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5 Surprising Reasons Why Ignoring Digital Health (and Social Media) is a Big Mistake


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This presentation focuses on 5 surprising reasons digital health and social media are rising in importance and why ignoring these trends is a mistake.

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5 Surprising Reasons Why Ignoring Digital Health (and Social Media) is a Big Mistake

  1. 1. 5 Surprising Reasons Why Ignoring Digital Health is a Big Mistake
  2. 2. I Dont Want to Hear Any More About Digital Health! Some Feel this Way Because . . .
  3. 3. They BelieveDigital Health is aBig (Overhyped) Bubble . . .
  4. 4. Thats About to Burst (Pop!)
  5. 5. Or, the Demographics . . . Dont Add Up
  6. 6. Here Are 5 Reasons ThisThinking Makes No Sense
  7. 7. Lets Start With the DataData Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers PwC 2012: Young Most Likely to Use Health Social Media
  8. 8. The Obvious Conclusion:My Audience Looks Like This,So I Can Ignore Digital Health
  9. 9. The Data Tells a Hidden Story . . . That Reveals a Major Reason Digital Health Cant Be Ignored
  10. 10. Digitally Connected and Savvy Youth Will Shape Their Parents Health Decisions This Will Increase As They Get Older, and It May Be Happening Right Now(Doesnt it Make Sense to Learn Digital?)
  11. 11. Youth Are a Hot Commodity for Payers Payers Are the Primary Economic Gatekeepers of the U.S. Health System Youth Are Cheaper to Cover Payers Are Diving into Digital The Take Away:* Follow Their Lead or Be Left Behind
  12. 12. Learn to Surf the Digital Ocean . . . Before Youre Swamped by the Coming Demographic Wave
  13. 13. Lets Go Back to the Data Data Source: Pew Internet and American Life Project Pew Internet 2012:Minorities More Likely to Rely Solely on Mobile Web
  14. 14. For Majority-Minority America, theDigital Divide is Fading and theMobile Future is Here The Lesson: Mobile (and Digital Health) is No Longer an Option Data Source: Brookings Institution
  15. 15. Technology, Big Data Poised to Reveal New Clinical Insights and How Digital Impacts Health Behavior PatientsLikeMe Demonstrating Online Social Connections Improve Quality of Life, Adherence and Using Mobile to Predict Negative Health Behaviors and Improve Care
  16. 16. As Hospitals Slowly Adopt Emerging Technologies . . .Many Hospitals Have Been Slow to Embrace Digital, But Uptake is Increasing Article Source: eMarketer Hospitals Like Mayo Clinic Are Demonstrating Digital Engagement Can Bring Benefits to Patients and the Institution
  17. 17. Physicians Will Have to Adapt — and Quickly Accelerating Trend: Physicians Moving from Private Practice to Hospital Employment Data Source: Accenture In the Future, Physicians Will Have to Make Time for Digital as They Face Dual Demands from Hospitals and Patients (Why Not Start Now?)
  18. 18. Convinced Digital Health is Important? Wonderful! But Before You Do Anything Else, Remember . . .
  19. 19. You Must Justify Investments in Digital Health Content (and Technology) To Get Started, Read the eBook
  20. 20. Now, Go Spread the Digital Health Gospel! Share this Presentation (Click the Logos):(Or Use the Social Platform of Your Choice) Thanks!
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