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Revision week


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Published in: Technology
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Revision week

  1. 1. Enrichment activity
  2. 2. QUESTION 1 What is an utility program?NEXT ANSWER
  3. 3. ANSWER 1 Type of softwarethat help to manage and maintain your computer.
  4. 4. QUESTION 2Which one is NOT an example of system utility? a. Antivirus software b. Application software c. Disk error checking d. Disk optimising
  5. 5. Correct !Application software Next
  6. 6. Wrong ! Try again
  7. 7. QUESTION 3Give four tasks of an Operating system(OS)? ANSWENEXT R
  8. 8. ANSWER 3Control centre for input, processes and output Handle errors Manage files Command centre
  9. 9. QUESTION 4Which memory arereferred as non volatile?a. RAMb. ROMNEXT
  10. 10. ANSWER 4 ROM( Read only memory )
  11. 11. Wrong ! Try again
  12. 12. QUESTION 5Computer chip is madeup of millions of____________ found onslices of silicon. ANSWE R
  13. 13. ANSWER 5 Computer chip is made up of millions of transistors found on slices of silicon.NEXT
  15. 15. Revision test Answer the revision testin 25 minutes
  16. 16. Section A1.Software is also known asprogram.2. URL is a/an address ofhomepage3. Which one of the graphic softwareused to illustrate using points, linesand curve?Adobe illustrator
  17. 17. Section B1.List two types of software.i. Applications softwareii. System software2.List two operating system used by IBMcomputeri.Windows 7, Windows XP,Windows Vistaii.Mac OS, Linux, Redhat
  18. 18. Section B3.Give two tasks of operating systemi.Control centre forinput, processes andoutput.ii. Handles errorsiii. Command centreiv. Manages files
  19. 19. Section B4. What do you understand by bootingup? Booting up means restarting the computer or when the computersystem is started.5. What do you mean by software? Software is an instruction for the processor.
  20. 20. Revision test6. List two examples of applicationsoftware below : O Word processing Microsoft word and Word Perfect O Spreadsheet Microsoft excel and Lotus 123 O Database Microsoft acess and Dbase O Multimedia Microsoft powerpoint and Movie maker
  21. 21. Revision test7. List one examples of application software below: a. Graphic software O Raster graphics Adobe photoshop O Vector graphics Adobe illustrator Microsoft paint b. Desktop publisher Indesign Microsoft publisher
  22. 22. Revision test8. List one use of word processingWord processing is used to edit andcreate documents.9. List one use of spreadsheet. Spreadsheet is used to storenumerical data and set formulae toperform calculations.
  23. 23. Section C, Q1 Internet is a very powerful resource that is becoming increasingly indispensible to various industriesm privatecompanies, government bodies, interest groups and individuals around the world.
  24. 24. Section C, Q11. a.Name three items that connect to the internet. i. Computer ii.Modem iii.Telephone line iv.Internet ServiceProvider v. Web browser
  25. 25. Section C, Q1b. Name two examples of web browser. Mozilla firefox safari Opera Internet explorer google chrome
  26. 26. Section C, Q1C. List two benefits internet usage. i. Search for usefulinformation, read the latest newsand updates. ii. Watch movie and video clips, chat with people from around the world. iii. Read message that people have sent to you.
  27. 27. Section C, Q1d. List two disadvantages using internet. i. Become plagiarism , ii.Bad undesirablecontent iii.Sometimes webpage content virus, trojanand spyware
  28. 28. Section C, Q1e. What do WWW, URL and ISP mean ? WWW World Wide Web URL Universal Resource Locator ISP Internet Service Provider
  29. 29. Section C, Q1 PLUG-IN TOOLBARS ADDAdobe flash plug-in Foreign language Sun java plug -in translator Quick application launcer A faster web search
  30. 30. Section C, Q2 The figure below shows a Central Processing Unit which consists of the ALU, part A and part B.INPUT A OUTPUT ALU B
  31. 31. Section C, Q2 a.Name the part label A. Immediate Access ( Memory unit ) b.Name the part label B. Controlunit INPUT A OUTPUT ALU B
  32. 32. Section C, Q2 a.Name the part label A. Immediate Access ( Memory unit ) b.Name the part labelB. Control unit
  33. 33. Section C, Q2c. What is the function of label A?To hold program instructionand data before processing .d. What is the function of label B?Control data flow betweendifferent parts of a computer.
  34. 34. Section C, Q2 e.What is the function of label ALU? Processes data byperforming calculationarithmetic and logicaloperations. f. The speed of computer is measured in hertz.
  35. 35. Reminder1. 2nd Monthly test on 19 / 09/ 2011 , Monday. Don’t forget to read the topic below : 1. Types of software 2. Application software 3. Internet 4. Central processing unit 5. Ram and Rom