEco-system Page
  9. 9. Good for Sharing Page
  10. 10. • Native UI• HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript support• Smart TV platforms• Desktop Deployment Windows, OSX and Linux Marmalade Roadmap – what’s coming? Page
  11. 11. Thank you and anyQuestions? Page