Quark National Bangalore Finals


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Quark National Bangalore Finals

  1. 1. Quark National Quiz - 2013 Regional Round Bangalore 19th January, 2013 FINALS
  2. 2. General Rules:1. Switch off your phones2. Try and keep scores, just in case3. Points are round-specific4. 4 rounds in all5. Quiz master’s decision is almost always final
  3. 3. ¼ Infinite Pounce +10 on a direct, no negatives Infinite bounce, the team after the team that answers correctly gets the next question In case no one answers, we start with the same team instead If you are very confident of the answer, you can pounce (written) and +15 and -10 on that
  4. 4. Q.1X is a Nobel Peace Prize winning organizationderived from a word which means "rural" or"village" . The origin of X can be traced back to 1976when a certain Professor (a Fulbrightscholar at Vanderbilt University and Professorat University of Chittagong) launched a researchproject; Apart from a more famous award, theorganization has won a World Habitat Award in1998. In 2011 however, the founder was sackedfrom the organization. Identify X.
  5. 5. Grameen Bank, Md. Yunus
  6. 6. Q2Mike ________ is an American attorney and author. In1990, he created an adage (eponymous) which hadsomething to say about the internet age.In his words – “ "Although deliberately framed as if itwere a law of nature or of mathematics, its purpose hasalways been rhetorical and pedagogical: I wanted folkswho glibly compared someone else to X or Y to think abit harder about the Holocaust”What’s the oft-quoted law? (FITB)Explanation/(X and Y) – part points (-ve on pounce)
  7. 7. Gordon’s lawAs the internet conversation progresses, theprobability of it having a reference to Nazis orHitler becomes 1
  8. 8. Q3He was born in 1546 whose first name was Tyge Ottesen; ADanish nobleman, he was known for his accurate astronomicaland planetary observations. He lost a part of his nose to a cousinand had a tame elk as his pet.He suddenly contracted a bladder ailment after attending abanquet in Prague and died eleven days later. According toKeplers account, he had refused to leave the banquet to relievehimself because it would have been a breach of etiquette.Theories of him being murdered by Kepler have also floated, andrecent investigations have found mercury traces in his mustache.He held that the Earth was just too sluggish and heavy to becontinuously in motion, and believed in the geo-heliocentricmodel. Who?
  9. 9. Tycho Brahe
  10. 10. Q4• It has an area of 260 sq. km. with a population of ~1400 persons and is commonly referred to as “The rock”• Queen Elizabeth II is the Head of State.• What unique distinction did it achieve in 2003 with the aim of achieving a certain distinction. However Iceland, Norway and Sweden currently lead the charts with 97.8%, 97.2% and 92.9% respectively. What?
  11. 11. Nuie – island in the pacific.1st country to offer free Wifi and aim to becomethe country with 100% net penetration. (ans-WiFi nation)
  12. 12. X is a credit-card-sized single-board Q5computer developed in the UK by the XFoundation with the intention of stimulating theteaching of basic computer science in schools. Theirfanzine is named after the bird (pictured). Identify X
  13. 13. Raspberry Pi(MagPi)
  14. 14. Q6Give Funda
  15. 15. Bet between Tony Fernandes (AirAsia) andBranson(Virgin) that the whomsoever’s F1 teamranks lower than the other had to be an airsteward for a day
  16. 16. Q 7 (anticlock)• The manufacturing company X says that Y’s primary properties are its strength (allowing thinness), high scratch resistance (for protective coating), and hardness — and that the material can be recycled. During its manufacture, Y is toughened by ion exchange. The larger ions are pressed together causing potassium ions to diffuse far into the surface, thereby creating a surface layer of high compressive stress, a layer more resistant to damage from everyday use.• X manufactures Y in Harrodsburg, Kentucky (USA), Shizuoka (Japan) and in Taiwan. Identify Y (X for applause)• Sister products of Y have been called Willow and Lotus, named after its usage
  17. 17. Gorilla Glass, Corning(used in 20% of all mobile phones)
  18. 18. Q 8 Connect (Non-Exhaustive)
  19. 19. A: Bain Capital
  20. 20. Q9Don X is an American artist raised in SouthernCalifornia. He is best known for his tattoo work and hiseponymous apparel and accessories brand X.
  21. 21. A: Ed Hardy
  22. 22. Q 10• He is an Indian businessman, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Future Group, and Managing Director of Pantaloon Retail. He managed to raise $170 million by taking venture capital arm Future Ventures public in March 2011. He is also the co- author of the book "It happened in India” co- authored with Dipayan Baishya. The book has sold some 100,000 copies, more than any other business book published in India so far. Who am I talking about?
  23. 23. A: Kishore Biyani
  24. 24. Q 11 Print Ad for?
  25. 25. A: Sony Playstation
  26. 26. Q 12 A British-American Computer Programmer andfounder of an American software company. Apparently in the news for the wrong reasons. Identify.
  27. 27. John McAfee, eponymous anti-virus founderSome tiff with a fellow American in Belize
  28. 28. Round II – The science cauldronAll questions pertain to a certain law/theorem/principle, etc. 8 questions Written round + 10 on identifying the person,+ 15 if you get the law/theorem (as well)
  29. 29. Q1• He converted from Judaism to the Lutheran faith in 1914 - the major reasons being his wife and assimilation into German society• At the University of Berlin, he formed a lifelong friendship with Albert Einstein, who in a letter to the person concerned remarked, "The Old One does not play dice.“• The now-standard interpretation for ψ*ψ in the Schrödinger equation of quantum mechanics was published by him and it is this for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1954.Identify.
  30. 30. Q2
  31. 31. Q3• He was born in Königsberg, East Prussia in 1824• In 1845, while still a student, he formulated the law he‘s most famous for, used extensively in electrical engineering.• Together with Bunsen, he discovered Rubidium and Caesium in 1861• He has also formulated eponymous laws in thermochemistry and spectroscopy
  32. 32. Q4• He was born in Vienna, the capital of the Austrian Empire in 1844.• In his famous equation, the W is the Wahrscheinlichkeit, the frequency of occurrence of a macrostate.• He was a tremendous admirer of Darwin and he wished to extend Darwinism from biological to cultural evolution, one of the first to visualize so.• In 1906, while on a summer vacation near Trieste, he hanged himself during an attack of depression.
  33. 33. Q5• A SriLankabhimanya recipient, he was more famous in the literary community than the Scientific ones.• In a 1991 essay entitled "Credo", he described himself as a logical positivist from the age of ten.• He left the theatre in tears at the intermission after having watched an eleven-minute scene of his first film venture, thoroughly disappointed.• His famous third law states, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”
  34. 34. Q6• He was born in Turin, Italy in 1776 to a noble family.• He developed his theory after Joseph Gay- Lussac had published his work in 1808. The greatest problem he had to resolve was the confusion between atoms and molecules.• It was rejected in his time due certain exceptions; it gained acceptance only 4 years after his death.• In 1911, a meeting in Turin commemorated the hundredth anniversary of the publication of his classic paper which King Victor Emmanuel III attended.
  35. 35. Q7He was a French mathematician & physicist known forhis work on X and their applications to problems of heattransfer and vibrations.He is also generally credited with the discovery ofthe greenhouse effect. He went with Napoleon on hisEgyptian expedition in 1798, and was made governorof Lower Egypt.Although not exactly correct, his observation that somediscontinuous functions are the sum of infinite serieswas a breakthrough.
  36. 36. Q8• A physicist, X is most famous for his contributions to quantum electrodynamics and quantum mechanics.• His colleagues in Cambridge jokingly defined a unit of a X, which was one word per hour.• A story told of X is that when he first met the young Richard Feynman at a conference, he said after a long silence "I have an equation. Do you have one too?“• He has an equation, a function, an integral, a notation and type of statistics named after him.
  37. 37. Answers
  38. 38. Max Born, Born’s approximation, born’s rule/law, born-haber’s cylce (no identity sadly)Carl Fredrich Gauss, Gauss’ lawKirchoff, Kirchoff’s (circuital) lawLudwig Boltzmann, Stephan-Boltzmann’s law, Boltzmann’sequation,Arthur C. Clarke, Clarke’s 3 lawsAmedeo Avogadro, Avogardo’s law (of equal proportions)Josef Fourier, Fourier’s heat equation,P.A.M. Dirac, everything mentioned in Q
  39. 39. Call Tech• 6 questions• 3 clues/question and every 20 seconds (flexible) one clue revealed• Written (raise hand to answer)• On the 1st clue, 20 points; on the 2nd clue, 10 points; on the 3rd clue +5.• Constant negative of -10• All answers are names of companies
  40. 40. Q1 C1 Just 13 years old, this Southern giant is already the 5th biggest player in its sector and is currently headed by CEO Sandip Das C2 Its brand ambassadors include Mary Kom, Sameera Reddy, and is a sponsor for Shillong FC. It is/was being investigated by CBI on irregularities in its take over by Malaysian company, in that Dayanidhi Maran forced the deal in 2005 in exchange for monetary benefits. C3 Other brand ambassadors include Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Actor Surya. They’re famous for their involvement in the Save the Tiger Initiative. C4 (so everyone gets something) They sponsored/sponsor CSK and IPL
  41. 41. Aircel
  42. 42. Q2• He was born in Guntur, 1940 where his father grew turmeric. He did his B.Sc. and began working at IDPL, a PSU• He started X with an initial capital of 25 lakhs in 1984 and currently is an advisor on the Naandi Foundation, focusing on rural health. The following is their logo –• X is listed on the NYSE as RDY and has partnerships with Glaxo-Smith Kline and other major pharmaceuticals
  43. 43. Dr. Reddy Laboratories
  44. 44. Q3• This company was started in Bangalore, 1916 by Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar, the king of Mysore.• This product (with a GI tag) has Sharabha as its logo (pictured)• The company was started to utilize the excess Sandalwood in the region as the First World War prevented the export of the aromatic wood to Europe
  45. 45. KSDL – Karnataka Soaps and Detergents LimitedMysore Sandal Soap (alit.)
  46. 46. Q4• A BITS-Pilani alumnus with a B.E. Mechanical Engineering, he started Mirc Electronics in the 1980s• Its familiar tagline “Neighbour’s envy, owner’s pride” was revamped in 2009 as a part of its total makeover of its corporate identity• It has manufacturing facilities at Wada (MH) and Roorkee (UK) with a capacity of 3.4 Million Televisions and 2.4 lakhs Washing Machines respectively. Its mascot was very significant in Indian advertising, with the creation of the X Devil.
  47. 47. Onida
  48. 48. Q5• This Chennai-based company remained privately owned until 2006, when it was listed in the NSE and BSE. It currently has 32 ‘subsidiaries’• Educated in Don Bosco, Loyola College, Chennai and the University of Scranton (MBA), he bought another company Y (with the tagline “flying for everyone”), with Y headquartered at Hyderabad Airport.• He was voted the “Television king of Southern India” by Forbes the 17th richest Indian, and his companies include X, X DTH, Y, Dinakaran and most recently, the Hyderabad IPL team
  49. 49. Sun Network
  50. 50. Q6• It was founded in 1942 by a group of determined yet barely skilled young men in a garage on Foras Road, Mumbai. They called it “The X and Oil Company”, a name they picked out of a telephone directory.• The mascot for this Mumbai-based company was designed by R.K. Laxman in 1954 and is described as “a man with a shock of black hair eternally dangling over his right eye“• Its major brands include - Apcolite, Apex, Colour Next, Royale, Touchwood, Utsav, among others
  51. 51. Asian Paints
  52. 52. Penultimate round• Choose a particular Quark (point wise, backward)• +10• -5• +5 on a clockwise pass
  53. 53. The various varieties of X include Rossler, Lorenz andHenon.It was discovered by Floris Taken and David Ruellewhile studying fluid flowIt is also a popular song - >What?
  54. 54. Strange Attractor
  55. 55. • It started as a computer division of X, X being named after a famous Hollywood personality.• The company as it is today is based in Emeryville, California. It uses a custom-made software called Y for a huge chunk of its activities• While waiting for the results of Z’s law on something very general about chronological progress of semiconductors/microelectronics, it saw a lull in its profits. In fact it’s major investor was considering selling it until the company made quantum leaps to be bought in 2006 for a whopping $7.1 Billion.• ID X, Y, Z ( 5 points each, -5 if you get 1 right and -10 if you get none right)
  56. 56. • Pixar• Marionette• Moore’s law
  57. 57. The ‘protagonist’ of X was born in Doncaster, NorthernEngland in 1960. He was dismissed from school for‘drinking, smoking and general nuisance’ and has madeexactly 10 appearances on the quiz show, QI.His habit for wearing jeans has been criticized, so muchso that Levis has blamed him for their declining sales inthe 90’s branding it the so called “X effect”He’s an avid birdwatcher and a member of the RSPB. He’sa Chelsea FC and Doncaster FC supported.All these facts are mere ancillary data.Identify X and what is he most famous for?
  58. 58. • Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear
  59. 59. • A company called GrinOn created this invention in 2010 to dispense as many as 50 units per minute. Their website currently says, “Sorry for the inconvenience. We’re renovating this website X”• It shares it name with this ->
  60. 60. • Bottoms Up
  61. 61. • This company was founded way back in 1882 by 3 reporters – Charles, Edward and Bergstresser• One of them helped create Z, a newspaper that has won the Pulitzer prize 33 times for excellent reporting• X also created Y which had 12 companies (8 rail, 4 industrial), of which only GE currently remains. Identify X/Y
  63. 63. • It was first described by Gay Lussac in 1802 but he owed credit to X. However, Dalton derived the same independently (albeit less thoroughly) a year earlier.• It’s first usage was by William Thomson do describe a fundamental property of the Universe in the 1850’s. He said “… And therefore this temperature of the air- thermometer is a point which cannot be reached at any finite temperature, however low”• His other contributions to science include the hydrogen-based hot-air balloon (he flew the world’s first)• An interesting fact, he married a Creole woman 37 years younger than him, and managed to outlive her when he died in Paris, 1823.• Who/What?
  64. 64. • Jacques Charles• Charles’ law
  65. 65. Long Visual Connect
  66. 66. Guesses? +30, -20
  67. 67. Guesses? +20, -10
  68. 68. Answers? +10, -0
  69. 69. AnswerLarge Hadron Collider
  70. 70. ALICE
  71. 71. Cooper Pair
  72. 72. LHC creating a black hole, leading to the apocalypse
  73. 73. Antimatter made in LHC
  74. 74. God
  75. 75. ATLAS
  76. 76. Alipnecat LHC rap
  77. 77. Higg’s Equation
  78. 78. S N Bose
  79. 79. And the final scores…
  80. 80. TEAM 1 TEAM 2 TEAM 3 TEAM 4 TEAM 5 TEAM 6 CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you all! Lots of exciting events lined up for Quark, 2013 (Feb 1st onward) Do visit bits-quark.org for more details