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Present unreal conditional wish


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Present unreal conditional wish

  1. 1. Present unreal conditional (2)1. Es utilizado el Present Unreal Conditional al referirse acerca de irreales, imaginaria o imposible condiciones y susresultados. Ambos- If Clause y Result Clause, presentan el unreal result de la condición.Ejemplo:· If I lived in palace , I would give parties all the time.( But I don´t live in a palace, so I don´t give parties.)· If I had a car , I would drive everywhere.2. El verbo en el If Clause se muestra en simple past tense. En el Result Clause es utiltizado el auxiliary Would + base formof the verb.Ejemplo:· If Luisa went to Cusco , she would spend a great timeNota:a. El If Clause usa el simple past tense, pero el significado no se refiere al pasado.· If I had money now , I would supply many things to myself.b. No emplees el uso del auxiliar Would en el If Clause en present unreal conditional sentences.· If I bought some flowers to Mary , she would be happy.NOT: If I would buy .......c. Emplea el Were para todas las personas cuando el verbo en el If Clause esta en forma básica ( be).· If I were a king , I would contribute in many charity associations in all the world.En el habla informal americana, algunas veces escucharas decir Was en el If Clause. Sin embargo en el habla formal esincorrecto. Present unreal conditional (2)1. Utiliza el Wish sequido del verbo en simple past tense al mencionar cosas que desearías que fueran realidad ahora, peroque no lo son.· I wish I lived in a beach house.( I don´t live in a beach house, but I want to live in one)· I wish I visited a sightseeing place this summer.Nota:a. Después del Wish ,Were es empleado en lugar de Was. El uso del That después del Wish es opcional.Ejemplo:· I wish (that) I were younger again.
  2. 2. NOT: I wish I was ......b. Usa Could o Would despues del Wish. Excepto: Can o Will.· I wish I could cook so well.NOT: I wish I can.....· I wish he would hand in the report tomorrow.NOT: I wish he will.....Present Unreal ConditionalsPresent unreal conditionals indicate a situation which is only imagined or in some-ones mind. Forinstance:I wish I had a pony.If I had a pony, I would ride it every day.(I dont really have a pony.)(I imagine what I would do.) To form presentunreal conditionals, use past tense in the if clause and would + verb in the main clause.A: What would you do if you had a million dollars?B: If I had a million dollars, I would invest it in the stock market.A: What would you do if you didnt have to come to school today?B: If I didnt have to come to school, I would go to the amusement park.For present unreal conditionals, it is common to use were in place of all forms of ?be? in the ifclause (regardless of the subject).If I were you, I would get a lawyer.If I were a lawyer, I would not charge you.If she were a lawyer, Sheila would be rich.Sometimes could can be used in place of would in the main clause:If I had more free time, I could travel around the world. Id like to have more money to buy all I want. [NO ANSWER] I WISH I HAD MOREMONEY TO BUY ALL I WANT.2. Id like you to be more talkative. [NO ANSWER] I WISH YOU WERE MORETALKATIVE.3. Its a pity that the weather is so cold. [NO ANSWER] I WISH THE WEATHERWERE WARMER.4. I cant play football. [NO ANSWER] I WISH I COULD PLAY FOOTBALL5. Dont be so conceited about your achievement. [NO ANSWER] I WISH YOUWERE NOT SO CONCEITED ABOUT YOUR ACHIEVEMENT.6. Youre far too jealous of her success! [NO ANSWER] I WISH YOU WERE LESSJEALOUS OF HER SUCCESS!7. Its a pity these kids are so shy. [NO ANSWER] I WISH THESE KIDS WERE NOTSO SHY.8. Its a pity the winter holidays are so short. [NO ANSWER] I WISH THE WINTERHOLIDAYS WERE LONGER.9. Its a pity these vegetables are so bad. [NO ANSWER] I WISH THESEVEGETABLES WERE BETTER.10. Its a pity your uncle couldnt come with us. [NO ANSWER] I WISH YOURUNCLE COULD HAVE COME WITH US. Expressing a wish or a regretUse of I wish / if only:There are three distinct types of I wish / if only sentences: 1. Wish, wanting change for the present or future with the simple past.
  3. 3. 2. Regret with the past perfect. 3. Complaints with would + verb.Expressing a wish:Form:If only / I wish + simple pastExample:If only I knew how to use a computer. (I don’t know how to use a computer and I would liketo learn how to use it)Use: • To express a wish in the present or in the future. • The simple past here is an unreal past. • When you use the verb to be the form is “were”. Example: I wish I were a millionaire!Expressing regret:Form:If only / I wish + past perfectExample:If only I had woken up early. (I didn’t wake up early and I missed my bus.)Use: • To express a regret. • The action is past.Complaining:Form:I wish / if only + would + verbExample:I wish you wouldnt arrive so late all the time (Im annoyed because you always come late andI want you to arrive on time)Use: • To complain about a behaviour that you disapprove. • Expressing impatience, annoyance or dissatisfaction with a present action