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Linked Data and Citizen Participation - Next Gen of Muncipality Service


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Linked Data, Semantic Web and Citizen Participation for a Muncipality. Organising Principles to improve services and interoperability between channels, and devices to access aligned with standards.

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Linked Data and Citizen Participation - Next Gen of Muncipality Service

  1. 1. Linked Data Citizen Participation
  2. 2. gö Gö
  3. 3. A city is a! city is a! city
  4. 4. At your Service…
  5. 5. I believe I can fly!
  6. 6. 5 Star Our Beacon
  7. 7. Organising Principles SKOS DC W3C Linked Data
  8. 8. Participation
  9. 9. Alphabet Soup Vocabularies Standards
  10. 10. Cherry Picking
  11. 11. Zebra Crossing into the sea of data mashup of metadata schemas and vocabularies
  12. 12. Drilling the sea of data
  13. 13. Terminology
  14. 14. Semantic Workplace Information Governance area Access End-point Ontology/ Taxonomy Management (i.e. Protégé) Standards and Vocabs D.C SKOS UK.GOV EuroVoc Schema etc. linked-data OWL files Ontologist Information Stewards www.Gö Collection (portlet) Content dc.type dc.topic skos.prefLabel schema.localbusiness Site Search Semantic enhanced index Editors Dynamic metadata and search enabled Information Architecture Citizen Information Owner Access on any device, anywhere and any time
  15. 15. Taking Rails Forward Knowledge Graph Open Graph
  16. 16. Bright future ahead… • Fredric Landqvist, • Peter Voisey, • Mikael Sandin,