Francine LeClercq was born in Belfort,France in 1966. She completed her educa-tion in interior architecture and fine arts ...
Biography and Selected Exhibitions                  Awards, Selected Reviews and Publications                             ...
Biography and Selected Exhibitions                      Awards, Selected Reviews and Publications                         ...
Biography and Selected Exhibitions                        Awards, Selected Reviews and Publications                       ...
Biography and Selected Exhibitions                  Awards, Selected Reviews and Publications                             ...
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Francine LeClercq/Art Bio


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Exhibitions, honors & publications

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Francine LeClercq/Art Bio

  1. 1. Francine LeClercq was born in Belfort,France in 1966. She completed her educa-tion in interior architecture and fine arts withhonors from the School of Decorative Artsin Strasbourg/ France. Recipient of the Rit-leng Prize, she was invited to collaborate onworks with the International architect/artist/designer Gaetano Pesce in New York City.FRANCINE LECLERCQShe has had the privilege to see her work se- “There is no white picture. And there is no old picture. It is always a ques-lected in juried competitions by eminent cu- tion of current experience and current perception.”rators such as Peter Blum/Peter Blum Gallery, Rainer Borgemeister on Rémy ZauggJames Cuno/Art Institute Chicago, Lynne War-ren/ Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art ofChicago, and Maxwell Anderson / Whitney Exploration of the process of painting and the “idea of painting” with a deeper focus on the complementary dialogue between materiality, con-Museum, to mention a few. Museum exhibi-tions include The McCormick Freedom Mu-seum (Chicago/IL), The Holter Museum of Art tent, the space of the exhibition, perceptual process and encounter with(Montana), The Allentown Art Museum (Allen- the, PA), The Islip Art Museum (Islip, NY).Her work has been reviewed in The Star-Ledger, Displacement, sequences, stratification, viscosity, morphological and se-The Chicago Sun-Times, The Chicago Tribune, mantic registers, curatorial and historical operations, are the elements with which I explore these notions.The Allentown Morning Call, The Easton PA Ex-press Times, The New York Times, The New YorkTimes Weschester, The Boston Sunday Globe,Octogon International Magazine , AmericanStyle Magazine, Interior Design Magazine,Arhitext International Magazine, Azimuts andthe Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace ( DNA ). Sherecently won the 5th round of the Saatchi onlinecompetition “Showdown”and was invited toshow in the new Saatchi galleries in London.She has lived in New York City since 1992, whereaside from art, she practices architecture anddesign. “Last Supper Untitled”, fragment #1-6, 2007Websites:http://Francineleclercq.blogspot.com 1
  2. 2. Biography and Selected Exhibitions Awards, Selected Reviews and Publications 1966 Born in Belfort (90), France 1984-89 1983 School of Decorative Arts Strasbourg, France 3rd prize of drawing, 8th Festival of Painting and Sculpture Centre Culturel Belfort, France 1984 3rd prize of painting, 9th Festival of Painting and In-Out,1993 Sculpture Centre Culturel Belfort, France . Review: Le Pays [Oct.] 21 1986 2nd prize of painting, 11th Festival of Painting and Sculpture Centre Culturel Belfort, France. Review: Le Pays, [Nov.] 18 1989 1989 Bachelor of Interior Architecture Ritleng Prize (1st prize Thesis) Master of Fine Arts Elizabeth Kiel Lamic: “Francine Leclercq, entre peinture Les diplômes s’exposent et architecture” Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace (DNA) Centre d’Expositions du Wacken, Strasbourg France [June] Invitation card, “opening” 1999 Soho2o Gallery NYC 1996 Happy Returns Soho20 Gallery, New York 1997 Diversions Soho20 Gallery, New York Looking Ahead.. Glancing Back Muse Gallery, Philadelphia 1998 Random Access Realities The Art Building, New York Entr’acte Soho20 Gallery, New YorkInstallation view, “opening” 1999 Soho2o Gallery NYC 1999 1999 Francine LeClercq: Opening [solo exhibition] Award of Excellence, Manhattan Arts International