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interactive promo for SONY/BMG release


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the task was to develop an interactive algorithm to raise awareness about new global Michael Jackson release

so we did it

interactive promo for SONY/BMG release

  1. Michael Jackson’s inter_National Epic Project. Russia 4
  2. background New compilation is launched worldwide by SONY BMG and Michael Jackson It’s unique in each country because every track is decided for inclusion by people We have pre-set cross-promo agreements with TV channels such as Mtv and Muz TV as well as MTS - the mobile provider
  3. agency tasks sell 30.000 copies Creative idea concept of new disc launch interactive involvement program Mobile marketing integration idea Triggers of PR support program
  4. target audience Trendsetters initiate active action and spread the knowledge Trendseekers join action out of curiosity, ‘coolness’ and fun
  5. insight’s value is invaluable
  6. insight Of course i remember MJ and i loved him being a teenager!! And i feel he’s still the King next to Elvis, not rock, u know, true pop though. But my music is different now anyway But it’s REALLY cool to have such a good flashback!
  7. smart targeting With all due respect to ‘the Pop King’, but he’s not such a media-person now that’s why he got only true oldschool fans - no new ones so it means he won't sell out just for the name So we will target those, whose trigger is fun and who will be attracted by active fun and than flashback into their youth and spread the Word-Of-Mouth effect
  8. fun as the super-conductor fan YES!! fan fan There are those 30 000 fans who fan will definitely buy new MJ artifact fan but they need to be told about it fan and fun is the most apt emotion for fastest spreading effect fun fun
  9. knowledge of trends provides adaptive strategy
  10. World Wide Video Video blogging and Wide Web Broadcasting are the upcoming and rapidly developing Web instruments more than 10 new video-hostings launched during last year more than 5 000 000 new accounts during last 6 months
  11. It’s All About Me i am unique i affect the situation i am in the game i am getting prizes or fame I AM INVOLVED!
  12. challenge summons crowd
  13. the BIG idea
  14. the BIG idea Show Me Your Jackson!
  15. motivation We bring iconic image of Michael Jackson closer to the fans - now they are not just adoring him, but creatively personalizing Jackson we give users ability to express their own vision of the legend and through this act they share ‘the shine’ Besides, we attract those, who might not be devoted fans, but have good sense of humor and wish to have fun in fact, we presume there is no such person who’s attitude to MJ is neutral. We believe that there is at least one favorite song for everybody
  16. description The standalone ‘’ web-site is created to accumulate the voters they check the situation about the compilation and vote for songs We challenge them not only vote with clicks, but also create their own video covers of favorite songs and upload them as their super-votes there is vast difference between voting by a click or voting by a video you may wait until 100 fans will vote for the song, adding 1 vote each to be sure it’s included into the compilation or you may record yourself singing a verse or a refrain of your favorite song and add 100 votes at once!
  17. 70% burnt 30% burnt rating visualisation promo portal watch! vote !quot;#$%&! listen to a song as a karaoke tune 18 days remaining record online 20% complete The site is designed as an edition of MJ disc divided on tracks and ‘total burning’ progress (time countdown) viral you can view top tracks directly on CD image potent you can choose any track and vote for it by context menu
  18. PR trigger russian look TOTAL DESIGN BY SIMACH'V he is still the only young and trendy designer who brings ‘russian roots’ to the level of art Denis will be the first who will show us his Jackson! we will record him singing his favorite MJ song as well!
  19. dynamics First we create promo-site which is used as the main zone of communication here we vote for songs and separately - videos here we finalize compilation and appoint the date of ‘the first disc burning’, announcing live broadcasting of the process And after that we continue voting for videos as the top of them will form bonus DVD compilation with all top rated users’ videos Finally we broadcast [pre-recorded] film of ‘the first CD burning’ process Afterwards bonus DVD distribution begins to all videobloggers
  20. PR trigger ‘special edition’ We need ‘special edition CD+DVD set’ to benefit the most active participators and give them opportunity to merge themselves with their hero to attract additional interest and encourage with promise of ‘fame’, not ‘prize’ Special edition CD+DVD set consists of CD compilation DVD bonus disc with users’ videos listed the compilation way extra features such as rare music videos and bootlegs full credits including nicknames of all participators
  21. any speech has a matter and its way with words
  22. triggers Michael Jackson inter_National project itself Denis Simach(v as the project lead artist Top rated users’ videos form bonus DVD for the ‘special edition’ of the project 5 top rated vids are shown on MUZ-TV & Mtv nationwide ‘First disc burning’ on-line web broadcasting
  23. video promotion fields & tactics on most video MJ topic hyping hostings with in most blogs and blogging support social networks reviews in apt and trendy online sources to promote info and web viral blogging make it ‘known’ video and social networkin’ radio & TV lifestyle PR mobile viral broadcasting video videos included in ‘free MUZ-TV VJs are content’ pool of joking about project MTS mobile content and put some with additional content on air print support
  24. details Mobile viral video pre-made viral videos are used by MTS as a bonus prizes in inner-network promos they are also promoted as ‘free content’ in print and on-line media of mobile-content-providers each video has a link to our site TV broadcasting best rated videos rotated on MUZ-TV in line with the co-promo
  25. the result is media-ubiquity
  26. results SURE results More than 2 000 000 viral video views At least 200 000 site visits [more likely 500 000] Additional 200+ users’ showcases No less than 2 prizes at Golden Drum and such fests POSSIBLE opportunities “Show me your jackson” integrates in contemporary language as a motto, meaning “utmost fun and hilarious action” We all become legends
  27. every action has its consequences as well as price
  28. cost estimate matter description cost [EUR] the Big idea and further going into creative idea details 10000 concept design and general Simach(v design involvement TBD promo portal design and full scale production 30000 15 viral videos [from script and video production casting to post-production] 10000 spreading videos in blogs and blogging support promoting on ‘fun-sites’ 15000 creating buzz about the project and social networking MJ himself 13000 creating chained articles and remarks lifestyle PR in trendsetters’ media issues 6000 TOTAL 84000
  29. this is it!
  30. ubiq solutions team this is it!