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I attended the Behance 99% Conference in May of 2012. It was a very inspirational and fascinating experience. These slides capture some of my impressions, as well as some direct quotes from conference speakers.

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99% Conference 2012

  1. 1. Bēhance 99% Conference May 2012 Chris Walker
  2. 2. 1% inspiration, and 99% perspirationThe goal of the 99% is to shift the focus from idea generation to idea execution.
  3. 3. IDEO Workshop Human-Centered Design ProcessAbout IDEOIDEO is a global innovation anddesign consulting firm that uses ahuman-centered, design-basedapproach to help organizations inthe business, government,education, healthcare, and socialsectors innovate and grow. TheNew York studio is located in theheart of Soho and is home to morethan 40 talented IDEOers across awide range of creative disciplines aswell as one very well-worn foosballtable.
  4. 4. As early as possible, begin creating prototypes
  5. 5. Use Color & Form to Attract Attention
  6. 6. • Test Early• Fail Often• Succeed Early
  7. 7. For Experience Design…Create Experience Prototypes or Spatial Walk-ThroughsMove from prototype-driven specs to spec-driven prototypes
  8. 8. What We LearnedPrototyping takes you to unexpected placesRogue Teams Add Value“Fly, Crash, and Fly Again”
  9. 9. Conference Speakers
  10. 10. Rilla Alexander• Capture Your Ideas to Minimize Distraction• Chunk Everything Way Down• Rework Ideas
  11. 11. Josh Rubin Cool Hunting“There are no new ideas, just great executions”
  12. 12. Jonah LehrerAuthor,Imagine: How Creativity Works• Answers come at unexpected times• They arrive associated with feeling of certainty• Epiphanies are romantic, but they are always followed by periods of concentrated work
  13. 13. CompoundRemoteAssociationProblems
  14. 14. Compound Remote Association Problems Example: pine, crab, sauceQuestion: what word can form a familiar compoundword or phrase with the each of these words?Solution: apple(pineapple, crabapple, applesauce)
  15. 15. Alpha Relaxation EpiphanyWaves
  16. 16. “Creativity is the residueof wasted time.”-- Albert Einstein
  17. 17. Grit • Stubborn • Persistent • Single-minded • Does not quit
  18. 18. Angela Duckworth, Grit Surveyhttp://www.sas.upenn.edu/~duckwort/images/12-item%20Grit%20Scale.05312011.pdf
  19. 19. 45 years is the averagelifespan for a Fortune 100company
  20. 20. Cities, on the other hand, never die
  21. 21. Human Productivity Increases with Urbanization• Companies become LESS productive as they grow• Cities do not try to micromanage productivity; they are chaotic• Companies stifle creativity• When in doubt, emulate the city
  22. 22. Teresa AmabileHarvard Business SchoolWhat do George Patton, Oprah Winfrey, Edward Weston and Andy Warhol have in common?
  23. 23. Answer: Diaries• Write about a problem• Think Broadly• Keep a diary BECAUSE you are busy
  24. 24. What Keeps People Happy at Work? Creativity Positive Inner Work Life Productivity
  25. 25. Psychological Literature Defines Diary Benefits:• Celebrate small wins• Plan next steps• Nurture personal growth (spot patterns)• Cultivate patience
  26. 26. Keep a Diary!How to: Content:• Start small • Progress vs. Setbacks• Appoint a specific time • Crystal moments• Create a reminder • Hassles and Horrors• Find your medium (get them off your chest)• Start by refreshing and then • Plan one progress catalyst reflect for tomorrow• Use ANY format
  27. 27. Keith YamashitaKY PartnersMost of their work is secret, but KY Partners performed rebranding for IBM and Starbucks
  28. 28. Greatness is Usually Achieved by Ensembles• Need to create an environment where people can be their best selves• Great teams work hard at it• They cultivate specific habits• Each person should develop their own unique way of getting unstuck
  29. 29. Habits of Great Teams• Each one knows their superpower• Purpose• Forces• Bold Moves (focus on most important)• Outcomes• Reframing (resiliency)• Trust starts with duos• Build belief in others
  30. 30. Capitalize On ForcesWhere do yousee possibility? Waste Flow Communication Switch Lenses! Time Belonging
  31. 31. Duos• Smallest atomic unit of trust• Who are the top ten duos in your life?• You can respond with love or with fear• Respond with love BEFORE it is safe to do so
  32. 32. Once you know your superpower, your job is to stay in it all the timeThis is the best thing for you and your teamLive your superpower for a week
  33. 33. Master Class:Learning ToEmbrace Risk& Take ActionQuicklyCharlie Todd is thefounder of ImprovEverywhere, as wellas a teacher andperformer of improvcomedy at theUpright CitizensBrigade Theatre.Since 2001, ImprovEverywhere hasexecuted over 100missions involvingthousands ofundercover agents,including the GrandCentral Freeze andthe infamous NoPants! Subway Ride.Their videos havereceived over 225million views online.