Soho20 Galleries I & II, New York 2000 2000 Untitled, a group show Winning selection from the 27th juried show, Allen- Soho20 Gallery, New York town Art Museum 27th Juried Show Ali Soltani: “An Odyssey”, Octagon International Allentown Art Museum, Allentown PA #3/2000 p.25, 26, 27 Juror: Judith Tannebaum/Institute of Contemporary Art, PA 2001 2001 Thrown Together Soho20 Gallery, New York Invitation card, “Paintings” 2003 Soho2o Gallery NYC Small Works Washington Square East Galleries, New York Juror: Peter Blum/ Peter Blum Gallery NY International Octogon Exhibition Romanian Cultural Center, New York Breaking the Rules Review: Breaking the Rules Katonah Art Museum, Katonah NY Dominick Lombardi “Exploring the gamut of contempo- Juror: Eugenie Tsai/ Brooklyn Museum NY rary art”, New York Times Weschester 06/17/01 National Prize Show Review: National Prize Show Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge MA Cate McQuaid , Boston Sunday Globe 07/08/01 Juror: Maxwell Anderson/ Whitney Museum NYInstallation view, “Paintings” 2003 Soho2o Gallery NYC 2
  3. 3. Biography and Selected Exhibitions Awards, Selected Reviews and Publications 2001 Ready or Not Soho20/Chelsea Gallery, New York 2002 2002 Ten Contemporary Artists, 5 x 2 part II Review : Ten Contemporary Artists, Part II“Cézanne’s Tablecloth”, Stilled life/Islip Art Museum 2006 Allentown Art Museum, Allentown PA Geoff Gehman “Works unnerving to nervous pace at museum show”, The Allentown Morning Call. Post This, An Art Critic Choice 12/06/01. Studio Gallery, Washington DC Juror: Michael O’Sullivan/ Art critic Washington Post Review : Ten Contemporary Artists, Part II Kenneth Endick “Contemporary art inspires contempla- New/ New Old, Evolution, Conceptual Links tion”, Easton PA Express Times. 01/11/02 Soho20/Chelsea, New York 2003 2003 Red Ali Soltani “The Painting and the Gorgon, a reading Gallery 218, Milwaukee WI onto the work of Francine Leclercq” Arhitext International #9 Francine LeClercq: Paintings [solo exhibition] Soho20/Chelsea Gallery, New York Xpo Spring Proda Studios, DUMBO NY The carriage House, Islaip Museum- proposal 2004 2004 Ascent, (AIS annual exhibit) Dr. Livio G. Dimitriu: “The Unbearable Lightness of Local Project Gallery Queens Tectonics”, Arhitext International [Oct.] Curated by Byron Kim Ali Soltani “ The [Un (for) seeable] Paintings of Fran- Outside the box cine LeClercq” Arhitext International [Nov.] Robert Schonhorn Arts Center, NJ Juror: Tim HildeBrandt, Gary Snyder 1st Prize, Anna 33 National Juried Exhibition Juror: Larry Thomas /San Francisco Art Institute Anna 33 The Holter Museum of Art, MT 2005 2005 Public process for public architecture 3rd Prize McCormick Freedom Museum International Chicago Architecture Foundation, IL Competition for a “signature” Art Piece Jurors: James Cuno/Art Institute Chicago, Susan McCormick Freedom Art Competition Fisher Sterling/National Museum Women in the Arts “Drawing Stage”, CWOW 2006 McCormick Freedom Museum, Chicago IL Charles Storch “ Finalists named for sculpture at Tribune Small Works Tower Museum” Chicago Tribune 04/2005 Soho20Chelsea Gallery, New York Lara Allison “ Exhibit showcases monumental debates” Chicago Tribune 04/2005 New Directions ‘05 Charles Storch “ Bill of Rights inspires artwork” Chi- Barrett Art Center NY cago Tribune 07/2005 Juror: Steven Evans / Dia Foundation Beacon 3rd Prize Chicago Prize International Competition: Water Tanks, The Chicago Prize Competition Water Tanks Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago IL Jurors: Thom Mayne (Pritzler price architecture 2005), Martha Thorne Assistant Curator, Art Institute of Chi- cago, Lynne Warren Curator, Museum of Contempo- rary Art, Chicago Blair Kamin “ World’s designers aim at tanks” Chicago Tribune 10/27/2005 Nano Paintings, 2007, Soho2o Gallery NYC Kevin Nance “ Idea for city’s water tanks generates award” Chicago Sun-Times 10/27/2005 Blair Kamin “ Invention can be a double-edged sword” Chicago Tribune 10/30/2005 Nancy Maes “ Can water tanks be art” Chicago Tribune 11/04/2005 2006 2006 Ideas, Images, structures Benjamin Genocchio, “ Objects at Rest” Review: Soho20Chelsea Gallery, New York “Stilled Life”/Islip Museum, The New York Times 07/22/2006 Stilled Life Islip Art Museum, NY Drawing Stage, Exhibition Catalogue CWOW, Intro- Juror: Daria Brit Shapiro, historian duction by Carmen E. Ramos [Oct.] Drawing Stage Dan Bischoff, “ Make Room for Drawings” Review: CWOW (City Without Walls) Newark, NJ “Drawing stage CWOW Newark, The Star-Ledger Juror: Carmen E. Ramos/New Jersey Art Museum 09/22/2006 “In Memoriam” 2006 3
