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Is Quantified Self's Future Bright or Cloudy? The Data Tell the Tale



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Data from Pew and Enspektos, LLC suggest it will take time for technology powered health self-tracking to gain mainstream acceptance.

Is Quantified Self's Future Bright or Cloudy? The Data Tell the Tale

  1. 1. Human & Technology Powered Self-Tracking for Health Today Tomorrow !"#"$%&'() % of self-trackers 49% who monitor their health status "in their heads" 37% 37% of active digital health % of self-trackers consumers say they have tracked who use pen and their health status using 34% paper to monitor technology: Web, mobile or their health status another device (such as a Fitbit) This data (collected from a group of digital health early % of self-trackers adopters) suggests it may take who use 21% time for technology-enabled technology to self-tracking to reach monitor their the mainstream health status Source: Pew Internet and American Life Project, 2013 Source: Enspektos, LLC, 2013
  2. 2. Infographic Produced by Enspektos, LLC This infographic features data on the future of the quantified self (or health self-tracking) movement. Enspektos, LLC collected this data via its ongoing research initiative digihealth pulse. digihealth pulse is the world's first ongoing tracking study examining how digital health early adopters (or active digital health consumers) use digital technologies and are influenced by health Web and social media content. Learn about free and premium digihealth pulse insights at Enspektos is a digital health marketing communications innovation consultancy. Our mission is to provide our clients (and the larger health industry) with insights and advice that help them use digital technologies to activate providers, patients and others to take action around health and wellness. Learn more about Enspektos at