  34. 34. “Yes, And…”
  35. 35. Piya SorcarTeachAIDS.org Popular wisdom, “the perfect is the enemy of the good,” is wrong; quality matters
  36. 36. Discomfort Limits Learning2D, Disney-style animations offer the most comfort
  37. 37. Principles• Quality materials• Deliver content in native language – Translations are riddled with mistakes – Use translation and then back translation – Back translators have never seen original – Reiterate over and over, until it comes out “clean”• Balance attention span and completeness – 20-24 minutes is ideal lesson timing
  38. 38. Business Processes Need To Be Rigorous• What is the core of success?• Strive for Quality in ALL aspects• Use data whenever possible
  39. 39. Jonathan AdlerJonathan Adler Optimism and Irreverence
  40. 40. Panel DiscussionNeil Blumenthal Jennifer HymanWarby Parker Rent the Runway
  41. 41. Customer Experience• Everyone is starved for TIME• Create MEMORIES!!! Memorability drives loyalty• Make them feel better about themselves• Provide Customer Experience Training for EVERYONE
  42. 42. Understand Your Customer• What is most important?• What is their hierarchy of priorities?• What makes their life easier?• How do you CONTINUE to inspire confidence
  43. 43. Brand• What will you deliver without fail, every time?• Brand reassures customers that they will get what they expect• Customers are thinking, “What does my association with this brand say about me?”
  44. 44. Some HR Learnings• Hire slow, fire fast “better to have a hole than an a-hole”• Interview questions should assess alignment with core values• Everyone gets trained in all aspects of the operation• “All hands on deck” can re-energize a team
  45. 45. What Do You Deliver? dreams commodities
  46. 46. Glue:Customers Upload Their Experiences – Warby Parker: Customers upload images of themselves trying on eyeglass frames, asking others to tell them which frames best suits them – Rent the Runway: Customers upload stories of their special evening
  47. 47. When Customers Complain• Remember, vulnerability promotes trust• Treat negative situations with honesty
  48. 48. Jason Goldberg Fab.comIf you can’t figure something out in a year, throw it away and start something else.There are loads of business problems out there worth solving.
  49. 49. Jason GoldbergFab.com“Know your superpower, and do the one thing you are best at.”
  50. 50. Paula Scher Pentagram“Things have a life of their own”
  51. 51. Change in MOMA Reporting StructureMade Successful (Unified) Design PossibleBefore After
  52. 52. Art Designhas no purpose has a purpose
  53. 53. Tony Fadell Nest ThermostatSource of Creativity = What frustrates you about the world?
  54. 54. Challenge yourself• CONSTRAINTS are the engine for good design• Be curious about how things work• Prototype in detail the DIFFERENTIATION you are trying to change• If you are not having doubt, either you are not differentiating enough, or you are not looking hard enough at the details
  55. 55. The hard piece of the puzzle is the USER EXPERIENCE
  56. 56. Vision Is Good, But Set Near-Term Milestones• Team must understand where you are going• Opinions: leader makes decision, and can articulate why• Data!• Keep everyone learning why things succeed or fail – Ship – Learn – Acknowledge
  57. 57. James Victore“In the particular lies the universal”
  58. 58. I Don’t Work For Money; I Work To Do Good Things• Your work is a gift, give it to them!• If there is something you need from the client, always ASK FOR IT!• Infuse humor, sex appeal, memorability
  59. 59. Baratunde Thurstonhttp://www.jackandjillpolitics.com/How to Be Black“Just because you’re using tools, doesn’t mean you’re building things.”
  60. 60. APPENDIX
  61. 61. Links• Speakers http://the99percent.com/conference/speaker s?url=conference-2012• Coverage http://the99percent.com/conference/coverag e?url=conference-2012
  62. 62. Timeline
  63. 63. Presenter’s Monitor