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Palencia club

  1. 1. Florida's First First Coast ofof Golf Florida's Coast Golf Florida's First Coast Florida's FirstCoast of Golf of Golf The Palencia Club
  2. 2. Your Membership Dues of $2,069 are part of a $1.84 Million co-op Marketing Plan The Palencia Club Booking Initiatives Stay and Play booking capabilities on FFCG's website Book "rounds only" capabilities on FFCG's website Net Rate sharing with FFCG's 10 Preferred Tour Operators for booking stay and play packages. The Palencia Club's stay and play packages listed on the Visit Florida "Hot Deals" page, (rotating basis).
  3. 3. Membership Enhancement Programs Florida's First Coast of Golf's "Specials Program" 16 Consumer Golf Shows Golf Package Link added to your website Social Media announcements Co-op marketing campaign
  4. 4. Advertising & Marketing New Website with SEO Strategy Digital Marketing Campaign Paid Search Email Marketing Campaign To FFCG list of 51,000 To dedicated targeted lists Print Campaign Golf Golf Digest Promotions Jaguars Mich Ultra Sports Illustrated TV/PR PLAYERS Campaign The China Travel Channel
  5. 5. The Palencia Club Digital Marketing through FFCG Florida's First Coast of Golf's Web page Florida's First Coast of Golf's e-vacation brochure Florida's First Coast of Golf's Email Blast GolfSwitch October 2012, FFCG June & August 2013
  6. 6. Dad's A Golf Star - Results Cincinnati, Ohio 103.5 FM Classic Hits 121 recorded promos 71 live liners 191 streaming recorded promos 15 live promotional giveaway lines 30 social media post(Facebook/Twitter) 2 email blasts logo & image on logo inclusion on digital homepage banner Total Media Value: $222,550 Impressions: 1,055,259
  7. 7. Print Applications Co-Op Promotio
  8. 8. Visit Florida's Golf Publication
  9. 9. Sports Illustrated Sweepstake s 2 million circulation 26,723 entries
  10. 10. International Efforts
  11. 11. THE PLAYERS TV Spot Video was not exported from SlideRocket Post Buy $39,479.36 purchased, final buy came in at $37,238.54 or a 6.1% savings. 204 spots purchased, 252 aired. 19% in bonus spots. 3% increase over planned GRPs Purchased Schedule for Each Market
  12. 12. Public Relations Intern Implement Florida's First Coast of Golf's Web Based PR Strategy Outgoing individual who enjoys meeting new people Produce footage & pictures to be blogged about on FFCG's website (lodging, courses, & interviews) Footage to be placed on selected FFCG social networking accounts such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. Intern will be responsible for - Scheduling, Interviewing and shooting video of each FFCG's Golf members and member Golf Schools along with obtaining on-course interviews with traveling golf vacationers.
  13. 13. In Closing Florida's First Coast of Golf is the Trusted Source for Golf Travel Planning