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Letters of Recommendation


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Old letters of recommendation.

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Letters of Recommendation

  1. 1. Letters of Recommendations Frank J. Martos Technology Executive 804.237.9346 Cell Skype: frankmartos Twitter: @fjmartos
  2. 2. Wilsey Foods, Inc.-Mark Godfrey, I.S. Manager-Relationship: Manager-Role: Programmer / Operator
  3. 3. California State University-Willem van der Pol, Manager ofAdministrative Services-Relationship: Manager-Role: Staff Systems Analyst
  4. 4. California State University-Jeanne O’Dell, Associate Director ofPlant Operations-Relationship: Manager-Role: Staff Systems Analyst
  5. 5. California State University-Scott Charmack, Director of FacilitiesManagement-Relationship: Internal Customer-Role: Staff Systems Analyst
  6. 6. California State University-Eric Chapman-Relationship: Coworker & Colleague-Role: Staff Systems Analyst
  7. 7. Aerojet-Bob Kendall, IT Manager-Relationship: Manager & Coworker-Role: Senior Systems Analyst
  8. 8. Aerojet-Ed Carey, Manager of FacilitiesEngineering-Relationship: Key Internal Customer-Role: Senior Systems Analyst
  9. 9. Aerojet-James Hand, Supervisor Facility Design-Relationship: Key Internal Customer-Role: Senior Systems Analyst
  10. 10. Fort James Corporation-James Callaway, I.T. Manager-Relationship: Manager-Role: Business Systems Lead
  11. 11. Fort James Corporation-Ann Parsons, Control TechnologyBusiness Leader-Relationship: Manager-Role: I.T. Manager
  12. 12. Fort James Corporation-Jan Asai, General Manager-Relationship: Key Vendor-Role: I.T. Manager
  13. 13. Fort James Corporation-Barry Boltz, Technical Architect-Relationship: Direct & Coworker-Role: Director
  14. 14. Fort James Corporation-Richard Cobb, Account Executive-Relationship: Key Vendor-Role: Director