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Keep calm and carry on


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Presentation by Francine Millard to Scottish Working Group on Official Papers on Medical History of British India digitisation project

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Keep calm and carry on

  1. 1. Keep Calm and Carry On : managing a digitisation project Francine Millard, Digitisation Manager for the Medical History of British India Project, National Library of Scotland
  2. 2. Medical History of British India Project 2005 - 44 volumes 2007 – 126 further volumes 2008 -135 Veterinary volumes 2009- 46 Lunatic Asylum volumes 2011 – Vaccination reports
  3. 3. The P word NLS outsourced microfilming and digitisation Full competitive tendering Preservation standards required
  4. 4. Logistics Organise tracking for each book/batch Batch workflows useful
  5. 5. Doing the work Timings – 6 weeks per 4,000 pages Time allowed for metadata and preparation of material and paperwork
  6. 6. Care of library material
  7. 7. Champion of metadata! Digital Object Database – DOD Granularity Thesaurus for Graphic Materials (TGM) and Arts and Architecture Thesaurus (AAT)
  8. 8. Quality assurance Checking that standards are met Identifying re- work Match image to unique DOD number
  9. 9. Optical Character Recognition Pdf and htm file produced for each tif image Text-backed pdfs fully searchable Use ftp to send and receive files
  10. 10. Research and promotion
  11. 11. Research and promotion Supervision of students Discover NLS article Text for web feature
  12. 12. A unique job Deadlines deadline and more deadlines! Variety of tasks Expertise from colleagues
  13. 13. A world of sex, drugs and disease Dusty dull records on the outside Juicy tales and anecdotes on the inside
  14. 14. Medical personnel
  15. 15. The Bowel Gang
  16. 16. Bones and boils
  17. 17. 19th Century lunatic asylums
  18. 18. Rules and rum barrels
  19. 19. Disease and colonial medicine
  20. 20. Links http://www.publiccontractsscotland.