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'Comfort Media' Solution for Winston Russia


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We develop new ‘deep-communication’ web platform

Creating new vector of brand positioning - moving from promo to image

Re-activating CRM database - building up collaborative framework

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'Comfort Media' Solution for Winston Russia

  1. 1. WINSTON comfort media network-based platform solution by ubiq solutions for
  2. 2. mission zOOm • We develop new ‘deep-communication’ web platform • Creating new vector of brand positioning • moving from promo to image • Re-activating CRM database • building up collaborative framework
  3. 3. target audience • In case of our project we should not expect big flow of new audience • the registration process is quite complex • Winston ceases promo activity, moving towards image campaign thus reducing the motivation to register • But we should not be scared! • the CRM database contains more than 100000 contacts so we can concentrate on those, who already have access to our website • so we can work with the ‘old’ audience building up loyalty and provoking interest in brand values more than just prizes • They will come! • after awhile [year or so] our comfort media solution will boost the value of our content providing services so anyone will be anxious to join our platform old friends and old wine are best..
  4. 4. TREND_SCAPE knowledge of trends provides adaptive strategy
  5. 5. it’s all about me i am unique i am getting prizes or fame i affect the situation i am in the game I AM INVOLVED!
  6. 6. on the move • People are curious and able to share this curiosity via web technologies • • People are mobile now constant lookout of the interesting things to happen around • they are on the worldwide • telling about ‘em • People care for their time and prefer to check out opinions and tips from others before getting involved •
  7. 7. D-I-Y • ‘Do-It-Yourself’ trend is about time, intention and invention • ‘i-user’ doesn’t wait for the thing to be done by someone to buy it - he just does it himself with the help of ‘community power’ and his own inventions • It’s easier to customize and new-build things as the tech is not so expensive nowadays • Trend followers gladly share their know-how and insights - as this is the matter of the trend • “I am self-inspired and able to constructively have fun”
  8. 8. World Wide Video • Video blogging and Wide Web Broadcasting are the upcoming and rapidly developing Web instruments • more than 10 new video-hostings launched during last year more than 5 000 000 new accounts during last 6 months •
  9. 9. there’s only 5 years left.. • Russia is becoming one of those countries who strategically unsupport smoking • and tobacco production/distribution
  10. 10. SMART_TARGETING insight’s value is invaluable
  11. 11. insight i AM cool, and i’m ready to share my ‘coolness’, AND to support my status i need to NAVIGATE through all top trends with the help of the like people
  12. 12. insight i’m NOT SO cool, you know.. BUT i’d rather be!! and what can help me is the NAVIGATION through all cool stuff around so i could choose the right one for me
  13. 13. idea strategy way future THE_BIG_IDEA the louder the sound - the longer the echo
  14. 14. creative idea WINSTON NAVIGATOR • We create site where users can share their insights concerning brand-defined themes • The brand itself is the main opinion leader helping others to navigate through actual trends in most contemporary fields • The idea is to form unique community with truly dedicated participators
  15. 15. communication strategy THE GAME The most interesting interaction is co-creation it consists of communication and cooperation The first step is starting the dialog the most friendly way is to play a game Good dialog involves information and rules we provide them playing media_games
  16. 16. the way STEP BY STEP Teasing users with new abilities & teaching them ‘the rules’ I) Creating full-scale brand playground II)
  17. 17. the future ‘ECHO PROJECT’ • Even if the usual ways of communication with the consumer will be closed due to restrictions still are able to translate brand values • we • We form strong brand ambassadors loyal to those values netware integrating with consumers’ media • We create software and
  18. 18. MECHANICS deus ex machina
  19. 19. first step of transformation - [teasing & teaching]
  20. 20. common terms brand provides: information specials user has: profile can comment
  21. 21. blogs VS forums
  22. 22. blogs VS forums • Creating blog engine in stead of the forum we grant users more possibilities and more freedom i.e. nobody can manage personal pages and thus we give all the full ‘moderator power’ ability and status • • In blog environment we can create sophisticated network of the followers, interested in exclusive content • brand ambassadors create exclusive content opinion leaders participate in activity not as evaluators of users’ content but as the main ‘knowledge providers’ • • every potent user can be noticed and become true trendsetter in the field he’s interested in we produce non-material motivation in the most friendly environment •
