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post bank

  1. 1. AIESEC
  2. 2. & POST BANK
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION In Africa, AIESEC’s membership extends to a student base of 54 of the best universities across Africa where we are considered by many students and companies as the top student organization for leadership development. AIESEC facilitates leadership development by partnering with credible
  4. 4. organizations to provide a global learning environment that take various forms one of which is the empowering African project. As AIESEC in Uganda prepares to open its doors to University students, this year we will carry out 4 th Entrepreneurship training, we would like to invite you to take part in this training. OBJECTIVES OF THe african young ENTREPRENEURS PROJECT*(yes) The following are key objectives; To revive students potential (contribution)in the different sectors in the Ugandan market Deliver knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship to young people; this includes theoretical and practical understanding of the different stages of making an idea come true Offer open spaces for discussions and sharing around entrepreneur ideas acting as a courage base where young people can find motivation and passion to pursue their plans Provide a network of people, organisations and institutions that can support the young people to take further action to implement their ideas AFRICAN entrepreneurship project (yes) In a bid to contribute meaningful to society, AIESEC has decided that one of its focus activities will be entrepreneurship which has been chosen as a topic because of unemployment and poverty, its critical importance to the creation of the new enterprise for social and economic development throughout the world, both in developed and developing countries, entrepreneurs are a major source of employment opportunity and sector exposition. During this workshop, students go under training on different topics of entrepreneurship and are later grouped into groups of 4 to 5 to come up with different business ideas. The best performers later on undergo training to enable them develop their idea. This training will take 6 weeks (between June to August)
  5. 5. It’s our sincere hope that this project stimulates interest among the young people in Uganda, a subject of vital importance to the community and the country as whole. post Bank’S involvement in project We as AIESEC in Uganda would like to take a chance and request for your consideration in helping would be Entrepreneurs in various ways during this project (YES Project) Be part as a learning partner which involves providing a facilitator(s) during the workshop. This would mean providing facilitators to discuss some of the topics on the curriculum for instance the Banking system. Financing part of the budget to help us carry out the daily activities of the workshop. In this regard, AIESEC offers you the following Sponsorships opportunities: SPONSORSHIP PACKAGE (2,000,000–4,500,000 Ugx) As AIESEC in Uganda we hope this future outlook can be achieved during and after the involvement in this project while acquiring the benefits below Branding in front of Participants and externals (account opening) during the workshop and the various conferences and training carried out annually. Recognition in press conference as a sponsor Recognition as a main supporter of youth in Uganda Experience for middle management to practice facilitation from Post Bank Uganda Banners at the workshop during opening and during this workshop. Partnership opportunities with AIESEC; this would also include opportunities to get internships by recruiting the required people to be part of the Bank with AIESEC’S help through its exchange program world wide. In Kind Sponsorship Provide in Kind donation of items necessary for the workshop such as, stationary duration of the event.
  6. 6. Participant welcome package gifts – includes branded T-shirts for the workshop with Post Bank and AIESEC logo, branded note books, name tags and pens. Banners promoting the event to be placed at the various Universities where AIESEC has activities. With this, we hope that the vision of the bank "To be the preferred Financial Solutions Provider in Africa with a Global Reach by 2013" will have a step to its success In conclusion we hope that the sponsorship of this project in various ways will be a benefit to Post Bank Uganda, projects participants and the nation at large. We look forward to your consideration and cooperation. For any more information about AIESEC, please visit our website