  4. 4. Biography and Selected Exhibitions Awards, Selected Reviews and Publications 2007 2007 Access: A feminist perspective “ Access: A feminist perspective” Exhibition Catalogue, Rhonda Schaller Studio, New York Blue Pearl Press, Jan. 2007 Francine LeClercq: mise en [s]cène (Solo Exhibition) Patrick Mimran Billboard Project Competition, Chelsea Soho20 Chelsea Gallery, New York Honorable mention, Metro25, CWOW NJ Metro25 Juror: Heather Darcy (Mixed Greens), Erin Donnely“Last Supper Untitled”, fragment #1-6, 2007 CWOW (City Without Walls) Newak, NJ (Lower Manhattan Cultural Council), Carlo McCor- mick (Paper Magazine) Small Works (Benefit) Soho20Chelsea Gallery, New York Dan Bischoff, “Working small but thinking big” Review: “Metro25” CWOW Newark, The Star-Ledger Postcards on the Edge, (Benefit) 11/30/2007 James Cohan Gallery, New York Winner Round #5 Second Showdown Night of 1.000 Drawings (Benefit) Saatchi Online Gallery, London UK Artists Space, New York Francine LeClercq, mise en [s]cène, Exhibition cata- PAWNSHOP, e-flux, New York logue 32 pages, with text by Ali Soltani “Ghost in the Project by Julieta Aranda, Liz Linden and Anton Machine” LuLu publications Vidokle “mise en [s]cène” fragment #7, 2007 2008 Metro25, (traveling exhibition): [April ]: Monmouth County Library, Manalapan NJ [June]: Johnson Public Library, Hackensack NJ [July- Sept.]: B. Beamsderfer Gallery, Highland park NJ [Sept-Oct]: Ramapo College, Mahwah, NJ Circulation Gallery Kunstler, Rochester NY The Hague Red Cross Exhibition, Nuithus Centre, The Hague, Netherlands 2008 (Auction by Christie’s) Jury 2nd Award, The Hague Red Cross Exhibition, Nuithus Centre, The Hague, Netherlands Postcards on the Edge, (Benefit) Metro Pictures, New York Art Interview, Honorable mention, 11th International online competition “mise en [s]cène” fragment #8, 2007 Merry Go Round, Soho20Chelsea Gallery, New York Francine LeClercq, The Painting and The Gorgon, Make Me An Offer, Gallery 350, The Illinois Institute Exhibition catalogue 36 pages, with text by Ali Soltani of Art, Chicago IL LuLu publications Curated by Lindsay Grace and Lu Rosenheim 2009 Image & Word, TAC (The Art Center) Highland Park, IL Juror: Renee Hansen/ Editor of South Loop Review City Arts, (Benefit Auction) Sotheby’s, New York Invitation card , e-flux Pawnshop, 2007 Francine LeClercq: [3:2] (Solo Exhibition) Soho20 Chelsea Gallery, New York Deborah Baldwin, Artists In Residence , Habitats, The New York Times, 11/16/2008 2009 2010 Valentine Robert,Quand le film raconte l’image. The Dinner Table and Feminist Influences, Curated by Variations cinématographiques autour de La Cène de Anna Lise Jensen (tART) @ AIR Gallery, New York Léonard de Vinci, Cahiers de Narratologie, Lausane University, Switzerland/2009 Between the Lines, Annual Exhibition, Soho20Chelsea Gallery, New York 2010 Artist Profile: Francine LeClercq, Creative Quaterly 12-11-10 Countdown, Soho20Chelsea gallery, NYC #18, pp.21- 71-75, April 2010 Artslant, Second 2010 showcase, online competition [3:2], 2009 Soho2o Gallery NYC Artslant, Fifth 2010 showcase, online competition 4
  5. 5. Biography and Selected Exhibitions Awards, Selected Reviews and Publications 2011 2011 “Viimeinen Ehtoollinen/The Last Supper in Turku Perttu Ollila :“Viimeinen Ehtoollinen/The Last Supper Cathedral: Francine LeClercq, Andy Wahrol, Pauno in Turku Cathedral: Francine LeClercq, Andy Wahrol, Pohjolainen”, Curated by historian Perttu Ollila, Pauno Pohjolainen”, ISBN 978-952-99828-1-3 Turku Cathedral, (Kaarina Parish Union and Turku Publisher:Turku and Kaarina Parish Union, Turku 2011 Foundation 2011), Turku-Finland“Viimeinen ehtoollinen”, Turku Cathedral/finland, 2011 Lasse Raitio: “Neljä tulkintaa viimeisestä ehtoollisesta” (“Four interpretations on The last Supper”), Turun Sano- mat/Finland April 16, 2011“Viimeinen ehtoollinen”, Turku Cathedral/finland, 2011 Maria Thollix: “Warhol i domkyrkan”, Abo Underrat- telser/Finland April 16, 2011 Turku 2011 foundation: “Turku/Abo 2011 Capital of Culture”, catalogue 5