  23. 23. what & where brand ambassadors create exclusive content it gets noticed by users and post it to the blog they are commenting and creating info samples
  24. 24. sample
  25. 25. new techniques
  26. 26. ‘obvious things’ • We don’t ask questions - we ask to state their reality • We ask to share well-known things from their point of view • Sharing personal knowledge teaches people to collaborate
  27. 27. ‘obvious things’ • Obvious things concept is the semiotic method to collect attention of the crowd we don’t ask questions - we ask to state their reality • • We just ask them to share well-known things from their point of view • this will bring up surprising results in the society so ‘specialized’ as ours is - mostly being ‘life-educated’ to represent just narrow segment of knowledge we possess unique pieces of information while lack likely unique ones The wiki-material we gather is post-moderated and classified by tags • • By evoking stimuli to share personal knowledge and use ‘collective-conscious’ we teach people the way they will collaborate on the future playground • best-rated insights are awarded with encyclopedias and specialized literature on demand
  28. 28. ‘action blogging’ • Brand ambassadors start up action blogs about new experience • They set a new aim [such as ride a bike] and reach it • Telling users techniques and features of the process in the blogs task report inspiration how-to discussion
  29. 29. ‘action blogging’ • Action blogging concept is the process of initiation of the communication process by flaming it by bright example of brand ambassadors • we start up several blogs dedicated to brand related choices and use ‘em as channels to translate brand values • the more personality they have - the better • these bloggers claim a point to reach and then document all the process by photo/video/descriptions these ‘brand-bloggers’ are created to be followed.. but firstly - to be watched • • Main ‘starter’ for this kind of communication is the creative idea of what exactly tasks should look like • so we provide starting ones which are to be transformed later, on the second step • So we tease users with the ability to stand up with personal content and seize the chance to become “Winston Navigator’ and get a trip-for-free • also provoking them to discuss and interpret the message incl. yacht journey, music fest trip, ‘instant summer’ trip, master-classes, educational programs
  30. 30. schematic vision common blogs [wikipedia] ‘obvious things’ user- user-watchers‘ watchers‘ blogs blogs Freedom Tour City Life Guide users’ action blogs Brand Ambassadors’ Summertime Summer Guide action blogs user-watchers‘ blogs user-watchers‘ blogs Night Life Guide Global Gathering users’ action blogs users’ action blogs user- watchers‘ user- blogs watchers‘ user-watchers‘ blogs blogs
  31. 31. Freedom Tour blog • Action Blogging examples • brand ambassadors start new game called ‘city stalking’ • we also start the ‘Gadget’ communication here starting discussion [this might be a co-promo with profile news-generator as] •
  32. 32. Freedom Tour blog • Action Blogging samples brand ambassadors develop new game called ‘city stalking’ • • they start from their own cities, describing every curious thing they can find with the photo/video footage • and then they ‘swap the cities’ and now they act as the first-comers and also try to find curious places we also start the ‘Gadget’ communication here starting discussion of ‘needful city things’ covering GPS, • communicators, laptops and all other upscaling devices for navigation • ambassadors get an eye on upcoming tech fetishes and try to present them to the audience [this might be a co-promo with profile news-generator as] • Obvious Things sample all obvious things about city-dwelling •
  33. 33. SummerTime blog • Action Blogging examples • brand ambassadors tell stories about their summer and upload content • describing good and costly places to relax on a winter holidays • discussing the future summer and the upcoming trends, constructing plans with your friends with the help of the ‘Winston ambassadors’
  34. 34. SummerTime blog • Action Blogging themes the starting theme - ‘how i spent my summer’ • • brand ambassadors tell stories about their summer with the content they upload it follows with the late autumn theme - ‘take yo summer with u!’ • • describing good and costly places to relax on a winter holidays ‘tune up yo summer!’ • and it finishes with the winter theme - • while waiting for the summer we can create it [with art-objects], discuss the future summer and the upcoming trends, construct plans with your friends with the help of the ‘Winston ambassadors’ so the plans will become the future! • • Obvious Things sample all obvious things about good-summer-action-spending-time •
