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Webb3.0 intranätverk presentation 20 maj 2014


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How will semantic web enhance the emerging social business arena, and tailor linked enterprise data with both external resources and internal digital workplace?

Published in: Internet, Education
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Webb3.0 intranätverk presentation 20 maj 2014

  1. 1. Hur kan det som sker på webben 3.0 påverka den inre arbetsarenan? Kerstin Forsberg, Informationsarkitekt, AstraZeneca Fredric Landqvist, Forskare & Strateg, Chalmers/GU & Findwise
  2. 2. The Shift
  3. 3. Web Standards and Technologies enabling The Shift
  4. 4. The web turned 25 in March Web of Documents
  5. 5. The RDF standard turned 15 in February Web of (Linked) Data Web of Documents subject predicat object Common Model (“Triples”) Resource Description Framework
  6. 6. Two Examples
  7. 7. Platform Explorer Standards Apps API
  8. 8. Domain-driven: Open Innovation • Legal, law and new ways of working together • Interoperability in the domain of justice practices and processes • Semantic Web in future everyday work
  9. 9. Semantic Enhanced Digital Workplace
  10. 10. Innovation
  11. 11. Common Terminology
  12. 12. The Web 3.0
  13. 13. Linked-Data (future Law-handbook)
  14. 14. Intranet Wikipedia dbpedia Juridical Terms Wiktionary Linked-Open-Data, Domain Driven Innovation in the Justice System Prison & Probation Police web Attorney web Justice Dept. web Justice Ontology Courts web Linked-Data Intranet Wiktionary Glossary Information Gov Network Information & Data Pipe-line Managed TermStore Search Thesaurus Collaborative Information Governance Workspace Linked-Data Analytics Subject Matter Expert CMS Content Provision Collab Edit Put in Context Link Intranet web Doc Business Applications Citizen Member of Staff
  15. 15. Appendix & References
  16. 16. Domino Effect, with Digital Paradigm Shift
  17. 17. Referenser • Social Business by Design, Hinchcliff & Kim • The Connected Company, Gray & Wander Val • Enterprise-Linked-Data 101, Wood
  18. 18. Contact