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Teaching Generation Y


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Provoke discussion. Enagage viewers. Discuss impact & challenges of technology in teaching and learning today.

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Teaching Generation Y

  2. where am I? who am I? Alex Miller / Spinner Mills e-Learning Support Officer
  3. Where have all the students gone? Ask yourself….
  4. Who are Generation X & Y?
  5. What are their characteristics?
  6. How were they brought up?
  7. Where have they come from?
  8. How might this affect their approach to learning?
  9. What are their tools?
  10. Where do they communicate?
  11. How do they network?
  12. Where do they network?
  13. How do they learn?
  14. Where do they research?
  15. About 21 million teens use the Internet and half of them say they go online every day
  16. 97% of girls 15-17 have used instant messaging
  17. 81% of teens play games online, which is 52% higher than 4 years ago
  18. What makes games so engaging? Engrossing Problem Solving Collaboration Feedback Strategic Thinking Fun
  19. 76% of online teens get news online, 38% higher than 4 years ago
  20. Welcome to generation myspace. Education2.0 - social networking
  21. How do you teach?
  22. How do you engage them?
  23. What tools do you use?
  24. What tools can you use?
  25. Do you encourage them to innovate and create?
  26. e-Learning has the power to transform teaching and learning
  27. You have the power to give them the skills and tools to work in the 21st century
  28. Teach them how to find, make sense of, and use relevant information
  29. Give them the ability to find and use information with critical discrimination in order to build knowledge.
  30. You can help them understand the power of images and sounds
  31. Help them recognize and use that power, to manipulate and transform digital media.
  32. learn together, network together, grow together