CSFs for the new BSC


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CSFs for the new BSC

  1. 1. Understanding the CSFs
  2. 2. Learning & Capacity PERSPECTIVE
  3. 3. RECRUITMENT AND INDUCTION K ey P erformance I ndicators 1. Number of members 2. New members recruited X New members planned to be selected in selection process (%) “ ” We have quality recruitment and induction processes that ensure we have the right people to run the organization and meet our goals . 1. Number of applications received 2. Number of members recruited Processes Performance Indicators Processes Talent Promotion Talent Selection Talent Planning Talent Induction
  4. 4. MANAGING TALENT K ey P erformance I ndicators 1. Retention rate of members (TR stage) 2. Number of members with job description “ ” Our people are allocated in the best roles for their development and for the organisation’s performance . 1. % of members that reviewed the career plan in the quarter 2. % of members that have a mentor Processes Talent Allocation Talent Goal Setting & Orientation Processes Performance Indicators
  5. 5. IT INFRASTRUCTURE Processes K ey P erformance I ndicators 1. % of members who can access the needed IT systems to perform the job description “ ” Administration of IT Systems Accessibility We have the access to the needed Information technology resources to run our activities and processes.
  6. 6. Internal Processes PERSPECTIVE
  7. 7. GOVERNANCE & ACCOUNTABILITY Processes 1. Legality of exchange program (MC) 2. Do you have an external body with holds you accountable to your plan? “ ” External Board Management Internal & External Reporting Legal Compliance By aligning our operations with legal and financial aspects, we ensure the transparency and quality of our organisation. 1. Number of reports based on plan for the internal audience K ey P erformance I ndicators Processes Performance Indicators
  8. 8. MANAGING INFORMATION K ey P erformance I ndicators 1. Overall satisfaction of members with information available to perform their job “ ” We manage information to run our operations, facilitate communications and ensure continuity. Processes Usage of IT systems Internal Communication Knowledge Management
  9. 9. PLANNING & REVIEW Processes “ ” We have planning & review processes that support our people in the achievement of our personal and organizational goals. Plan & Budget Reward & Recognition Talent Performance Appraisal Organisational Performance Management 1. Do you have a R&R based on organizational performance? 2. How many members receive performance appraisal in 3 months? 3. Do you have a long term plan? K ey P erformance I ndicators 1. % of organizational goals achieved Processes Performance Indicators
  10. 10. RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT WITH PARTNERS AND ALUMNI K ey P erformance I ndicators “ ” The relationship with our partners and alumni results in a high retention and engagement towards the organizational activities. 1. Retention rate of partners (without TN Takers) 2. Number of alumni with up to date information on a DB (contacts, current organization and position)? Processes Account Management Alumni Management
  11. 11. MARKET ANALYSIS K ey P erformance I ndicators 1. How often do you run a competitive analysis? 2. Do you run a brand audit at least once a year? “ ” We know our position in the market and we are able to identify the best opportunities for AIESEC to capitalize on. Processes Brand perception External Research Analysis of Supply & Demand Market Segmentation
  12. 12. Customers PERSPECTIVE
  13. 13. EXTERNAL POSITIONING FOR STUDENTS & ORGANISATIONS Processes K ey P erformance I ndicators 1. Number of media appearances 2. Number of visitors in your local/national website “ ” We are able to position AIESEC effectively in order to secure maximum benefit from the right target audiences. Promotion & Marketing Public Relations 1. Number of external forums and events attended Processes Performance Indicators
  14. 14. CAPITALIZING ON NETWORKS, MARKETS AND ISSUES Processes K ey P erformance I ndicators 1. Number of TN Raised 2. Amount of money received from individual alumni donations and partnerships resulting from Alumni support “ ” We increase the quality and quantity of diverse AIESEC Experiences by making properly use of our networks, markets and relevant issues. Sales Management and TN Raising Product Positioning Product Development Capitalize on Alumni network 3. Number of TNs Raised from alumni contacts 4. Conversion rate on sales Processes Performance Indicators
  15. 15. OFFERING THE RIGHT OPPORTUNITY Processes K ey P erformances I ndicators 1. Number of EPs Raising 2. Average applicants for leadership positions in the period “ ” We offer the right opportunities to our members to ensure they will develop themselves through the AIESEC Experience. Internal Promotion for X & EP Raising Internal Promotion for LR & LR Offered 1. Number of leadership positions offered in the quarter Processes Performance Indicators
  16. 16. Sustainability PERSPECTIVE
  17. 17. FINANCIAL HEALTH & SUSTAINABILITY Processes K ey P erformance I ndicators 1. % of expenses covered by operational revenues 2. Number of months of reserve “ ” By running our operations we are financially healthy. Revenue Generation Reserves and investment Management 1. % of reserves generated from exchange 2. Do you have a long term financial plan? 3. Amount of money raised from partnerships (including supporters) (MC) Processes Performance Indicators
  18. 18. The way we do it PERSPECTIVE
  19. 19. INCREASING EXCHANGE XP S K ey P erformance I ndicators 1. Number of EP Realized 2. Number of TN Realized “ ” We are continuously increasing the number of exchange experiences we deliver to our members and to the market. Processes Exchange Servicing Exchange Matching 1. Delivery Time of EPs 2. Delivery Time of TNs 3. Realization rate of EPs 4. Realization rate of TNs Processes Performance Indicators
  20. 20. GENERATING LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCES Processes K ey P erformance I ndicators 1. Number of members with leadership experience completed “ ” We generate leadership experiences required to meet the needs of the organization and the expectations of our members. Organizational structure revision
  21. 21. QUALITY OF AIESEC EXPERIENCES Processes K ey P erformance I ndicators 1. Quality index performance 2. Number of members that are completing both X & LR experiences in the period “ ” We deliver high quality experiences to our members. AIESEC Experiences Quality Measurement Competency Management