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  • Good morning and welcome to eBooks: Tips, Tricks and Trends.My name is…I’m an adult reference librarian here at Eola right on the top of the stairs.Now you’re all here because your interested in learning how to use My Media Mall to download free eBooks or you’re experience some issue with this process. Well you’re in luck, I’m here to show you what to do. One last thing before we begin, the library would really like your feedback on how you felt about this program so please before you leave fill out a programevaluation forms – tell us if you liked this program, think we should have more, or suggest other programs.
  • In order to help you learn these objectives – I will give a quick PowerPoint identifying the important areas on My Media Mall. The PowerPoint will also cover the steps to downloading an eBook to your device. The PowerPoint will be followed by a live demo showing of My Media Mall specifically its key areas and the downloading process. By this time you will all be experts in downloading eBooks, you will be given the opportunity to do the process on your own. I will be around for questions.Before we begin let me acknowledge that each device has slightly different steps, and as we go along I will point out the steps where the devices vary. This presentation is set up to show you how to download to the Nook and Sony eReader. Also when I say “device” or” “eReader” I am referring to all devices. If the process specifically is related to say the “Kindle” or another device, I will speicifically state the device’s name.
  • To access MyMediaMall, you need to go to the library’s website: www.aurorapubliclibrary.org ; then hover over the Download Books tab (red and in the middle of the page);Then click on My Media Mall – the very first link on the drop down menu.
  • This is the MyMediaMall homepage. I would like to show you some key areas:First there is the My Account tab – allows you to sign in, view your cart, ect.Then there is the link that allows you to check if you eReader is compatible.Next are the Help options: My Help Beta is the best. You can select what you want to do (Read eBooks) and then select your device (Nook) and it will display step-by-step discussions.There are also some search options I want to point on the main screen. I will go into more detail about those in couple slides.And real quickly, this icon will automatically take you to all the eBooks in Kindle format.
  • Two more areas on the homepage – just scroll down towards the bottom half – the Collections tab breaks down MMM’s collection by format. So if your eReader is only compatible with Adobe PDF you can search only those eBooks in Adobe PDF…more on this later.Digital Software – if you need to download software, its located on the bottom of screen. OverDrive is for audio books and Adobe Digital Editions is for eBooks and certain eReaders.
  • First thing you need to do is create an account. This will allow you to see additional titles and download eBooks. The process is very simple: first click on the My Account tab…
  • …select Aurora Public Library from the drop down menu…
  • …and then enter your library card number and PIN.
  • Anyone that doesn’t have a Kindle, iPhone/iPad, or android phone will have to download this software – Adobe Digital Editions. This enables you to transfer the item from MMM to your device. I will go into more detail about how an item/title is transferred later on.But you want to download Adobe right off the bat so you have it done and you don’t have to mess around with it when you want to check out a book. The download process is simple. Click on the link and follow the ques. Downloading should take a couple minutes.
  • MyMediaMall offers a variety of ways to search for a title. I will show you three ways: quick search, advanced search, and a Collection specific search.The quick search is exactly that: quick. Works similar to Google search engine. Simply type in a title/author/subject/genre and hit the search button to the right.
  • Say you want to go a little more detailed, MyMediaMall provides an Advanced Search feature. It is located directly below the Quick Search box.
  • The Advanced Search option allows you to search specifically for Title, Creator, Keyword, ISBN, Format, Publisher, Subject, Awards, Date Added to site.It also allows you to organize the search results by allowing you to determine Results per Page and how you want to Order the results.
  • MyMediaMall also provides a search option that allows you to search specifically by collection, genre, or format. These are already-established lists created by MMM. I would recommend searching by specific collection – say all Kindle Books – because when you perform a quick or advanced search it will pull up all the formats and you could mistakenly download the wrong format.
  • After using one of the many ways to search, you’ve found the title you want to read. On this screen you can see how many Available Copies, Library Copies, and if there is a wait, you can see how many are on the Waiting List.Make sure you identify the eBook format that is compatible with your device and then click on Add To Cart directly across from the appropriate format.If the item is not available Add To Cart will read “Place a Hold”. If you place a hold MyMediaMall will notify you via email and once you have been notified you will have 3 days to check the item out.“Add To Wish List” does nothing in terms of checking out or placing a hold. What it does is add it to a list of books you would like to read. You can view your Wish List by clicking on the My Account tab on the top of the page.
  • Before you click on Confirm Check Out, you have the opportunity to adjust your lending period or if you decided you don’t want to read that book anymore than you can Remove the item from check out. Once you’ve set the lending period and decided you want to read the item, click on Confirm Check Out.
  • Download button is located directly below the title. Click on Download and the title will be downloaded to Adobe Digital Editions.If you have a Kindle, iPhone/iPad, or smart phone you are done. The title is downloaded directly to your device. Enjoy reading…all you other users you need Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Adobe Digital Editions works mainly with Nook and Sony eReaders, other are compatible but these are the main devices. Adobe is a great eBook organizer. And I’ll show you a couple of its features.As soon as you click Download on MyMediaMall, the item is transferred to Adobe Digital Editions. Open up Adobe and there is your title (you may first have to register the computer with Adobe). You can click on the icon in the Library View section and read the book from your computer.Also notice the icons in the top left and right corners. The top left icons allows you to switch from Library View mode (it looks like books on a shelf). This view allows you see what is in your collection. The icon immediately to the right of it, is the Reading View icon, which allows you to read your eBook on your computer.The icons on the top right simply allow you to view your titles in different ways: as icons or in a list
  • Plug in your device using the USB cord that came with it (at least it should have). It may take a moment for your computer to recognize your device. Once it does the name of your device (Nook) will appear on the bottom of the Bookshelves tab. You may also see an Adobe registration pop-up window. Just enter your account info (email and password) and your all set.
  • To transfer your title to your device, simply click and drag the Insomnia icon in the Library View and drag it to the Nook icon located in the Bookshelves section.When you first click on the icon a red plus sign will appear – meaning you can’t drop the icon anywhere….once it turns green you can drop it.
  • E books

    1. 1. EBOOKS: TIPS, TRICKS, ANDTRENDSUsing My Media Mall to download eBooks
    2. 2. Objectives By the end of this program, you will be able to…1. Identify key points on the MyMediaMall website2. Utilize the various search options3. Demonstrate the process of downloading an eBook
    3. 3. Getting Started:Accessing MyMediaMall
    4. 4. MyMediaMall Homepage
    5. 5. MyMediaMall Homepage continued…
    6. 6. My Account:Signing In
    7. 7. Signing In:Select a library (Aurora PublicLibrary)
    8. 8. Signing In continued…:Enter your Library Card and PINnumbers
    9. 9. Downloading Adobe DigitalEditions
    10. 10. Search Options #1:Quick Search
    11. 11. Search Option #2:Advanced Search
    12. 12. Search Option #2:Advanced Search Screen
    13. 13. Search Option #3Collections
    14. 14. Checking out an eBook:Click Add to Cart
    15. 15. Proceed to Checkout
    16. 16. Confirm Check Out
    17. 17. Downloading
    18. 18. Adobe Digital Editions!
    19. 19. Hook up your Nook/Device
    20. 20. Transfer eBook to device