Game lynch Kyiv 2013


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Game-lynch is a special format of the event when game development experts will speak about highs and lows of the presented games.

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Game lynch Kyiv 2013

  1. 1. Game Lynch
  2. 2. Alex Nichiporchik - Combat Sector Anastasios Katopodis - Earn to Die Philipp Döschl - Bob’s Dementia Eran Orlev - Sheep Happens George Zarkua - Heroes of the Sword
  3. 3. Combat Sector
  4. 4. Starting the game, yay!
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Monetization – renting weapons, upgrades, roulette wheels?
  7. 7. Only 3 game modes? • Deathmatch • Team Deathmatch • Domination (aka Point Capture) This has be done before. Lots of times! Throw something interesting my way.
  8. 8. No tactical gameplay, just grinding • Combat Sector has aim-assist • Your basic gameplay is hiding behind cover while reloading, repeat • Where are the grenades???
  9. 9. Spice it up and make it more accessible • Add different style weapons, just shotguns and flamethrowers aren’t enough • Don’t try to monetize me until I’m addicted, guide me through the menus. This _is_ a browser game! • Reimagine your UI design
  10. 10. Earn to Die
  11. 11. EARN TO DIE LYNCH • Game icon is pretty boring for such an epic game • Name is not very memorable
  12. 12. EARN TO DIE LYNCH – First purchase 20$ out of 25$ I had before even trying the track – In shop use X symbol instead of OK to close without choosing – Cancelling a purchase can be easily missed and first it felt like I did not have the option
  13. 13. EARN TO DIE LYNCH – Once I got to play literally in less than 10sec I was out of fuel which ruined the fun – Not a good idea to have fuel as a restriction cause it limits the fun of playing – Cash warning when restarting for the first time not necessary – In the beginning you spend more time in the garage than you do playing – Level design is bad since with half tank I got as far as with a full tank and a better engine – Why am I not allowed to do and IAP to speed up my game?
  14. 14. EARN TO DIE LYNCH – I found little to no use of the physics buttons
  15. 15. EARN TO DIE LYNCH • Personally I'd prefer this as an endless track game where monetization is based a bit more on and a bit less on purchasing equipment • Try out Hill Climb Racing for a good example of how to construct monetization in this type of a game
  16. 16. Bob’s Dementia
  17. 17. Game Presentation - Hideous visuals (please get an artist to draw the art) - Why "Bob's Dementia"? Where's the link between the name and the Game? - No emotional bond to the character - Game icon:
  18. 18. Game Presentation - WHERE'S THE AUDIO!??!?
  19. 19. Gameplay - What's the story of the game? No intro, no communication with the player, etc... - What's the level objective? - Run through level, kill the ever same enemies... - Unclear on-screen infos - One level after another -> senseless level crawling
  20. 20. Gameplay Lame drops:
  21. 21. Core loop find the key start level upgrade get back to the exit summary
  22. 22. Upgrades.... - never enough money to buy them....
  23. 23. Gameplay he game is soooo repetitive. Only thing that changes are the backgrounds: -> Enemies, drops, traps, obstacles, EVERYTHING ELSE stays the same!! WTF!? O_o
  24. 24. And a couple of other things to finish.... - Is this game finished or already released? - Motivate the player: LEVEL UPs are not well communicated. what do i get for it?  - No secrets to discover, no branches, no alternatives (even when finding 2 keys) - No increasing challenges, no learning curve, no rising difficulty - Where's the tutorial or explanations? - Perma death? Come ooooooon..... =/ - Randomly generated levels DON'T work! - How about a shop to buy items? - Maybe rename it to "Bob's Torture".... or "Philipp's Torture" ;)
  25. 25. Sheep Happens
  26. 26. The Basics • Endless 2D runner • Jump / Glide / Ride / Fight • What’s your goal?
  27. 27. Core • Main Character motion and control • Obstacles and Physics Polish • Lack of / Repetitive content
  28. 28. Game World / Orientation • Overwhelming Art (App Icon) • What’s the theme / story? • No sense of control • Changing Controls
  29. 29. Monetization • What’s driving me to move forward? Or to customize him? • Social elements are not working properly
  30. 30. Heroes of the Sword
  31. 31. Click to edit Master text styles Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth level
  32. 32. Start the vote!