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Game lynch Moscow 2013


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Game-lynch is a special format of the event when game development experts will speak about highs and lows of the presented games.
They will discuss the drawbacks in game design , visuals, usability, etc.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Game lynch Moscow 2013

  1. 1. Game Lynch
  2. 2. О линче•Игры выбираются именно по играм, а неразработчикам•В первый раз у нас нет физических пазлов0_о•Выигрывает самая стойкая игра•Голосование по окончанию линча
  3. 3. Alex NichiporchikMishMashPhillipp DoschlDiamonds Mania 2Morann AradPain TigerAnnakaisa KultimaBack to ZombielandAndrey KovalishinDisease Warrior
  4. 4. Mish Mash
  5. 5. Mish Mash
  6. 6. Combine EVERYTHING!
  9. 9. Bonus Levels: where is theurgency?
  10. 10. Curious topic of menus & trophiesHOW DO I EXIT TO MENU?!?!?
  11. 11. And then it’s just boring andrepetitive.
  12. 12. FIN?!
  13. 13. Are the animals being abused?
  14. 14. Doing the same thing over andover again expecting sh@t tochange.•Starts off intuitively; fun button mashing•Bonus levels out of nowhere•Mechanic stays the same; just adds morecharacters•Gets frustratingly boring•Bonus levels have no urgency or purpose•Make the damn progression more interesting!
  15. 15. Game Lynch
  16. 16. What is Diamond Mania 2?The AppStore Description says:"Diamonds Mania, popular and loved by many gamers, returns!The best in its genre game has transformed and acquired great new features."Lets check and lynch that game! ;)
  17. 17. Tutorial / ControlsConsistency in Graphics and assets is usualy verymuch appreciatedDrop the diamond?Err... how? Flicking?Dragging? Tapping?
  18. 18. The Game modes3 modes with 3 difficulties...? WOW! Nice...
  19. 19. The Game modesTactic Flow Rushah, ok....
  20. 20. The Game modes... huh!? wheres the difference...?Tactic Flow RushBeginnerAdvancedMaster
  21. 21. The Game modesAHA! Looks like theres a small difference in the HUD in Rush mode.And in gameplay?Tactic & Flow modesRush mode
  22. 22. The Game modes???
  23. 23. The Game modesLets check the manual then......ok, its official. 2 of the modes are the same!
  24. 24. The Game modesThe difference comes mostly through difficulty levels:beginner: match 3advanced: match 4master: match 5and thats it.... =(
  25. 25. Gameplay- Match the Diamonds- Get points- Consumable Power Ups- Different levels. What for...?Problems:- No goal besides making the highest score- No Progression- All modes and difficulty levels feel the same- Diamonds not moving up -> almost standard in EVERY match 3 game(makes combos very hard and gameplay not enjoyable)- If you leave the game session through the ingame menu, youll loseall you current progress. NO WARNING!!! (in DM1 there was one)
  26. 26. CurrencyCurrency = red diamondsSame red diamonds in gameplay = not currency! WTF!?Can I get the currency other than through IAP? Yes, through combos
  27. 27. Game over...Err... I know that the game is over. But how did I perform? Was I good? Bad?
  28. 28. A few words on the free versionAds hide parts of the gameplay area. The HUD is completely hidden...
  29. 29. A few words on the free versionno option of removing the Ads, same monetisation as full version!Full version Free version
  30. 30. Summary- What could have been a nice match 3 game, ends up in being a prototype with veryrudimentary gameplay- Game modes with more obvious and entertaining differences- tutorial for each mode- end game is disappointing -> no stats, no user praising, no user motivation, etc...- better communication with the user (tutorial, currency, better manual)- in lite version, Ads cover the HUD- better monetisation (eg. in lite (next) version, "remove ads" IAP- and and and....
  31. 31. Game Lynch – Pain Tiger
  32. 32. The Name - brandingIt’s important to think on the branding of your game:•The name (and the icon) is the first thing users will see – tempt them todownload it!•Don’t look just for a catchy name, but also look for something that has nonegative association
  33. 33. Entering the game…
  34. 34. Another entranceSo – out of the 2- how’s the game is going to look like??The same inconsistent can be seen between the level ‘sgraphic design and the menus
  35. 35. Main Menu•Where did the great smile disappeared?•It’s good to have a focus on the character, but it can be moreoutstanding, and with less anger…•Notice the “Pain” – always try to present words in a visual way,animated and interesting•“Play” – location, location, location
  36. 36. First level – wow!
  37. 37. Gameplay•Tutorials must be clear – preferable with graphical help (arrows, animation)•What helps the main character to win? What should be avoided??•Level design – flow and progression•How do you fail?•How do you finish a level successfully?
  38. 38. Tutorials•No one likes to read texts, no one reads even if needed, and all of us arejust looking for buttons•A good tutorial should be part of the gameplay.
  39. 39. What?? Why??
  40. 40. GUI / GraphicsNot all is bad!
  41. 41. To sum up…•“Level Failed” is better looking thanthe “Level completed” menu –Confusing!!! What is the goal??•Attachment to the characters –missing!•Store – missing!•Engagement – missing!A runner game with a twist andpotential – great, but why so messy?
  42. 42. Линчеватель - Андрей Ковалишин
  43. 43. Плюсы : отличная графика
  44. 44. Плюсы : отличные эффекты
  45. 45. Плюсы : большой выбор оружия и апдейтов
  46. 46. •хорошая музыка•постоянно меняются декорации и враги•клевые боссы•постоянно зарабатываются ачивкиПлюсы :
  47. 47. Минусы : управление
  48. 48. •сложно полноценно привыкнуть•трудно целиться в противника на расстоянии•сложно попадать распылителем•неудобно биться с боссами•тяжело собирать монетки и одновременно целиться•трудно долго удерживать кнопку мышиМинусы : управление только мышкой
  49. 49. Минусы : GUI
  50. 50. Минусы : звездочки – стимул?
  51. 51. Замеченные глюки
  52. 52. Возможные улучшения:•Больше анимаций для ГГ•Survival mode с социальностью•Credits
  53. 53. Возможные улучшения: более зрелищные бонусы•ГГ вырастает в размерах и начинает всех давить•Отвлекающие голограммы•Клон – помощник•И т.д.
  54. 54. Высказать свое ‘Фи’ линчевателю
  55. 55. ГолосованиеНикуда не уходите, тут жебудут награды