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AIESEC Exchange Program _ Product sheet


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AIESEC Exchange Program _ Product sheet

  1. 1. The international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential AIESEC Exchange Program The AIESEC exchange program enables organizations to source high- potential students and recent graduates from over 800 universities in 89 countries and territories. With over 3,000 partners each year, sourcing AIESEC interns is a proven solution for both short-term and long-term human resource needs. How does the AIESEC Exchange Program Work? Internal Screening: Each AIESEC office pre-screens candidates through a Are you looking review board consisting of interviews, tests, and participation of externals. Profile Identification: You determine the desired candidate, profile and job close to home description for your intern. or is the world at Intern Selection: Within 2 to 12 weeks, AIESEC provides a short-list of suitable candidates and aids the selection process by arranging a telephone or on-line interviews. your feet? Visa Services: AIESEC arranges the visa for the intern. Academic Profiles Pre-Arrival Services: AIESEC supports the intern with cultural perpetration and [ Business Administration goal-setting exercises. [ Sales and Marketing Post-Arrival Services: AIESEC arranges logistical services, such as [ Information Technology accommodation, pickup, and relocation of the intern. [ Finance Integration Services: AIESEC provides on-going activities for the intern and connects him/her to a network of other AIESEC members and exchange [ Human Resource participants. [ Economics Evaluation: AIESEC facilitates an evaluation process for both the organization [ Language Skills and the intern throughout the internship to ensure objectives and expectations from all sides are being met. AIESEC People Difference [ Leadership What are Benefits of AIESEC Program [ Functional Skills Long-Term Talent Development - we are an innovative route for building a global [ Effectiveness pipeline of future talent in your organization. [ Global and Diversity Talent From Target Market - we offer access to talent and perspective from a target or emerging market. [ Self-Awareness Diversity - we offer the option to choose from a whole range of academic and [ Proactive professional qualifications from 89 different countries. Short-Term Projects - we offer a simple solution to source talent for short-term AIESEC Exchange Partners projects or off-season recruitment. [ PwC Cost-Effective - we are the most cost effective means of gaining access to [ DHL international talent. [ ABN-Amro Multi-Cultural Work Environment - AIESEC interns add character and dynamism into your work environment. [ Cadbury Schweppes Quality - all candidates come from a pool of high-potential talent and then are pre- [ Electrolux screened with interviews and professionals. And thousands more at the national and local level. What do you need to do? Provide a challenging project assignment. Determine the desired profile of candidates. Telephone interview 2 or 3 pre-screened intern candidates. Provide salary commensurate to local graduate level. Pay a fee to AIESEC for sourcing and logistical services.