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DevOps 101


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DevOps 101

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DevOps 101

  1. 1. DEVOPS -- AN IT MINDSET -- If you’re not writing software to manage them (Ops), you’re not surviving.
  2. 2. AGENDA Context Pre-Agile/ Pre-DevOps Days Little History Waterfall, CI, CD, DevOps Nirvana Culture, Tools, Stories, Everything Else
  3. 3. SOFTWARE MOVES FASTER TODAY/ LIFE OF A CODE Startups can now take on giants with little to no funding ahead of time Getting your software into the hands of millions is a download away Your ability to move fast is paramount to your ability to fight off disruption Software creation and distribution is easier and faster than ever
  4. 4. First, we need to understand a little bit about software release processes
  5. 5. RELEASE PROCESSES HAVE FOUR MAJOR PHASES Source: Create, review & check in the code. Build: Compile code, Run unit tests, Style checkers, Gather Code metrics Test: Integration tests with other systems, Load testing, UI tests, Penetration testing Production: Deployment to production environments
  8. 8. “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” – Yoda
  9. 9. LITTLE HISTORY 2007 - Patrick Debois, a software development consultant, had a goal of learning all aspects of IT. Patrick had always been bothered by the differences between how Dev and Ops worked, but he became particularly frustrated with the challenges of managing work across the two groups on his projects. 2008 - Andrew Shafer posted an idea for an agile infrastructure “birds of a feather” session at the Agile 2008 Conference.
  10. 10. LITTLE HISTORY CONTD.. 2009 - John Allspaw, senior vice president of technical operations at Flickr, and Paul Hammond, director of engineering at Flickr, gave a presentation at the O’Reilly Velocity Conference in San Jose, “10+ Deploys per Day: Dev and Ops Cooperation at Flickr.” The presentation laid the groundwork for how Dev and Ops can effectively work together to improve software deployment. #DevOpsDays 2010 - DevOpsDays were held in Australia and the U.S. Over time, there were more and more DevOpsDays that were hosted in different countries and cities around the world.
  11. 11. LITTLE HISTORY CONTD.. 2011 - Up until 2011, the DevOps movement has been fueled by individuals and open source tools with little attention from analysts or vendors. 2012 - By 2012 DevOps was quickly turning into a buzzword and DevOpsDays continued to grow. 2014 - Large companies such as Target, Nordstrom and LEGO became some of the first companies to bring DevOps into the enterprise.
  12. 12. WHAT IS DEVOPS NOT? It’s Not NoOps It’s Not (Just) Tools It’s Not (Just) Culture It’s Not (Just) Devs and Ops It’s Not (Just) A Job Title It’s Not Everything
  13. 13. 


