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Infographic Novel: The Habits of Successful Health Marketing Communications Pros


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This infographic novel, the Path of the Blue Eye, was first published by Enspektos, LLC in 2009. In describing the six mantras of the Path of the Blue Eye, It outlines the habits of successful health marketing communications professionals. Enspektos will publish more infographic novels set in this universe in 2012.

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Infographic Novel: The Habits of Successful Health Marketing Communications Pros

  1. 1. An Infographic Novel
  2. 2. Introducing enmoebiusenmoebius is a patent pending digital surveillance and behavioral measurement engine.It provides rich and real-time data on how earned and owned online health contentimpacts: • Awareness and perceptions of products, services and issues • Intent to engage in various health behaviors (purchase, adherence, screenings, vaccinations, etc.) • Behaviors influenced by by online health contentEnspektos will launch enmoebius in mid-2012. Watch the Video & Get E-mail Updates (SlideShare Users Click Here)
  3. 3. About EnspektosEnspektos, LLC is an innovation consultancy that has provided digital marketing andcommunications services to health organizations operating around the world since 2005.The firm produces technology-driven strategy, research and training products andservices for a diverse range of clients, including government agencies, non-profits,pharmaceutical companies and payers.Learn more about Enspektos, LLC at