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Fjord San Francisco Incubator Hack Day Project

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Navigate: A Fjord Incubator Project

  2. 2. 51 percent of travelers spend more than 30 minutes at the airport check-in.40 percent of travelers arrive at the airport 2-3 hours before their flight. At London Heathrow, on average,passengers spend more time in line than they spend flying.
  3. 3. The problem isn’t getting better.It’s getting WORSE.
  4. 4. THE PROBLEMAirport check-in is...• Intimidating• Unpredictable• Poorly designed• Not transparent• Difficult• Time consuming• Confusing• Unfair• Foreign• Too many steps
  5. 5. INTRODUCINGNavigate
  6. 6. WHAT WE DONavigate is a privatecheck-in service.We make the airportcheck-in experienceeffortless.Simply register as acustomer, and you willhave access to apersonalized check-insolution.
  7. 7. THE OPPORTUNITY• Predictable • Personalized - New pricing models - Home Concierge service• Friendly and Familiar - Traveler Profile - Employees focus on customer • Informative service...not data entry - Information on food; seating;• Efficient and Quick destination etc. - Taxi Check-in• Easy and Comfortable - Informal check-in lounge/cafe area
  8. 8. THE ECOSYSTEM• Travelers• Airlines• Airports• TSA / Security• City and Government• Transportation• Retailers• Immigration• Travel Agents
  9. 9. THE BUSINESS MODEL CANVASKey Partners Key Activities Value Propositions Customer Customer Relationships Segments § Airports § Visa and Passport § Personalized service § TSA Services § Hassle-free travel § Airport Transport experience § Personalized service § First time § Airlines for travelers § Government § Travel Assistance § Save time and money travelers Embassies § Foreign travelers §Hotels § Business travelers § Affluent travelers § Hearing/vision/ mobility impaired travelers Channels Key Resources § Partnerships § Employees § Partnerships § Mobile App and website § EmployeesCost Structure Revenue Streams § Salaries (Sales, Consultants, Customer Service) § Annual Membership fees § Software developement § Fee per customer charged to airline § Check-in area rent and supplies
  10. 10. NEXT STEPS• Identify customer segment most likely to pay for service. Taylor a solution to this audience.• Narrow focus and further develop concept.