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Pre test on lapg

To check on participants' prior knowledge on the said national assessmnet

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Pre test on lapg

  2. 2. I. WHAT DO THE ACRONYMS MEAN? 1. DTC 2. SH 3. STC 4. RE 5. LRN 6. TM’s 7. AS 8. EH 9. SSH 10.ETRE
  3. 3. DTC? SH? RE? • Indicate whether the task is the responsibility of the DTC, SH or RE. 1. Maintains the security and confidentiality of test materials received from BEA through a courier and issues an Oath of Confidentiality for the SHs on this regard 2. Counts all packs of TBs and ASs before releasing them to the REs; 3. Orients every teacher in his/her respective school on the guidelines and EH relative to the test administration. 4. Keeps custody of all the used and unused TBs but are NOT allowed to read the contents; otherwise, he/she will be given corresponding sanctions based on DECS Order No. 85, s. 1999 5. Supervises closely the shading of bubbles in the Name Grid, LRN and other data/non-test items in the AS;
  4. 4. ANSWERS 1. Division Testing Coordinator 2. School Head 3. School Testing Coordinator 4. Room Examiner 5. Learners Reference Number 6. Test Materials 7. Answer Sheet 8. Examiner’s Handbook 9. Scannable School Header 10.Examiner’s Transmittal Report Envelope
  5. 5. 1. DTC 2. CE 3. CE 4. RE 5. RE