  35. 35. Global Gathering blog • Action Blogging examples • one of DJs [abroad] starts blog describing his tour and sets World- or Nationwide • using photo/video footage • city clubber starts his video-blog about nightlife [Winston style] - week-end report • the rest of the time clubbers may discuss the message • one of DJs [national] starts his blog about mixing • lessons on DJ-ing video-sets of playing live at home parties • private
  36. 36. second step of transformation - [launchin’ playground]
  37. 37. common terms user has: profile personal blog friends brand provides: content services specials
  38. 38. paradigm transformation Hide&Seek City Guides [cityGame] [cityGame] C.T. Surfing Freedom Tour Gadget Pilots [visualPodcasting] Instant Summer [PhotoGrafix] Summertime Find Your Summer Music Navigator Winston Media [openMix] Widget Global Gathering new Home Features Home Lovers [visualPodcasting]
  39. 39. City Surfing • The global way of communication which is transformed from the Freedom Tour concept and includes all core ideas such as freedom, navigation, new experience • It also actualizing such trends as ‘on the move’, ‘it’s all about me’, ‘i-guide’
  40. 40. hide & seek • Winston places some hidden/secret codes around the city sightings • Players [known as ‘navigators’] find them and blog evidences at website • First ones get prizes [such as GPS]
  41. 41. city guides • Those who wants more sophisticated action become ‘city guides’ • whose task is to create unique city excursion • each tour is marked on site-integrated Google Maps and supported with description, photos and/or video visuals • all tours are classified [i.e. you could choose whether you want night or daytime tour; museums or parks etc.] • Winston makes its own tour for each city as well [monthly or weekly] but it stays hidden for some time • when it’s announced - those users whose route crossed Winston’s twice or more get prizes • it this case the prizes are full sets of invites and tickets to the most trendy cultural events
  42. 42. gadget pilots • This is on-going activity on the website where users exchange knowledge of the upcoming tech gear • All users are ‘pilots’ - the testers and explorers of the most advanced devices, information on which is provided firstly by Winston and secondly by users themselves • this information may vary from texts [when the project is just rumored - to video when it launched]
  43. 43. Find Your Summer • This global communication created by merging ‘Summertime’ Gathering’ platforms main points of which are and ‘Global ‘catching the Spirit of Summer Together’ • each one stays untouched but together they form new interaction model • winners of the music contest go to the Global Gathering fest • winners of the photoGrafix contest go to the Summertime fest supported by opinion leaders • This communication is
  44. 44. music navigators • We suggest to download easy-to-use free software for the music creation developed by Winston • thus we evade problem of copyrighted music appearing on website • By downloading it user becomes subscriber of monthly samples updates creating and uploading his tracks back on the website - evaluated by top DJs • • best tracks are included in DJ’s mix invited to the party best music navigators are • SOFTWARE
  45. 45. instant summer • Everyone can find the summer and catch it • when you do - upload your photos, pictures and videos on-site • being noticed by an opinion leader gives an opportunity to set up your own exhibition • Winston gives particular tasks linked with summer to find and accomplish • participating in these task-game everyone can win a trip to the summertime
  46. 46. Home Lovers • This part of communication is new and aimed at those who are able to make cool things • These are the people who really love their home but surely can not afford Phillip Stark they will do even better! • but we will tell them and • This communication is supported by Winston as the opinion leader there’s photo-video blog by brand ambassador where ways to create fancy things or have fun at home are shown •
  47. 47. home features • It’s a ‘home-creativity’ contest • show us your best home ‘feature’ and win • useful home devices • or a master-class of modern designer
  48. 48. Winston Media Widget • Another piece of the free software is developed by Winston for download • increasing ‘ECHO ability’ • This widget will stream all media-casts by user-defined channels • when user finds interesting blog [photo/video blog] he can tag it • and get all new content right on his desktop or mobile device NETWARE
  49. 49. paradigm transformation Hide&Seek City Guides [cityGame] [cityGame] C.T. Surfing Gadget Pilots [visualPodcasting] Instant Summer [PhotoGrafix] Find Your Summer Music Navigator Winston Media [openMix] Widget Home Features [visualPodcasting] Home Lovers
  50. 50. RESULTS the result is media-ubiquity
  51. 51. results • SURE results • Brand is denotated as the ‘cultural patron’ upscaling brand status • The unique form of consumer communication mechanism developed • Brand is ‘future-ready’ • POSSIBLE opportunities • A couple of prizes at Golden Drum and Cannes • We all become legends
  52. 52. to be continued..