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Going Native


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Olof Schybergson, Fjord's CEO, and Abram Sirignano, Acquity Group's Agency Lead, explain the importance of immersed, empathetic designers in this presentation delivered at the Forrester Customer Experience Forum.

Going Native

  1. 1. Going Native Better experiences come from immersed, empathetic designers. #gonative | @accenturesocial Olof CEO, Founder - Fjord Abram Agency Lead, East – Acquity Group
  2. 2. “This work will save lives.” Harvard Medical School Our work has the potential to change lives…
  3. 3. and turn frustration into delight.
  4. 4. Design brings together 3 parts of an experience needed to transform: Customer Business Technology
  5. 5. How do you design for a delightful customer experience?
  6. 6. Similar product, very different experiences.
  7. 7. When you truly understand your customer, you can start to build an emotional bond.   You can design an experience that fills a need in their lives.
  8. 8. How do you truly understand how your customer feels?
  9. 9. Walk a mile in your customer’s shoes.
  10. 10. Run a mile in your customer’s shoes.
  11. 11. Drive a mile in your customer’s shoes.
  12. 12. Play a mile in your customer’s shoes.
  13. 13. Work a mile in your customer’s shoes.
  14. 14. Shop a mile in your customer’s shoes.
  15. 15. Live a mile in your customer’s shoes.
  16. 16. Research meets Reality.
  17. 17. Research meets Reality. Image copyright Scott Vandehey
  18. 18. Designers as researchers become empathetic.
  19. 19. Immersive Qualitative Research Looks at customers’:   -  Feelings -  Behaviors -  Habits -  Pain points -  Aspirations Using methods like:   -  Ethnography -  Shadowing -  ParticipantObservation -  Journaling -  Role Playing
  20. 20. Designers get hands on during research sessions.
  21. 21. Shopping tagalong visits and in- store Sales Associate interviews.
  22. 22. Output example:
  23. 23. Inspire Intense Passion.
  24. 24. Designers as researchers become advocates.
  25. 25. adidas miCoach From distracted runner to personalized training.
  26. 26. My3 Mobile Phone Bill From confusing statement to useful information.
  27. 27. DXL Associate App From dreaded task to supportive environment.
  28. 28. Architect a Transformation.
  29. 29. Designers as researchers can build a better future for your customers and your business.
  30. 30. Create a positive reality shift for customers.
  31. 31. The goal is to create positive change, whether big or small.
  32. 32. Questions? Comments? Feelings? Thanks.