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  • Teachers: This reflection follows the scriptural Way of the Cross, rather than the traditional Stations of the Cross.
  • Figures from Millennium Development Report 2011
  • Sr Kinga died of cancer in 2011, aged 46.
  • Way of-the-cross-presentation

    1. 1. The Wayof the Cross
    2. 2. STATION 1 Jesus in the garden“Could you not stay awake with me one hour?” Matthew 26:40Just like the disciples, we too abandon Christ when we fail tostand in solidarity with people living in poverty.
    3. 3. Holy Spirit, empowerus to stand alongside those who feel theyhave been forgotten.
    4. 4. STATION 2 Jesus betrayed by Judas“What will you give me if I betray him to you?” Matthew 26:15Give us the strength to answer the call to be witnesses toChrist, calling for justice for our global family. Photo: CA
    5. 5. Holy Spirit, empower us to be people ofpromise, loyalty and compassion.
    6. 6. STATION 3 Jesus condemned by the Sanhedrin“All of them condemned him as deserving death.” Mark 14:64Archbishop Romero, inspired by faith, spoke out againstviolence, poverty and injustice. Like Jesus, he gave his life. Photo: Euipo Maiz
    7. 7. Holy Spirit, empowerus to be witnesses toyour love through our defence of the poor.
    8. 8. STATION 4 Jesus denied by Peter“Woman, I do not know him.” Luke 22:57How many times have we failed to see the face of Jesus inour sisters and brothers in the global village?
    9. 9. Holy Spirit, empower us to recognise Jesus present ineveryone and to treat them accordingly.
    10. 10. STATION 5 Jesus condemned by the people“All of them said, „Let him be crucified!‟” Matthew 27:22Communities around the world are battling HIV and AIDS.Have we the courage to end fear through education andbattle prejudice with love?
    11. 11. Holy Spirit, empower us to overcomeprejudice, in our own hearts and in our world.
    12. 12. STATION 6 Jesus scourged and crowned with thornsThe soldiers wove a crown of thorns and put it on his head. John 19:2People displaced by conflict in Mindanao in the Philippinesare helped by Caritas partners to places of safety. How willwe respond to the sufferings of others?
    13. 13. Holy Spirit, empower us to be people ofcourage, brave enough to act with love.
    14. 14. STATION 7 Jesus carries the cross“So they took Jesus… carrying the cross by himself.” John 19:17Every day, refugees seek asylum from oppression and danger,fleeing with only what they can carry - sometimes not even that.
    15. 15. Holy Spirit, empower us to build communities ofwelcome and refuge.
    16. 16. STATION 8 Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus“They compelled a passer-by… to carry his cross.” Mark 15:21Life for Burmese refugees and migrants in Thailand is hard:“Just having enough money to live day to day is difficult.I work every day from 5am, sometimes until 10pm.”
    17. 17. Holy Spirit, empowerus to be witnesses of solidarity, calling forfair conditions for all.
    18. 18. STATION 9 Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem“Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me, but weep foryourselves and for your children.” Luke 23:28Bae Lisa, from the Philippines, is a peace-worker in an areaplagued by conflict. Lord, we pray for women around theworld working for justice, peace and development.
    19. 19. Holy Spirit, empower us to be advocates for the dignity andthe rights of women.
    20. 20. STATION 10 Jesus is crucified“They crucified him with two others, one on either side...” John 19:18Lord, give us the resolve to work for justice for ourIndigenous people. To move beyond mere tolerance andwork toward rights, recognition and reconciliation.
    21. 21. Holy Spirit, empower us to be witnesseswho lead the way inupholding the rights and recognition of Indigenous people.
    22. 22. STATION 11 Jesus speaks to the thief“Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in Paradise.” Luke 23:43Kiribati is suffering from the effects of global warming, andhomes and livelihoods are threatened.
    23. 23. Holy Spirit, empower us to be people of simplicity, integrity and care.
    24. 24. STATION 12 Jesus speaks to his motherWhen Jesus saw his mother and the disciple he loved standing besideher, he said to his mother, „Woman, here is your son.‟ John 19:26In sub-Saharan Africa, one in eight children die before the ageof five. Jesus feels the pain of mothers who lose their children.
    25. 25. Holy Spirit, empower us to challenge the structures and indifference thatpreserve inequality in our world.
    26. 26. STATION 13 Jesus dies on the cross“Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.” Luke 23:46Sr Kinga, a Caritas partner, provided health services inSimbu in the highlands of Papua New Guinea for ten years.She heard the call of the Lord and was faithful to the end.
    27. 27. Holy Spirit, empowerus to live our lives in faithful service.
    28. 28. STATION 14 Jesus is buried“Then he took it down, wrapped it in a linen cloth, and laid it in arock-hewn tomb… Luke 23:53Joseph treated Christ’s body with dignity. So many are nottreated this way. How will I help to uphold human dignity?
    29. 29. Holy Spirit, renew usso that we uphold the dignity of all as children of God.
    30. 30. If you wantpeace, workfor justice.
    31. 31. For further Picture credits:information about Marden Dean Caritas Australia Molly Mullen Themba Madzvimbo please contact: Romy Elufsa Richard Wainwright 1800 024 413 Luis Paz Justine McMahonwww.caritas.org.au Stephanie Lalor Equipo Maiz Caritas Australia Sara A. Fajardo/ CRS