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Shortterm XP Guide


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Shortterm XP Guide

  1. 1. Short term AIESEC experience –TMU 08.09 Initiative SHORT TERM @XP S Key observations: 1.Intensity is not related with the duration hort 2.How short, long, intense and life changing is the AIESEC xp term AIESEC depends on the individual 3.We need to even promote short experience term @xp, so that people will Introduction: Background/ need of this to happen: • We need to send more of our members and more students on X • Way to ensure our EPs go through a complete AIESEC xp • Relevance for many AP, MENA, IGN cys where working for an NGO is not an option: not direct contribution to family income • Bologna process for European cys • Competitive market where students can have many different options • Increase fast our impact • Host larger membership backgro background • There are more and more country co operations around specific accounts or projects co-operations • The entity is not achieving the LC goals and a different approach is required; so there is a need for fast movement of the members or of new members in the X+L pipelines pipelines. • When there are summer vacations and holidays so members have the opportunity to have short X experiences in these months; after their short term X xp, they can always come back in the LC and take up a leadership role or another responsibility. • Current global exchange specific needs for certain profiles like IT, graduates, engineering, obal social sciences etc and your LC is able to deliver on it For whom is the Short term AIESEC experience mostly relevant? • Graduates recruitment • Members that are also working • Anyone who wants to go fast on Exchange; natural continuity of Pocket Recruitees What exactly is short term AIESEC experience? Simply put Short Term AIESEC Experiences are those in which a member goes through the @XP stages in 6 or less months. The characteristics of a short term @xp are: • It s duration is between 3 months. 3-6 • It always includes exchange. • It s intense for the individual and for the organization, since the process are run really fast & parallel
  2. 2. Short term AIESEC experience –TMU 08.09 Initiative Global Entrepreneurs Program (GEP) S “An initiative to develop youth through International Traineeships” hort THE GEP Experience for an applicant: ( Jan – July) term AIESEC experience Attend GEP Matching promotion for project Internship and events by LCs/MC realization Register EPs Come back and go undertake and TM re- through n different integrates the new social, selection entreprene process urial activities by TM cell Here there are two more examples that show short term AIESEC experience from the organizational & the individual perspective. 1. DT pool 2. MT/TT pool You can access these here. How can you deliver Short Term AIESEC EXPERIENCES? 1. Create a campaign / or design an XP based on timeframes 2. Have a Pocket Recruitment 3. Fast Induction (2 weeks) 4. Allocating responsibilities / Optional Leadership role 5. Going on Exchange 6. Re- integration – Leadership role 7. Heading for the future a) Understanding important implementation points The first step to deliver a Short Term @ XP is to create a Campaign/ Project Create a where you determine the backgrounds of members you want to have short Campaign term @XP’s for. Its best based of Global Demand and Supply analysis which will help you
  3. 3. Short term AIESEC experience –TMU 08.09 Initiative Time for this clearly identify opportunities. Once you have know the backgrounds of activity ( 2 members and the kind of internships they would go on , based on this info S weeks ) create a campaign – Examples : ( These are fictitious projects and do not exist in reality ) hort term AIESEC - Global Entrepreneurs Programme: ( Project for management students for summer internships) experience - Make a Move: ( Project based on HIV and development in developing countries) - Tech Tonic : For IT students to go on short term X to China In this step you have to design an ideal short term XP for your members based on the project you take up. Design a In this you would include the time a member spends at each stage and exactly Short Term what they are doing. This becomes an important stage as the experience XP should be fulfilling and support the development of our members. ( With What you have to do is make time lines for ( Example at the end of the doc) Timelines) • Promotion • Selection • Induction ( 2 weeks) • Taking Resp / Leadership • Exchange • Re – integration Induction should be kept as 2 weeks. The TR stage will require you to list out a set of opportunities you feel with add to the development of the members in the project and add value to the organisation. You can also design activities which are aligned with the kind of campaign you are running ( MT, DT , TT or ET) Have a Pocket The next step is to actually go ahead and have Pocket recruitment. Recruitment For more details on how to have a pocket recruitment visit - Time for this activity ( 1 month ) Fast Induction (2 The induction in a Short Term AIESEC Experience needs to be short and weeks) effective. To learn more on how to do a 2 week Induction visit – Taking Responsibili In this stage you have to allocate roles and responsibilities to you members ties and review the performance in those roles. In this stage they should also be
  4. 4. Short term AIESEC experience –TMU 08.09 Initiative ( 2 Weeks – mating their forms either with the help of another member or them selves. 3 Months ) S You can also put some members on Leadership roles. However this is optional but would be ideal. hort For more on allocation visit : term AIESEC experience Going on Exchange ( While at this stage they are in the host country on their internship. 2–4 Months ) Re – Integration This stage is about re- integrating the returned members and offering them – leadership or other roles if they want to spend more time in AIESEC Leadership role Heading For Prepare our Members to head for the future the Future For more on this visit – An example of a Short Term Experience Timeline: Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Promotio Induction TR / (Optional Leadership Exchange Stage n Role) -Matching Themselves - Orientation/ - AIESEC Involvement Conference - Sales & Recruitment - Home LC communication - -Learning environment Implementation - Plan next steps in AIESEC Selection - Welcome Kit -Reception activities by - ( 2 weeks ) members Selection Induction Matching / Taking Responsibility Realization Period 1 month 2 weeks 2 – 3 Months 2 – 4 Months