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Power point


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Power point

  1. 1. Minority/and or low-income students are in capable oflearning Chemistry
  2. 2. Arent we all in society capable oflearning chemistry?
  3. 3. The argumentMinority/and or low-income students areincapable of learning chemistryShould a student ability to learn be based ontheir income or where they stand in society ismy question?
  4. 4. Why argue against?• I argued against the topic because its anopinion not a fact• Who says minority low-income studentscouldn’t learn the subject of chemistry• Anyone could learn the subject chemistrydespite race and income
  5. 5. Breaking it Down• Minority - A group having little power orrepresentation relative to other groups withina society.• Chemistry - The science of the composition,structure, properties, and reactions of matter,especially of atomic and molecular systems.• Low-income- Of or relating to individuals orhouseholds supported by an income that isbelow average.
  6. 6. My resources for writing this essay• I used internet resources to write my essay sothat I could have facts to back up my opinionon whether or not minority low-incomestudents are capable of learning chemistry.
  7. 7. Work Cited• works citedAmerican Council On Education , "Minorities in Higher Education:Twenty-Fourth Status Report 2010" ,,01 October , 2010. web. 22 June 2013<>Alger E. Vicki , "Florida Sets Lower Academic Standards For SomeMinority Students". Independent Womens Forum. 16 October2012. web. 22 June 2013 <,Thomas. "The Education O Minority Children" , Tsowell.Web. 22 June 2013, <>• Low-income- Of or relating to individuals or households supportedby an income that is below average
  8. 8. Does one have to be a genius to learnchemistry?• The answer is NO. In order to make good anduseful contributions to chemistry, one doesneed to work hard, learn one’s field well, learnother fields and tools, ask questions, talk toyour chemistry teacher, and think about the“big picture”. And yes, a reasonable amount ofintelligence, patience, and maturity is alsorequired.
  9. 9. The capability of ones individualslearning• Students must be motivated and willing tolearn such a subject as chemistry• Its up to the individual to take charge andlearning the subject anyone has the capabilityof learning anything• Individuals must have goals and mind sets forone to achieve accomplishing learning thesubject of chemistry
  10. 10. To conclude my points• Race nor money has nothing to do with onesability to learn the subject chemistry or anysubject for that matter• Learning has to do with the individual
  11. 11. Anyone is capable of learningchemistry despite minority and lowlow-income