  15. 15. DEVOPS NIRVANA Paint the wall with awareness
  16. 16. WATERFALL DEVELOPMENT Development teams would write a bunch of code for months. Then those teams would merge their code in order to release it. Their are different versions of code and have so many changes that the actual integration step could take days.
  18. 18. CONTINUOUS INTEGRATION Continuous integration is often the first step down the path toward DevOps maturity. It is the practice of quickly integrating newly developed code with the main body of code that is to be released.
  19. 19. CONTINUOUS DELIVERY It is an extension of continuous integration. It’s the practice of having the code base continuously in a ready-to-deploy state.
  20. 20. CONTINUOUS DEPLOYMENT It is DevOps nirvana, is the most advanced evolution of continuous delivery. It’s the practice of deploying all the way into production without any human intervention.
  22. 22. STORIES Netflix, Etsy, Amazon, Pinterest, Flicker, IMVU and Google are popular examples of companies doing continuous deployment.
  23. 23. GOOGLE DEV AND OPS - SRE 15,000 engineers, working on 4,000+ projects All code is checked into one source tree (billions of files!) 5,500 code commits/day 75 million test cases are run daily "Automated tests transform fear into boredom." -- Eran Messeri, Google
  24. 24. AMAZON
  25. 25. Chaos Monkey Chaos Gorilla Chaos Kon Latency Monkey Conformity Monkey Security Monkey Doctor Monkey Janitor Monkey NETFLIX - SIMIAN ARMY AWS Outage 2014: Out of our 2700+ production Cassandra nodes, 218 were rebooted. 22 Cassandra nodes did not reboot successfully.
  26. 26. ESTY..
  28. 28. DEVOPS TOOLING Source Code Repository Continuous Integration Build Server Repository Management Configuration Management Deployment Virtual Infrastructure Test Automation Infrastructure Orchestration Messaging / Collaboration Business Intelligence Security
  29. 29. SOURCE CODE REPOSITORY Source control is a major component of continuous integration.
  30. 30. CONTINUOUS INTEGRATION Integrates code into a shared repository several times a day. Teams can detect problems early with the help of automated unit test runs.
  31. 31. BUILD SERVER The build server is an automation tool that compiles the code in the source code repository into executable code base.
  32. 32. REPOSITORY MANAGEMENT A repository manager is a dedicated server application designed to manage repositories of binary components.
  33. 33. CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT Configuration management defines the configuration of a server or an environment.
  34. 34. DEPLOY Deployment tools helps us in automating application deployments, improve the speed and quality of software releases.
  35. 35. VIRTUAL INFRASTRUCTURE Cloud / IaaS / PaaS combined with automation tools to empower organizations practicing DevOps with the ability to configure a server without any fingers on the keyboard.
  36. 36. TEST AUTOMATION DevOps testing focuses on automated testing within your build pipeline to ensure that by the time that you have a deployable build, you are confident it is ready to be deployed.
  37. 37. INFRASTRUCTURE ORCHESTRATION Infrastructure Orchestration is an automated arrangement, coordination, and management of complex computer systems, middleware and services.
  40. 40. SECURITY
  41. 41. REFERENCES
  42. 42. BLOGS It Revolution Press Chef Is your team ready for DevOps? DevOPs @ Netflix The Incredible True Story of How DevOps Got Its Name How Etsy Deploys More Than 50 Times a Day DevOps - Enabling DevOps on the Microsoft Stack DevOps 101 by Version One
  43. 43. PODCASTS The Ship Show DevOps Cafe Puppet Labs Podcast Arrested DevOps
  45. 45. Gh Github 1 Fm Aws Amazon Web Services 2 Fm Gt Git 3 Os Dm DBmaestro 4 En Ch Chef 5 En Pu Puppet 6 En An Ansible 7 Os Sl Salt 8 Os Dk Docker 9 Os Az Azure 10 Pd Bb Bitbucket 11 Fm Lb Liquibase 12 Os Ot Otto 13 Os Bl BladeLogic 14 En Va Vagrant 15 Os Tf Terraform 16 Fr Rk rkt 17 Os Gc Google Cloud Platform 18 En Gl GitLab 19 Os Rg Redgate 20 En Mv Maven 21 Os Gr Gradle 22 Os At ANT 23 Os Fn FitNesse 24 Os Se Selenium 25 Fr Ga Gatling 26 Os Dh Docker Hub 27 Fr Jn Jenkins 28 Os Ba Bamboo 29 Pd Tr Travis CI 30 Os Gd Deployment Manager 31 Pd Sf SmartFrog 32 Os Cn Consul 33 Os Bc Bcfg2 34 Os Mo Mesos 35 Os Rs Rackspace 36 En Sv Subversion 37 Os Dt Datical 38 En Gt Grunt 39 Os Gp Gulp 40 Os Br Broccoli 41 Os Cu Cucumber 42 Fr Cj Cucumber.js 43 Os Qu Qunit 44 Fr Npm npm 45 Os Cs Codeship 46 Fm Vs Visual Studio 47 Pd Cr CircleCI 48 Fm Cp Capistrano 49 Fr Ju JuJu 50 Fr Rd Rundeck 51 Os Cf CFEngine 52 Os Ds Swarm 53 Fr Op OpenStack 54 Os Hg Mercurial 55 Os Dp Delphix 56 En Sb sbt 57 Fr Mk Make 58 Os Ck CMake 59 Os Jt JUnit 60 Fr Jm JMeter 61 Fr Tn TestNG 62 Fr Ay Artifactory 63 Os Tc TeamCity 64 Fm Sh Shippable 65 Fm Cc CruiseControl 66 Os Ry RapidDeploy 67 En Cy CodeDeploy 68 Fm Oc Octopus Deploy 69 En No CA Nolio 70 En Kb Kubernetes 71 Os Hr Heroku 72 Fm Cw ISPW 73 En Id Idera 74 En Msb MSBuild 75 Os Rk Rake 76 Os Pk Packer 77 Fr Mc Mocha 78 Os Xltv XL TestView 79 En Jm Jasmine 80 Os Nx Nexus 81 Os Co Continuum 82 Os Ca Continua CI 83 Fm So Solano CI 84 Pd Xld XL Deploy 85 En EB ElasticBox 86 En Dp Deploybot 87 Fm Ud UrbanCode Deploy 88 En Nm Nomad 89 Os Os OpenShift 90 En Xlr XL Release 91 En Ur UrbanCode Release 92 En Bm BMC Release Process Management 93 En Hp HP Codar 94 En Au Automic 95 En Pl Plutora Release 96 En Sr Serena Release 97 En Tfs Team Foundation Server 98 Pd Tr Trello 99 Fm Jr Jira 100 Pd Rf HipChat 101 Fm Sl Slack 102 Fm Fd Flowdock 103 Fm Pv Pivotal Tracker 104 Pd Sn ServiceNow 105 En Ki Kibana 106 Os Nr New Relic 107 Fm Ni Nagios 108 Os Zb Zabbix 109 Os Dd Datadog 110 En El Elasticsearch 111 Os St StackState 112 En Sp Splunk 113 En Le Logentries 114 Fm Sl Sumo Logic 115 Fm Ls Logstash 116 Os Gr Graylog 117 Os Sn Snort 118 Os Tr Tripwire 119 Os Ff Fortify 120 En EMBED DOWNLOAD ADDPERIODIC TABLE OF DEVOPS TOOLS (V2) Os Open Source Fr Free Fm Freemium Pd Paid En Enterprise SCM Database Mgmt Build CI Repo Mgmt Testing Deployment Config / Provisioning Containerization Cloud / Iaas / Paas Release Mgmt Collaboration BI / Monitoring Logging Security Follow @xebialabs
  46. 46. THANK YOU