Short term TT recruitment package


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Short term TT recruitment package

  1. 1. Short term AIESEC experience -TMU 08.09 Initiative SHORT TERM @XP –packages, description packages, S Key observations: of the organisational & individual experience 1.Intensity is not related with the duration hort 2.How short, long, intense and life changing is the AIESEC xp term AIESEC MT-TT backgrounds T depends on the individual 3.We need to even promote short experience term @xp, so that people will Introduction Why is it interesting? Because: • Students are interested in efficient experiences that don’t take so much of their time but from which they can gain a lot. • Technical students are willing to gain management/leadership skills they don’t gain in their studies Why should I do it as an LC? • Providing good quality but short AIESEC XPs will help achieve your goals faster bring growth faster, and motivate your members. • Recruiting technical students will build the LCs internal capacity and bring in new knowledge. • Useful know-how around IT systems, information management etc. how • Understanding of the technical market: TT TN raising and partnership management with technical companies. • Understanding technical people: recruiting, managing and leading other technical people. • Understanding processes and redesigning more efficient ones, innovating new. • Result-orientation. Because after all it is EASY and FAST! t What is the external need? * External Market * High Demand for quality EPs Duration: 6-12/12-18 months 18 Realization: Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4 Languages: English Destinations: Brazil, India, China, Poland, Turkey : * Student Trends * Duration: 1-2 / 3-6 / 6-12 / 12 12 12-18 months Realization: Throughout Destinations: Brazil, India, China, Poland, Turkey :
  2. 2. Short term AIESEC experience -TMU 08.09 Initiative Individual Perspective S hort term AIESEC Stage description—Scenario Total Duration: October-December, 15 months I2A-TR-LD-X-H4TF experience INTRO — October Pocket recruitment through a sustainability day at university, consisting of a sustainability fair and a forum. During the 2-week induction attends learning circle meetings around sustainability as a part of the induction. TR—November to December Joins a sustainability PBoX as a part of the X team. LR — January to June Becomes the OCP of a sustainability PBoX. Raises her own TN through an LC-LC partnership on water sustainability with an LC in Poland. X—June to December On exchange in Poland. Participating in activities around the local sustainability PBoX and re-raising the TN. H4TF –December Organisational Perspective/ Management Processes: RECRUITMENT: Members for short term AIESEC Experience can be recruited throughout the year, since the opportunities we offer to them are no different than the opportunities we would anyway have in the LC ;) If there are specific exchange or leadership opportunities at some point in time then the LC can run targeted recruitment for the specific profile. Also see: Ongoing recruitment and Pocket Recruitment INDUCTION: As always, induction in the organization is very important to ensure organizational and individual goals alignment. The new members need to explore their opportunities fast, also get all the AIESEC knowledge they need to understand the organization and at the same time achieve results.
  3. 3. Short term AIESEC experience -TMU 08.09 Initiative An ideal induction should not exceed 2 weeks and all processes need to happen parallel in order to get to achievement phase as soon as possible. S hort Also see INDUCTION wiki TR: term AIESEC Members who are interested in a short term AIESEC experience can be involved in: projects experience since they have shorter timeline and/or projects under an issue they would be interested in going on X on (IBXP) LD: OCP of a PBoX OCP of a project/event etc H4TF: Same as everyone else