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Game lynch


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Game lynch is a special format of the event when game development experts will speak about highs and lows of the presented games.
They will discuss the drawbacks in game design, visuals, usability, etc.

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Game lynch

  1. 1. Alex Nichiporchik @ Spil GamesPhillipp Doschl @ FDG EntertainmentTom Krcha @ AdobeChris Benjaminsen @ Player.ioEmily Greer @ Kongregate
  2. 2. RED BALL 4The Square Menace
  3. 3. Introduction vid
  4. 4. Curious Case of Memory Leaks• Always test the Pepperflash (Chrome) plugin and native Adobe Flash plugin
  5. 5. Controls are non-responsive• Controls make or break a platformer game• Red Ball 4 is broken because of the controlsControls in a platformer have to be• Responsive• Precise• Easy to understand• Use visual sliders in prototypes to tweak variables• Nail it down until it feels right• Test on multiple people in your target audience
  6. 6. Achievements & Points, but no added value• Achievements are nice, but standard• Why not use the points system to upgrade your ball’s abilities?• Give users replay value and reward for achieving something, not just for the sakes of having achievements
  7. 7. The character is disturbingReacts only todamageIs still smilingwhen there’s anenemy drowningright next to himand almostcrying for help 
  8. 8. Tl;dr• Fix controls;• fix memory leaks• expand character• Add more content• Stop treating “Red Ball” as a collection of mini game prototypes
  9. 9. Phillipp Doschl @ FDG Jelly Cannon 2
  10. 10. Jelly Cannon Reloaded All devices? How about iPhone 5?
  11. 11. Jelly Cannon ReloadedHUD misses some information or information is not straight forward: - Score reduced with every shot. Different in every level, need to do math for shot left - Star progress? Would be nice when trying to get all 3 stars.
  12. 12. Jelly Cannon ReloadedHUD overlaps with gameplay –> accidently restart level or pause game
  13. 13. Jelly Cannon ReloadedMore gameplay: - Different Jellys with different attributes or match same colors? - More level elements and interactive objects (bombs, switches, doors, etc)
  14. 14. Jelly Cannon ReloadedOnly 5 Jellys at a time! It would be great to know which Jelly is the next one tobe removed -> adds even more character and polish to the game
  15. 15. Jelly Cannon ReloadedBe kind to your players: unlock more levels at once (3 levels?). And...
  16. 16. Jelly Cannon Reloaded... if theyre still stuck, they´ll unlock all levels / level packs via IAP in return... ... if there was such an IAP, besides the magnetic sunjelly...
  17. 17. Tom Krcha @ Adobe Gluey 2
  18. 18. Gluey 2• Fantastic mechanics in the worst UI
  19. 19. Huge potential Fun to play
  20. 20. Fun first 5 minutesbut no recurring fun
  21. 21. Sid Meier: “a game is a series of interesting choices”
  22. 22. I don’t feel challenged enough. How do I lose?
  23. 23. Why should I repeat a level?
  24. 24. No Time Challenge(only over the line)
  25. 25. Joke?
  26. 26. Align?
  27. 27. What is this? I didn’t get it at first time. Simplify and explain easily. Am I going to click this now, or later?
  28. 28. Gluey 2• Performance problems – Put everything on GPU, triangulate• Make it more engaging with more action, – Bonuses and combos• Compared to Bejeweled or Tetris too easy to play – Challenge the user
  29. 29. Gpu triangulation• Optimize to the specific use-case via shaders• Anti-alias using fragment shaders• Good starting point:
  30. 30. Technical
  31. 31. 640 x 480
  32. 32. 640 x 480
  33. 33. Experience
  34. 34. 640 x 480
  35. 35. Business
  36. 36. Business• Sponsorship• Single Ad while loading • No replayability• Micro Transactions • No replayability
  37. 37. Bubblegum Flash Game
  38. 38. Fin
  39. 39. Wake up the Box with a Sledgehammer
  40. 40. Evgeny, why do you hate boxes?What do you have against straight lines?The most annoying thing aboutthe game is how hard it is tomake the shape you want.It would be easier to draw theMona Lisa with an etch-a-sketch than to make a squarein this game.
  41. 41. In a puzzle game the challenge should be insolving the puzzle, not in execution of thesolution.
  42. 42. Unless the intention was to get a lot of accidental clicks toNotDoppler putting buttons in the drawing area was abad call. Lots of potential for pointless player annoyance.
  43. 43. A lot of the puzzles felt too simple & emptyMore solutions from Rube Goldberg machines,less from arbitrary shape redesigns
  44. 44. But sudden switches to Rube Goldberg-mechaniclevels totally disrupts the difficulty curveThis level was so different from previous levels I didn’tknow where to start and got frustrated
  45. 45. Evgeny, why do you hate progress?There’s minimalfeedback on progression.To even know what levelyou’re on you have to goback to the menuscreen.
  46. 46. You also have no sense of your level of skill.I don’t want a randomly selected “well done”message at the end of the level, I want to know thatI’m better at games than other people.Give me skill stars, shapes drawn, or time taken sothat I know for sure I’m awesome.
  47. 47. tl;drIn fact I like it. Just not on a trackpad.