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What i can do to lose weight


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1 tip to know how control my weight and know if I have lose weight or not

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What i can do to lose weight

  2. 2. control your weight weekly When we decide to lose weight and draw our plan of attack with exercise and diet, we only have one more thing: make sure that what we're doing works. That's where the scale comes into play, for weight weekly. At first it may weight the results are a little ambiguous and not to take into account, but in the long run will serve as feedback to see if what we are doing with food and exercise works. We're not talking about weigh ourselves every day, this can drive us crazy, but we talk about weekly weigh ourselves, the same day of the week and in the same conditions. I always advise weighed on Saturday morning first thing after going to the bathroom. A weight principle will serve to encourage and see that we are getting short-term objectives. For example, 0.5 kg weight loss each week. Longer term will give us an idea of how we have to change the food or exercise to keep losing. Weighed usually looks like an ordeal and a trial by fire when we want to lose weight, but think the scale is helpful and correcting her habits go every week to keep losing.
  3. 3. Maybe a week without changing much food, do a type of exercise and not much result. Or can you change your workout routine and this week the scale reflects the results and know how to adapt training. Take a periodic monitoring of weight is important, give us information if we are doing the right thing and will help us to detect errors. DO YOU WANT A FREE EBOOK WITH OTHER FORM TO WEIGHT LOSS NOW!? ENTER HERE: