Smart goal playing basketball


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Smart goal playing basketball

  1. 1. Smart Goal-playing basketballFrank Hayes
  2. 2. Smart goal• S- I will play basket ball 3 times a week, for an hour and a half• M- I will measure this by setting an alarm to go off on my phone when the hour and a half is up• A- I am very busy during the day so to hang out with my friends and roommates we like to go to the hub or pe center to play basketball. I feel that this is attainable because my roommates will convince me to go on days I don’t want to.• R-this goal is realistic because we already play basket ball. We are just going to have to set three specific days to go like Wednesday Friday and Sunday.• T- I are going to continue to play basketball for the remainder of this semester. This will end December 14
  3. 3. Reasons and steps• The reasons I chose this goal is because me and at leas one of my roommates already played basketball a few times a week so it seemed feasible to go 3 times a week.• The steps i used to accomplish my goal is to flexible to when my roommates wanted to play. Once intramural floor hockey started I stopped playing basketball during the week and played hockey.
  4. 4. Times played a week4.5 43.5 32.5 2 basketball1.5 flore- hockey 10.5 0 week week week week week week week week week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  5. 5. Graph explanation• For the first 5 weeks a played basketball regularly 3 times a week except in week 3 when I was out of town• After week 5 I started to play floor hockey and basket ball. I played on 2 floor hockey teams on Monday and Wednesday and the games are about 45 min• So I separated the different game plays because it takes 2 floor hockey games to equal a basket ball game length
  6. 6. Steps used to achieve my goal• The steps I had to achieve my goal was to go every Monday and Wednesday and once on the weekend. The weeks that I achieved my goal is the ones i actually played on the weekend.• The times I didn’t achieve my goals is when I didn’t play on the weekend
  7. 7. Inhibitors and enablers• I feel my roommates were both Inhibitors and enablers. I feel this way because at least one would go to basketball with me and one always goes to hockey too. Then on the weekends some times no one wonted to play so that would make me not want to go either.• Then one of my roommates wanted me to go on trips on the weekend a few times so that made it so we didn’t play.
  8. 8. Results• For the most part I feel that I accomplished my goal because I always did other things besides the 2 sports I played.• I also thought that I did a good job making changes to my goal because of the gym being closed for for floor hockey. So I started playing that on 2 of my friends teams• I feel great for accomplishing my goal