Connected Car - App Developer Conference, Car Connectivity Consortium @ MWC 2014


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Inaki Amate, Group Director of Fjord Nordics and Turkey, shared insights on the future of the connected car at this years Mobile World Congress.

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  • Every product is a potential service, with cars this is even more so
  • Services grow, sometimes reproduce and die. Not many people plan and design for the fade out of the service, but in cars is necessary with a large second hand market economy
  • Brand DNA and guidelines are needed for developers that want to work on the car to make sure there is consistency with the car interface
  • When cars start to understand when is a good time to take more control from the humans, based on the sensors and the data they collect, drivers will be able to take away bandwith from the steering wheel to other activities and focus areas such as screens. We will see an increase on the number and size of screens around the cockpit in the same way that analog cockpits from small planes are replaced with two ipads today
  • No-one has figured yet how cars communicate to each other and with the current fragmentation of solutions and platforms there is an opportunity for 3rd parties to resolve this.
  • Connected Car - App Developer Conference, Car Connectivity Consortium @ MWC 2014

    1. 1. FJORD is the service design consultancy We differentiate providers in ways that create an emotional bond between the customer and the service. Our business is delight.
    2. 2. Cars used to bring people together Now, mobile phones do the same
    3. 3. Access is the new Ownership
    4. 4. Car as a service People want to go from point A to point B There is a difference between every day’s needs and exceptional usage And there are additional choices that complicate the decision making process
    5. 5. We should think in ecosystems and lifecycles
    6. 6. We should design for the end of th cycle as well
    7. 7. Who will own the design of the driving experience Different levels of attention requires different interaction methods It needs to be considered altogether Invisible interfaces are not perfect yet
    8. 8. Less driving, more entertainment Car interfaces have not changed much over their history. Because, driving stayed the same, however with smart software based systems and even driverless cars, interfaces can become more screen based ever.
    9. 9. Crowd-sourcing to Car-sourcing Connected car is not only about connecting cars to the cloud but also connecting them to each other. For sharing valuable data: • Traffic • Weather • Incident reports • Emergency
    10. 10. Connected cars today should prepare the road towards the autonomous car