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ER Academy notes


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ER Academy notes

  1. 1. The AIESEC “ER Academy ” Monaem Ben Lellahom: MENA External Relations Manager
  2. 2. Academy's 3 Doors I - Planing my ER Activity - Market Research and Segmentation. - Product Development and Pricing. II - Selling my Product III - Account Management and Servicing
  3. 3. Know the role of VPER in AIESEC Market Research and Product Development. Ensure financial sustainability and development of AIESEC Sustain all existing partnerships of AIESEC by regular interaction and contract negotiations and finalization. Prospecting new account and sales. Work on partnership delivery and account management. Other ER subsystems: Alumni Management, Brand Management and Communication ...ect
  4. 4. Know how to plan areas and work on BSC: The Vice President External Relations is also responsible to support the organization in increasing its performance in the following CSFs: Clear and consistent external positioning Sustainable Sources of Revenue Partner actively engaged in our activity. Relationship Building and Capitalizing on Partners Networks
  5. 5. Market Research & Targeting Market research is the process of systematically gathering, recording and analyzing data and information about customers, competitors and the market. Market research can be used to determine which portion of the population will purchase a product/service, based on variables like age, gender, location and income level.
  6. 6. Know how to run market segmentation : Focus on “envisioning a sustainable Sources of revenue.” Diversity of products (if you have only one product which brings most of your budget you are putting AIESEC in risk – if the need for the product decreases on the market, you do not have other products to rely on. Diversity of partners – ideally your income should be coming from at least 10 different organizations and there should not be one organization which contributes to your budget more than 20% – that would create unnecessary dependence of AIESEC on the organization. Diversity of market segments – is all your revenue coming from one industry? You need to focus on multiple industries/types of organizations. If anything negative happens in one segment/industry, you need to be able to rely on others.
  7. 7. Know what should be the outcome of the process and how to leverage on it What is the talent companies are looking for ? What are the booming (hungry for talent) industries in your country ? How companies usually build employer brand among student ? In which time of the year do they usually recruit, what CSR activities do they sponsor What are the usual HR and CSR budgets and budget cycles)
  8. 8. Product Development and Pricing: What is an AIESEC Product AIESEC Product Leadership Product Development Pricing my product
  9. 9. Know whole portfolio of AIESEC products: “The AIESEC Product Leadership” Consumer Cost
  10. 10. Talent Access Employer Brand Impact on Society Access to youth Opinion If the benefits AIESEC offers are not within these four groups, you will need to reconsider what you are selling to the market as AIESEC may not be able to deliver on such product in the long term
  11. 11. Product are built based on: Market Research: The most potential sources of revenue and their needs The 4 areas of value that AIESEC can bring: (Talent, Employer Brand, Access to youth opinion and Impact) The current AIESEC activities (Exchange, Initiatives, Events, Alumni ...ect)
  12. 12. Role of the product in communicating AIESEC Following the 4 areas of benefits that AIESEC can deliver. Filter it according to our Brand Experience. Secure the positioning of the AIESEC visual guidelines.
  13. 13. Know how to use proposals as a selling tool: Introduction to AIESEC. Concept and Background Features Benefits Delivery Time-line Price / Investments Credibility Anchors
  14. 14. Packaging products into Product Sheet Asiana ( Bridging the Gap ( MENA Talent Exchange ( Product Portfolio AIESEC Tunisia Product Portfolio: Product Package IGN product Package for ILC 08: Proposal MENA XLDs Proposal:
  15. 15. Pricing my product
  16. 16. Budgeting and Sustainable sources of Revenue Without a good and realistic budget, you cannot set goals for sales It will be impossible to price your Product !!!!
  17. 17. Pricing methods Cost/Expenses of the product itself Budgetary needs Market reality / Competitor Analysis Premium
  18. 18. 2nd Door Selling my product
  19. 19. Preparing my meeting:(research) Get all their ideas; what they want and what they are looking for. The more information you have the better you can analyze that companies fit or potential involvement with AIESEC in your area Use wiki, news, website, newspapers ....ect Get an appointment and never never never reach the place late !!!! Make sure to set the correct expectations during the initial meetings. The company contact should be very clear from the beginning on all basic expectations for delivering on exchange, the local environment, and delivery standards
  20. 20. Conversation with the prospect: Know and be clear on what is the AIESEC Experience and what is it not Example: What it is AIESEC provides a platform where I can discover my potential, become involved in a learning environment on an issue I am passionate about, and participate in an issues based exchange. This is how I live the AIESEC Experience. Example: What it is not AIESEC is an organization which facilitates international internship exchanges for University students. AIESEC is a platform to promote your products globally.
  21. 21. Try to convince an external person on 3 things: That the AIESEC Experience is the best personal and professional development experience currently available to university students worldwide. That AIESEC people “graduating” from this experience represent the best graduate talent available in the Market. That company involvement in delivering the AIESEC Experience is itself a valuable product (developing employer brand within AIESEC, development experience for staff involved, good corporate citizenship).
  22. 22. Sales in AIESEC is easy because not lonely are you passionate about the organization you are the prime example of the product you want to sell. Always focus on selling yourself and your experiences this is the easiest thing for a company to connect with because you are sitting right in front of them. You are what they want to hire, what they want to see more of, and what they want the future to look like.
  23. 23. 3rd Door: Account Management & Servicing
  24. 24. Partnership Development: Plan delivery of each partnership / Preparing an External Agenda Report regularly on delivery to each partner. Build a network of champions in each partnering company. Keep developing your understanding of the needs of your partners and their understanding of AIESEC.
  25. 25. Preparing partners for an External Agenda Corporate Preparation Package: Gulf Conference 2008: AIESEC MENA symposium 2008: Guest’s Engagement Plan Gulf Conference 08 – Unilever example: Attendances’ lists and Bios Gulf Conference 08 example:
  26. 26. Examples of what can you report on: With exchange partnerships: number of interns, diversity of origin, diversity of departments involved and job roles, satisfaction of hiring managers and interns, number of applicants on each position, growth of the partnership, promotion channels used etc. With event partnerships: number of conferences attended, list of all guest from your partner, list of various engagement opportunities at each event, photos, satisfaction of delegates from sessions delivered by your partner, etc. With content partnerships: number of people using the content from your partner, impact of knowledge generated by such content, brand exposure of the partnership, events etc. With partnerships supporting an initiative: progress in implementation and its impact, impact of advise/support given to the initiative, number of people involved/impacted, brand exposure of the partner, events attended, future plans of the initiative, etc.
  27. 27. Partnership Report: AIESEC Tunisia – Unilever partnership report: Global AIESEC – DHL partnership report: Global AIESEC – PwC partnership report: Conference Partners report: AIESEC MENA symposium report: Gulf Conference 2008:
  28. 28. Build a network of champions in each partnering organization and keep developing your understanding of the needs of your partners and their understanding of AIESEC. Champions, key people who promote AIESEC within their company and in their networks outside
  29. 29. Thanks for your attention and feel free to approach Monaem Ben Lellahom External Relations Manager AIESEC in the Middle East & North Africa Email: Address: 4C, Road 231, Degla, Maadi Cairo, Egypt Cell: (Tunisia) +216 22321007 - (Egypt) +20 162601865 Website: