App day 2014 - App drivers, The changing shape of advertising within the app domain


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Daniel Freeman, Service Design Director at Fjord Stockholm, presented at App Day 2014 in Copenhagen in January, on how the shape of advertising is changing within the app world.

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App day 2014 - App drivers, The changing shape of advertising within the app domain

  1. 1. FJORD App Day 2014 APP DRIVERS The changing shape of advertising within the app domain
  2. 2. OUR FOCUS IS SERVICE DESIGN We differentiate providers in ways that create an emotional bond between the customer and the service. Our business is delight.
  3. 3. WE MAKE COMPLEX SYSTEMS APPROACHABLE AND HUMAN We design technology in service of people, not the other way around
  4. 4. FJORD We Work with the World’s Top Brands
  5. 5. ADVERTISING Today 1 JUL 2013 IKEA DIGITAL IDENTITY @ 2013 Company Confidential
  6. 6. FJORD Advertising Tabloid Style
  7. 7. FJORD App Trends Personalised
  8. 8. FJORD App Trends Context Aware
  9. 9. FJORD App Trends “Feedy” & Embed
  10. 10. REIMAGINE THE PHONE BILL “About 40 per cent of 3's smartphone customers have downloaded the free app since its launch in October, with 70 per cent of those using it every month. In a survey, 50 per cent said they called customer service about their bill less often.” Financial times
  11. 11. FJORD Mit3 In App Promotions
  12. 12. FJORD Mit3 Integrated Offerings
  13. 13. FJORD Looking FORWARD
  14. 14. FJORD App Trends Fit for a Purpose
  15. 15. FJORD App Trends App Soup
  16. 16. FJORD App Trends Yahoo eats Aviate
  17. 17. FJORD Industry Trends Apple & Samsung
  18. 18. Industry Trends Google eats Nest
  19. 19. Industry Trends Google eats Boston Dynamics
  20. 20. Industry Trends Man & Dog launch “Smart” Watch
  21. 21. Industry Trends adidas MiiCoach
  22. 22. A New Phase? Living Services an Atomisation within Ecosystem What is where? Is mobile still the hub? How will we interact? Displays? Voice? How will we advertise?!
  24. 24. When you put PEOPLE FIRST great things will happen for your business 24