District reading plan take 2


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District reading plan take 2

  1. 1. Flagler County Reading Plan 2010-2011 Presented & Paraphrased By Reading Coach
  2. 2. Why the Plan • State of Florida DOE mandates each year for all 67 counties to submit a plan • The plan consists of District, School, Professional Development, Elementary, Middle, & High School • The plans are comprehensive research based plans • Our district contact is Denise Haymes for DOE and reading curriculum K-12 is Tammy Yorke for fidelity • Plan can be viewed at https://app1.fldoe.org/Reading_Plans/
  3. 3. District • Increasing by a minimum of 2% annually the # of all students scoring at level 3 or above until state averages are met • Increasing by a minimum of 2% annually the number of students scoring at level 3 or above in those AYP cells that have not met the target percentages
  4. 4. District • District Fidelity Checks are done by: • A or B rated schools annual (ITMS) • C rated or new schools will have biannual • D or F schools 3 times per year • FAIR: 3 times a yr. K-6 all students tested. • FAIR: 6-10 level 1, 2 , 3 only in reading
  5. 5. ITMS • All level 1 & 2 students on FCAT will have a reading intervention class • Disfluent students determined by various data sources must have at least 90 minutes uninterrupted block • Reading class lesson plans, 5 areas of reading, differentiated instruction including ELL/ESE • All level 3 students on FCAT do not have a reading class • Reading strategies will be provided in content area classes (FRI,Learning Focused, Thinking Maps) • LA teachers will progress monitor through classroom assessments and Focus Achieve tests
  6. 6. Reading CIRP • Non Disfluent level 1 or 2 • Comprehension & Vocab • 5 areas of reading • Student Inquiry • Technology based Expert 21 • Disfluent Level 1 or 2 • Fluency is addressed • 5 areas of reading • Teacher directed • Whole/Small group Voyager • Self Contained ESE • Direct Instruction • Non Phonemic • Technology Based • Independent Work Failure Free Reading
  7. 7. ITMS Admin • For fidelity, admin should conduct walkthroughs in all content classes • Walkthroughs are based on Just Read Florida/NEFEC checklists • Feedback should be given in 50% of CWT through one on one verbal, informal notes, or formal admin meetings Strategies Intensive Content SIP Needs Goals Data Analysis FCAT FAIR
  8. 8. District Plan • During the school year on going progress monitoring for each school is evaluated by district • District and school administration reevaluate school plans to ensure district plans are followed • School Administration will meet with Reading Coach to address any needs or concerns after district checks • School Administration will address individual teacher professional development with teachers utilizing IPDP and classroom data. Reading coach will provide additional support.
  9. 9. Any Questions Email Reading Coach See the Full Version of Plan: https://app1.fldoe.org/Reading_Plans/