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M.Syarifudin, ST, OSCP, OSWP
M.Syarifudin, ST, OSCP, OSWP Information Security Trainer
By : Syarif
Cybercrime Investigation Center Mabes Polri
Jakarta, 28 Januari 2012
About Pentest ( Penetration Testing )
Pentest Phase
How Important do Information Gathering
Passive & Active Information Gathering
Google Hack
About Pentest ( Penetration Testing )
A method to evaluate the security of computer system / network
Practice ( attacking ) an IT System like a ‘hacker’ do
Find a security holes ( systemic weaknesses )
By pass security mechanism
compromise an Organization’s IT System Security
Must have a permission from IT System owner
~ The Person is called a Pentester ~
Pentest Phase
Information Gathering
Vulnerability Analysis
Post Exploitation
How Important do Information Gath.
Information Gath. Chance of Successful attack~
Passive & Active Information Gathering
Passive Information Gathering Active Information Gathering
Google Hacking
Port Scanning
Service Scanning
Google Hack
was introduced by Johnny Long
based on google basic usage information :http://!
More :
Google Hack ( cont’d )
Google basic search help
Google Hack ( cont’d )
Operators and More Search help
Google Hack ( cont’d )
Examples :
Google Hack ( cont’d )
Examples :
Google Hack ( cont’d )
Examples :
Google Hack ( cont’d )
Other Examples :
Google Hack ( cont’d )
Other Examples :
Google Hack ( cont’d )
More Examples :
an Internet monitoring company based on England
OS detection
web server
Netcraft ( cont’d )
Metasploit The Penetration Tester’s Guide : David
Kennedy , Jim O’Gorman, Devon Kearns, Mati
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